PAF – Photo Art Friday

Bonnie has challenged us to post an image featuring a method, tool or style that we have been wanting to try. Now although I sometimes use brushes, I haven’t combined brushes with layers before as such, so I wanted to try that. I also wanted to see if I could work with the exclusion mode, so here are a couple of examples. If I had more time, I’d certainly experiment more!! I guess it’s just a busy time of year…

The stone angel is a great image, if a little spooky! Here she is treated differently:

I’m not very good at “subtle” layering, just as I don’t handle “traditional or elegant” themes very well, but I can work with grunge and contrast!

Thanks to Bonnie for the use of her fab textures, lovingly layered here… There’s some wonderful photo art over at PAF – why not pop over and see, but do take coffee and cookies, because you may be a while…!

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  1. Bonnie

     /  December 4, 2011

    I really like your urban angel. Great effects from your processing. Thank you for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday, Rosie!

  2. i love your experiments, the blue angel is my favorite!

  3. YOur urban angel is really gorgeous! I love the red/orange/brownish colours and the rusty feel she has to her…stunning!

  4. Great effects! Especial the urban angel!

  5. I really like what you did here. It’s so much fun to experiment. It does take time though.

  6. I especially like the Urban Angel a lot; wonderful texture processing and composition of all the elements. Thanks so very much for posting. Karen (visiting from PAF)


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