TT- The Gratitude eDition returns…

For Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday:

Here are this week’s TT challenge details.

  • your image must contain at least one layer of any of my textures, and center around the theme of gratitude.
Another garden photo, taken close-up with my Samsung Monte.
Here’s the method, using  Kim’s ‘poetic’, my own meringue texture and Nancy’s architectural encaustic.
I love that I can ‘dodge’ and ‘burn’ so closely – it always makes me giggle!!
I am grateful for the layers in life, which I can peel back at will, to reveal what lies beneath…    😉
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  1. hahaha, the layers in life… (ok, i wish i could remove some *GGG*)
    fantastic bark picture, rosie! and my confession is – this first architectural encaustic layer from nancy is one of my top favorites!! i could use it over and over!

  2. Wow, it’s like a texture in itself! So unique.

  3. What an interesting treatment – I also love nancy’s texture but my growing collection of Kim’s are my go-to textures.

  4. lovely, and I enjoyed your play on words and will agree with Johanna, Nancy’s ecaustic background is a favorite!

  5. beautiful processing and wonderful image. thank you. karen {texture tuesdays}

  6. Beautiful! So much to see in this! I realized after I had looked at it for a while that it was like I was actually reading it, line by line! I love the rosy colors in the middle left and underneath some of the bark toward the middle right. It’s really amazing, Rosie!

    • Thanks Barbara – I love the bark on the leylandii, even if I can’t abide the damn tree itself! So I am grateful for the layers it produced! 😉


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