The bat box…

That sounds like some kind of sporting cupboard, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. It’s a genuine bat-box, like a bird’s nesting-box, in the woods behind where we used to live, in Sutcombe, Devon. I found this photo when I was looking for something else – as you do – and thought it’d make a great subject for Haiku my Heart on Friday.

“Sunlight filters through

dense green leaves and dark branches,

brightening the copse…


Home to bats and birds –

see their nesting-boxes hung

on the friendly trees.


Hear the screech owls cry,

hauntingly on summer eves –

dramatising dusk.”

This brought back some lovely memories of a not-so-pleasant place. Nice to have a positive to remember, I think.

Thanks to Johanna for sharing a link to Nancy Donaldson’s yummy blog and textures, (which I can’t seem to get enough of lately), giving me the crackled effect. Yummy!

This haiku is dedicated to Mr. Spadoman – a fellow haiku-er – who came close to death recently. Thinking of you and wishing you better soon. ♥


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  1. Love the haiku’s.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. It’s really strange that we have the exact same set of runes (red velvet bag and written by Robert Blum). I also do the 3 stone reading (overview, challenge and action) and love the feel of the stones as I select them from the bag. How bizarre!

  2. Great haiku and a very cool photo of a haunting looking place.
    Light and love to you, Rosie !

  3. That crackle effect makes this look like a net is thrown over the entire forest. intriguing to say the least. The haiku flow from one to the other, taking us on a journey with the birds and the bats, (I remembered it as birds and bees, oh well…). Thank you so much for your visit to my place and for remembering me here today. I appreciate the kind thoughts as I traverse a rough path these days. Mush peace sent your way.

  4. Enjoyed the haiku and an intriguing pic.

    You’ll find mine here.

  5. Wow.. I’ve never heard of a “bat” box.. Interesting.. very! 🙂

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  6. cool bat box, we have some at our school, but as far as i know they are not taken by bats so far… that environment looks quite lonely, so it should be a perfect place for the bats! the crackled texture looks wonderful with this photo! oh, the texture obsession…;)

  7. An amazing picture and just right for the bats!! The branches give a beautiful texture to the image!! Must be eerie after dark there!!

  8. even bats need a home!!!

  9. What a eerie photo! Of course…it’s a bat box.

    ~phil 8^)

  10. even bats deserve their own special haiku!

  11. Very interesting. I learn something new every day.

  12. First time to see a bat box. Intriguing photo and words.

  13. Hi Rosie…I didn’t know about bat boxes either. I love that old tree!!! Your poetry goes with the photo wonderfully. The tangle of branches make a lovely pattern 🙂

  14. nice set of haiku…love the photograph

  15. dear rosie,

    i need to share that spadoman needs our help. i have posted a communal prayer post for him. please follow my link over and sign a comment for joe. if you would like to create a post for him, a kind of virtual card that would be wonderful and i am collecting links there too.
    he is in the hospital and i think we can help him rally.
    thanks so much,


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