TAW – Wedding!

When I was working with Lisa Vollrath on her DT for Ten Two Studios, we always had some beautiful vintage images to use.

I recently combined 3 small altered frames to make a vintage-style wall-hanging.

I used lots of broken/recycled costume jewellery, scraps of ribbon and lace and the whole thing has a D-ring brass hanger!

Personally I am no fan of weddings – especially when they are outrageously expensive these days – but there’s something so innocent about this vintage couple’s photos, that I enjoy seeing this hanging every day. It’s one of those creations that you really don’t mind hanging onto!! 😉

See more interpretations of WEDDINGS over at Take a Word this week!

And now… Fish!

The Three MusesFish: This is so appropriate as Nick and I are in Plymouth on Wednesday at the BBC. He’s doing a live radio interview for BBC Radio Devon at 1.30pm and it’ll be about 30 minutes long. I have to go along as his carer and I am taking art materials with me so I can sketch or colour or both! The last time I did this, I sketched a green jester queen whilst Nick was out on the roads of Launceston, taking his driving test.

So I have no artwork to show you, but I have used little fishes and fishing tackle to make these two bracelets:

Links to 'swivel' about!


Fish being charming!

That one’s a touch blurry, but I wanted to show you the lickle fish…  The links which are not rings, are swivels we use for fishing – truly! I like to think outside the box, don’t I? Lol! 😉

So Nick and Reels on Wheels is the subject of the weekly “human interest” story tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll manage to discuss The World Carp Classic, The Midlands Carp Masters, the function of role models, encouraging and motivating others; the 3rd annual Reels on Wheels Festival being held in South Wales this June…

That half an hour will fly past! 🙂  And it did!
We are back home now after a clear run down, in the sunshine and a very pleasant interlude away from home! Nick was interviewed by David Fitzgerald – The Interactive Lunch – on BBC Radio Devon this afternoon and I sat at in the outer booth, with the programme dudes. I got out the Green Jester journal and created ‘Carprice’ – a fishergirl…
She’s not finished yet, but I am liking her already. I had to stop as the pencils I was using were rubbish. I really need to get a set of Inktense – they’d suit my bold, colourful style with these characters I think. So, I shall save up for some of those and a really good waterbrush too. I am rubbing the bristles off the one I have at the moment… It’s looking stragglier by the day! 😦


This is my entry to Mixed Media Monday’s monthly challenge… A tiny altered canvas/shrine:


The canvas measures 7cm x 7cm – just under 3″ square!

I love texture… don’t you? I painted the canvas and then glued torn pieces of napkins to the edges. I’m too impatient to wait for that to dry so I started gathering “stuff” to fill the void meantime…

Not sure if you can see it, but there’s lace behind the image and more metal flowers under all those beads! The torso on the left hand side is a clay piece that I made a couple of years ago when I was experimenting with air-dried clay and rubber stamps/making beads, etc.

The image is a bottlecap “Round” from Ten Two Studios, on top of which I have stuck a glass pebble. There are buttons, a mini peg and a link from an old watch strap around the frame, and a grungey flower with a pearl centre. The whole thing was sponged gently with black and copper acrylic paint to give an aged and “mucky” effect, whilst still allowing the colour to show through! The easel was also painted to show the shrine to advantage.

I enjoyed making this and have another 7 mini-canvasses left. There might be a series coming – who knows?! 😉

Hidden Messages…

Hidden inside the tiny bottles, are secret messages… and hidden on the outside of the box frame are hidden messages. What do they say? Are they related to each other? Do they have magical meanings? Are they little spells? Could they be messages in a bottle for the oriental lady looking out at us? Are they, or is she, “enchanted”???

Frankly, I have no idea, but you decide – I just created the assemblage! “Enchanted” is this week’s theme over at Mixed Media Monday – guest hosted by the prodigiously talented Lori SaulRavenpainting, and this is my entry:

Hidden messages

I am so proud of this piece, which is on show at The Seventh Wave Gallery in Bude, Cornwall, UK!! In fact, all the pieces I took to the gallery were accepted and I have more WIPs to finish, so I really am on a high!!

If you’d like to see more pics of the shadowbox assemblage, click HERE!

Gothic Arch Shrine, or is it?

Nancy set us a 2-week challenge to create a shrine for our gothic arches… I started prepping a large cigar box and then changed my mind! That happens a lot, especially if I’m not really sure what I want to do…

So I took a deep frame and played around with that. I used paint, wax paper that had paint on it, more paint, layers of shimmering paint, dictionary words, gold spray paint (just for fun and experimentation!), and then I got out the 2 wooden seahorses and painted (again), the arch under the sea… and added woolly strands of seaweed, some netty waves, more paint and fish round the outside… oh and some glitter, in 3 shades of blue.

Top half…

See the back of the arch they are swimming past?

Shame about the flash, but it’s really pretty – promise!!

Alternative Cutlery!

Here are some altered cutlery pieces I’ve been working on for the Seventh Wave Gallery in Bude… they are pretty gruesome and more like small assemblages as they’re completely 3D. Three large spoons and two forks:


All the images are from Ten Two Studios Zombie Faux Postage and Black & White sheets, as are the skull beads. The strands, fabric leaves and blue roses are from my collection, as are the dark beads and blue wire. It took seeing Anne’s altered spoon to make me think outside my own altered canteen of cutlery!! So thanks for the inspiration Anne – the ghoulishness is all mine, I’m afraid!

Here are a few close-ups for your “delight”!!




I forgot to add that the rubber bugs are from last year’s Halloween ‘nasties’ that I bought!! These were easier to make a loop for as DH had drilled them near the top, so all I had to do (in principle), was to make a wire loop through the hole. I just couldn’t resist adding wire and beads though – I guess that could become my trademark!

See you all tomorrow at The Three Muses blog! 🙂