Healing spirit of pets…

I have always believed that we choose to live our lives with “pets” – in our case, dogs especially, because of the unconditional, non-judgemental love they give us. Our big old German Shepherd Dog, Thor, is a spirit healer. He has always known when a friend or visitor to our home is “hurting” or in need of some calm and kindness. We used to say he could sense the “damaged souls”…

I wish our friend Joe could meet Thor – I’m certain they’d have bonded. So here for Joe, (who needs to heal), is a visual message from Thor:

Deep, dark, soulful eyes;

Your compassionate nature

heals those who touch you…

Faithful, loving dog –

proud bearer of the Norse God’s

name – you are our Thor.

~~~ We named him Thor because he had such huge paws as a puppy! You could hear him thundering across the laminate wood flooring. Even then he was heavy and at 10 years of age, he weighs almost 40kgs! (about 88lbs.)

Thanks to: My DD, Amber, for the fabulous photo of Thor – xoxo; Kim Klassen for the textures.

See more haiku and photos at Recuerda mi Corazon, where Rebecca hosts our weekly “Haiku my Heart Fridays.

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  1. Your shep is absolutely gorgeous! I miss mine 😦 she was called Shadow.

    I hope that Thor’s healing vibes will reach your friend x

  2. Beautiful tributes.

  3. Know what you mean. Our Duke looked much like Thor. He was a border collie and a real treasure. Thanks for the memories!

  4. he is a beautiful soul, your Thor –

  5. oh my god he is so beautiful! and really looks very sensitive… i also love your processing very much!

  6. Oh, he is magnificent !!!!! You are blessed to have such an amzing being in your life. I know Joe will love and appreciate Thor’s sweet healing.
    Have a great weekend, WOnderful Rosie !

  7. dear rosie,

    i love your thor’s healing presence here for joe! it is delightful hopping from blog to blog this morning and feeling the love for joe, his healing and for the family we have together, all strengthened through a willingness to reach out in caring.
    truly there is no limit to power of love!

  8. I’m not much of a dog lover and a bit affraid of those animals, but your Thor looks sweet and save… like a guardian. Your haikus say it all! Enjoy the weekend Rosie, and give Thor a hug (eeck… did I say that? Well, YOU do it for me, OK?)

  9. Thor is the perfect name for your sweet and intuitive dog – such a beauty in so many ways. Lovely post!

  10. Yes! our sweet dogs seem to know not only when we are not well but when each of them is not as well. Beautiful image of you Thor.

  11. Dear Rosie, I know exactly what you mean, we have our own two mutts, they know when to keep there heads down too, when there is distress in the house they seem to know. I think they have a sense that we are not fully aware of that belongs to them alone. I adore my boys and I’m melting for your Thor too, bring him here for me to cuddle after Joe!

    Love to you,
    Sue x

  12. Thor is a gorgeous dog! Every dog that has ever lived with us has been a healer, along with one cat we had. Our dog Hoot always knows exactly when and where I ache, and he warms my aches and pains like a heating blanket, always honing in on exactly the right spot as he cuddles up next to me. Your Thor has the kindest, most knowing eyes! Great photo, and I love the textures!

  13. Taluula

     /  November 20, 2011

    You are one lovely lady, Miss Rosie, so it’s no wonder that Thor is so special too.

  14. What a wonder dog Thor seems to be! We have a dog that “found” us…he is so intune with our feelings…happy, mad, or sad. 😀


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