Let’s celebrate! TT

Our photos are centred around the theme of celebration this week for Texture Tuesday, using at least one of Kim’s textures. I chose the latest one from her – “Look-up”.

I am celebrating how much I have learned from Kim, Nancy and Bonnie, about photos, photo art and textures – plus the joy of play in Photoshop. To anyone who doesn’t consider this an art form, have a go. You’ll be surprised just how easily you can lose yourself in a virtual palette of shades, tones, moods and atmosphere… I dare you!!

I took this photo with my mobile phone. The clematis sits on my front window sill behind a net curtain which is quite dense, to give us a little privacy! I tucked the curtain behind the plant to get a decent shot and when I started to process it, the magic of Kim’s linen-like texture was revealed.

I copied the image first and used screen @70% to make the flowers stand out. When I added ‘look-up’, it made the curtain fade away completely – wonderful! I copied this layer 3 more times and used overlay, colour burn and multiply all at 100%. I did use a mask on the final layer to ‘clean up’ the flowers a little.

To that I added a layer of Nancy’s texture with text – colour burn 100% – and erased it from the flower heads…

The font is “chiller”.

You can find lots of wonderfully textured photos over at TT – the Cafe.

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  1. Beautiful, love your use of texture. The colours are gorgeous.

  2. you really did good work. Beautiful flowers & textures.

  3. Valerie

     /  December 6, 2011

    Beautiful edit. V

  4. I love the processing, I have a few of these plants on my window sills too, they’re amazing aren’t they?

  5. what a cooooool color, and i love the “chiller” font also!

  6. I really like the brilliance of that pink popping from the texture. Lovely.


  7. Wonderful texture work !

  8. Very pretty!

  9. Lovely!

  10. Love what you’ve done here – your choice of textures is perfect!

  11. Beautiful! Your texture works very well!

  12. What lovely processing. Beautiful. Thank you. {visiting today from TT}

  13. sharonodegaard1

     /  December 7, 2011

    Oh, so lovely! I appreciate your explanation of how you used texture. I still have much to learn. You are an inspiration!

  14. I like the flower a lot more now that you worked with it, as in real life! (Too ‘plastic’ and too ‘pink’ for me.. teehee…)


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