“Phoebe” – TT

Texture Tuesday – we are to use at least one layer of Kim’s new texture – Phoebe. It’s so soft…

I have used Phoebe and word for this vintage photo from my collection. This one reminds me of my mother when she was a young woman and I so wish she was around to share all the little triumphs and for reassurance when I get slightly overwhelmed by “life”…

Share the love at Kim Klassen’s TT blog today – a great place to soothe your eyes and lighten your soul… ♥

…Take coffee or tea and cookies – you may be a while!

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  1. A Garden of Threads

     /  November 15, 2011

    Your mother was a very beautiful lady. Great job, the photo is stunning.

  2. Gorgeous !

    I had that yearning for my Dad yesterday. Know it well.
    Hugs on your Momma missing heart.

  3. wonderful young woman, and you enhanced the pic beautifully. love the shadowed writing, too!

  4. What a gorgeous photo and the textures worked to really make it special. What a beautiful woman your mother was.

  5. A great portrait of your mother – lovely textures for this photo.

  6. This is beautiful . . I can feel the love coming through and the use of the texture so enhances the image. The sun came out today again here . . .hope you get some as well 🙂 Re the RadLab I’ve got it on the 30 day trial and I must say I’m loving it and that’s after being quite sceptical when I first saw it. Hope the rest of your week is good, Teresa x

  7. Wow, that texture looks wonderful on a portrait! I never would have thought of that. Very clever application.


  8. Also nice to have photos that “remind” us of loved ones who have gone before us. My heart is with you; I just lost my Mother in February and know how you feel even though I am 64, I would love the reassurance all mother’s unconditionally give now that I am the “matriarch”. What a beautiful rendering of the photo in your collection – very beautiful woman; and, very lovely processing. Thanks so much for sharing. kareninkenai

  9. Lovely work!

  10. I have never been able to use textures effectively on portraits. The idea of an old photo is such a good one. Beatiful processing. Hugs to you about missing your mother. I miss my father every day.

  11. beautiful . . .

  12. oh
    i simply popped in for

    {{ good move on my part,
    i must say }}

  13. You did well to texturize a portrait. Not easy to do I find,
    Your mother looks so sweet and caring. No wonder you miss her so.

  14. Oh, that turned out so nice. The textures really add to the vintage look.

  15. lynne317

     /  November 18, 2011

    I wish my mother was here, too. I know how you feel. Lovely photo with the phoebe texture.


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