Grungey portraiture…

I love grunge! I love texture. I am so loving the exploration of digital enhancing – both in respect to my own artwork (on which I am writing an article to be published next Spring…), and on my photos. I can’t imagine a “flat” photo anymore!

I took part in Nancy Donaldson’s last texture challenge, having been led along this path by my equally obsessed cyber-pal, Johanna!! Here are my 3 portraits of my DD, Amber, who’s about to turn 17!  How did that happen?!

Method: Copied twice – 1x soft light 100%; 1 x screen 100%.  Then 1 x white encaustic texture (soft light @100%); I used the black masks/textures 3 times, erasing the texture from her face, using screen, colour dodge and overlay blend modes. Lastly, I used the white crackled effect with colour burn mode @100%.

In this one, I used the same texture layers, I just added “hard mix” to the blending! I like exclusion too, but this is quite dramatic, isn’t it?!

This one was finished with hard mix blend mode… It’s all about changing up the layers and trying different blend modes until you get a look you like, according to Nancy. And that’s what makes a simple portrait like this so much fun!

I used the barcode font in pink or grey to add a fun signature to it. 😉

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  1. oh my, your “little” one is such a gem!! you must be so proud of her!!
    and i´m totally with you – normal photos look kind of naked to me meanwhile;) obsession with textures is an understatement LOL!! i fully can see the fun you had with these!!!!!!!!!!
    oxox, johanna

    • It’s funny isn’t it. how the layers get to you? I expect it has something to do with being primarily mixed media artists… 😉

  2. Wow, this is so fabulous! I love all three, but especially the first one! Amber is so beautiful! Hard to believe how fast they grow! Andrew will be 18 next week! Your photography is amazing!


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