All I want for Christmas…

… is a bit of peace, good food and time to enjoy it!! For PAF this week, I have used a couple of Bonnie’s new textures – vintage wine label and intensify – to enhance this pic of my DD and her friend contemplating the proximity of the Holiday season… I also used one of Jerry Jones’s photo overlay tints (sunshine), a green colour layer, and a mask from Nancy Donaldson!

Addis ababa is the font…

There will be some gorgeous photos on display over at Pixel Dust Photo Art, so do have a look. I’m going to be browsing after I get home from work tomorrow… Hey-ho! 🙂

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  1. LOVE the textures, and the luscious golds and greens! I was just thinking yesterday that I’d be happy with a warm, quiet Christmas Eve with good food, good wine, and just the family. The same for Christmas Day. We’re all way too busy, and some peace and calm, no rushing around, no unwanted noise or drama, sounds like a heavenly holiday to me!

  2. Another great work from you!
    Have a wonderful Christmastime!.

  3. wonderful edited photo! same wishes here, but actually we celebrate it rather quiet, not stressful, and presents only minimal… i really enjoy the holidays and avoid crowds of people the weeks before…

  4. I love the expressive faces and your treatment of this photo!

  5. Wonderful edit. Just goes to show you can never add enough textures!

  6. Rose…I wouldn’t even know where to begin to do what you do…it’s all beautiful!!! Love the goldness of the above piece…I hope you are having a goood weekend!

  7. I left out the “i” in your name….many pardons! 😀

  8. really enjoy the texture work on this one – quite a bit; and, a great overlay. thanks so much for sharing. karen (visiting from PAF)

  9. Great image for the holidays. Really covers an entire range of emotion. Your processing treatments are terrific!

  10. Very interesting and unique. Wonderful choice of colors/texture.

  11. Bonnie

     /  December 12, 2011

    Your combo of edits and textures works so well! Love it. Thank you for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday this year Rosie.


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