Fun with fungi…

Magickal mushrooms;

fascinatingly freaky,

elegant brown caps…

Community of fungi,

nestled in the grass –

hidden in plain sight!

Photo taken with my Samsung Monte mobile phone… and then altered in Photoshop CS2, using blending modes and textures from Nancy Donaldson. Many thanks!

Join in the fun and read some great haikus, in fine company at Haiku my Heart Friday, hosted by the wonderful Rebecca of Recuerda mi Corazon.

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  1. Excellent words for the pics.

  2. Amazing colors and excellent photography!! Loved this magickal nestling brown caps in words and photos!!

  3. gorgeous! Lovely haiku and the photo is awesome!

  4. Irene

     /  November 11, 2011

    When we take the time to notice that which is hidden in plain sight worlds open to us. When we share others see what we see. Thank you.

  5. i am transported
    ~~Beyond Words~~


    is simply Perfect
    for this magical day…


    {{ even after the explanation,
    your photos are Flax spun into Gold
    to me,
    which is how it Should B }}

  6. Really FUN fungi!

  7. i think you are having great FUN exploring and how fortunate are we to take in your excellent beauty!

  8. Fun indeed…

  9. never knew fungi could be so enchanting… just a few weeks back a friend of mine was showing her iphone pixz of fungi… all sorts of shapes and sizes… some appearing as flowers, others as tall as lemongrass… amazing… in the forest of priest river, idaho…. cannot help to imagine flowers with a beautiful scent… or coming upon a caterpillar smoking a pipe… you did a beautiful job with photoshop…

    • Thanks Ms Pie… I’d love to have seen those mushrooms and toadstools. As for caterpillar rides – wow! Alice would be so proud… !! =D

  10. See how beautiful these are!!!!
    Nature gives us wonderful gifts if we look!!

  11. I was wondering how you made that fungi so exceptionally beautiful! I totally enjoyed your post today!

  12. Excellent Haiku and wonderful pictures.


  13. Magic in your words and photography

  14. The community of fungi is fascinating, true, each little cap lifting up to the heavens, makes me think of our heavenly community here!


    Sue x

  15. Double the art here, both haiku and photographs! Loved it! 🙂

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  16. I like what you did with the photos. Fascinating.

  17. are you sure we are not twins separated at birth? LOL!! i also have such a preference for mushrooms and i´m creeping through the woods and taking pictures at the ground getting all my trousers wet;)
    love your processings!! (still working on my nancy-textures…)

    • Lol! We may well be twins, in spirit! I have always had a “penchant” for fungi… When we lived in Luneburg, there were so many on the Heide and we never took pics of them then. Shame, really!

      I too am still working on the Nancys… I do love her thick waxy textures though. 😉


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