Tintagel 2009

I “borrowed” one of Nick’s lanscapes for this week’s Texture Tuesday…

Here are this week’s TT challenge details.

  • the number 2. Put your twist on the number 2, and use at least one layer of any of my textures.
These are two hills that greet you on the way down to the historic village of Tintagel in Cornwall and here’s how I achieved the grungey look with Kim’s newest texture ‘Phoebe’ and one of my faves, ‘the_ladder’:
That doesn’t really show you much, but I used mainly soft light and colour burn for my blending modes… at 100%.
Join us or browse the great entries always to be found at Texture Tuesday! ♥
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  1. When I lived in the UK I always wanted to visit Tintagel but never got the chance. Nice capture.

  2. wonderful processing and Nick’s images are the best. thanks so much for sharing on TT, kareninkenai

  3. quite interesting, looks like a painting 🙂 I like it.

  4. Your processing is great and concluded in a magnificent photo . . .

  5. your processing is wonderful and the end result is magnificent . . .

  6. indeed like a painting – it comes out gorgeous!!

  7. Wow! You’ve outdone yourself, Rosie, and that’s saying a LOT! I love the textures, and I love Nick’s landscape. But only you could have put it together like this, and it’s amazing! XOXO


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