Halloween Heidi from Zazzle.com

Halloween Heidi from Zazzle.com. A new Blackberry Bold case…

Isn’t she cute??? Ready for Trick or Treating, Heidi and her pals wish you a Happy Halloween!! 🙂

Word Art…

More from Lessons in the Raw Art Journalling Class/Workshop from Quinn MacDonald. I chose to draw/illustrate “empty” and “shallow” this morning. It was such a strong urge, I had the images of both words in my mind, so I got them drawn straight into the Fabriano journal, where most of my faces are born. I roughed them out and went ahead and posted them to the RAJ gallery.

I’ve had a little time since breakfast to work them a bit more:

Nick and Team ROW are coming back to the UK today, hopefully crossing from France before the high winds really hit hard and prevent the ferry sailings. They’ll stay in Dover overnight to rest and then head home tomorow. Yay! I shall once again be whole… 😉

I do realise that given the date today and the significance to those who suffered losses on this day in 2001, my hope and happiness may seem shallow in comparison, but I have just read a really moving post by Quinn which is so profound. I’m sharing it all over and you can read it HERE.


There were a few things I came across in my email inbox (which was chocker…) that I didn’t want to delete because of my almost paranoid fear of losing a valuable resource. Add to that that this particular blog I am using doesn’t support the categories I used to use, and life becomes a little more complex!

Anyhow, the one way I can think of to “keep” and share these brilliant posts and/or sites, is to put them here in a new post. So here goes!

1. I am getting busier now that I have returned to part-time work – I was retrained on a different department so that I can rest the foot till it’s mended – i.e., sitting and not standing is now the order of the day (look out love-handles…!), so I use a FREE downloadable calendar on my PC desktop, so when my computer’s switched on, anyone in my house can see where I am/should be/will be on any given day that current month. Let’s face it, sometimes I forget to write on the kitchen calendar!! I get my pretty calendar from Billie’s Craft Room. Thanks, mate! 😉

2. I subscribe to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog because she’s great, honest, inspirational, funny and has fab guests. I really like Joanne Sharp’s style, and here is a great post  where she shares her Top Ten Tips for Artful Lettering… brilliant!

3. For those of you who enjoy haikus – I joined Haiku my Heart Fridays, hosted  by the amazing Rebecca of “Recuerda mi Corazon” recently and love it! – Quinn MacDonald has the most amazing post here, about photography, but for each one she has written a haiku… inspiring!

AND, if you’re a keen or “improving” art journaller, like me, Quinn’s running a workshop based on her latest book “Raw Art Journalling”. It’s a great opportunity to take part in a FREE workshop to get your journalling juices flowing and the only conditions are: You have to have the book to participate – ‘cos that’s what we’re working from AND join the (super-friendly) Yahoo Group. Simples! For more info, click HERE!

4. I like a lot of the mini-classes offered here on Leslie’s Art Journalling Group, although I haven’t managed to commit to any yet, because my head’s in the wrong space for that at present. I like her devil-may-care honesty and really loved the Cult of Stuff… If you gather unused “must-have” art supplies, this may be for you!! 😉

5. Although I enjoy drawing and watercolours, acrylics and gels, etc. I still have an enormous, unfulfilled passion for the texture of textiles, the feel of velvets and cottons, painted and /or quilted, embellished or plain. I like the great variety of products and (naturally!), techniques that Jamie Malden and the gang at Colouricious show us. The taster videos and printing blocks are yummy, and would that I had more time and money to go take a workshop with them at the Abbey!

6. For the digital art lovers amongst us, there are some very good places to visit and play in, though my personal favourite is Digital Whispers. I am an infrequent visitor, but always feel welcome when I pop in and I still receive the newsletter so I stay in touch with the peeps. The amazing Rian (Freubel) is a member, for instance, and you know how wonderfully creative and sharing she is!

It would be rude to leave you with no artwork at all, so here’s a little “pretty” from a week or so ago, that I painted in the garden. None of those flowers are in my garden – they all came from my head! 😉

The page was supposedly a “wet on wet” practice piece, once I’d remembered what to do! And then when the lines started to appear later, it went from landscape to portrait (orientation), and I found flowers “appearing”, followed quickly by grasses and leaves… Headspace is a wonderful planet!

From boy to man…

I’ve been trying to get things sorted and done, put away, etc. at home but I’m not really feeling it at the moment. Life is complicated, uncertain, mixed up and downright messy, isn’t it? So today, I have distracted myself with a bit of digital play (for Theme Thursday’s “men/masculine” challenge) using some original vintage photos/photo postcards from my collection.

Coffin and Beardsley are the gentlemen in the foreground – turn of the century, Edwardian Music Hall actors. The boy is a very soft and blurry vintage photo, and the crack is one of those new brushes – cool, huh?!!

I told my BBF Barbara that I am knitting a bag – in an effort to sit still and keep the bad foot elevated! – and that it’s cable (I like patterns and a challenge!)…

I don’t have anything remotely resembling the top, fluffy bit, so I guess I shall be improvising!! At the moment I am over halfway up the first side and I’ll post pics when it’s finished. I sent my friend Debs, who recently acquired a gift shop in Redruth, near Truro, a big box of handmade pendants, pins, cards etc. and she’s sold several domino pendants, an art pin and a couple of cards, so I had to pack another box up for her today! Nice!

And here’s a quick pic of a reworked watercolour sketch I did the other day in the garden, thanks to Jane Davenport!

Although she’s unfinished, I feel a lot happier with her now than I did before!

Sepia Suzi!

The Take  a Word theme this week is sepia, or sepia tones. Most people would think old/vintage photos, myself included, but last week, feeling fed up and stressed out with being downstairs and all the artsy stuff (well, most of it really), is upstairs, I just doodled and messed around with watercolours, making backgrounds. This is one of them:

Lots of sepia tones there, but it’s just a background… so I have been playing today, and tried my hand at drawing dreamy dolls’ eyes, in the style of Adriana Almanza. I think the eyelashes are so beautiful on her dolls and I have tried to capture that a little here, with Sepia Suzi!

The base is all watercolour with a little white acrylic swirled into the runs (drips); I used ordinary 2B and 4B pencils for the base drawing, charcoal and Inktense for the shading and Indian ink for the pen/inky bits. The white highlights are all Sharpie Poster paint pen work.

Incidentally, I found Adriana via Jane Davenport’s blog – such a wonderful illustration artist. I signed up for Jane’s Ladybug newsletter while I was there too. She draws the most gorgeous faces – all sorts of faces and I really must practise more! So Sepia Suzi has not one, but two sources of inspiration – cool, huh?!

Broken – kiss it better!

Remember when we were little? I do. When I hurt myself, my Mum would kiss it better… all those scrapes and grazes. So, this doll is broken…

For AYITLOAAJ: Musical Musings – July 15th (I really didn’t like the song at all.)

THE SONG: Mama’s Arms by Joshua Kadison
Written Lyrics HERE

Merqueen rising…

For Haiku my Heart Friday, I have created two photos… one from Googled images of a storm amd some rain, and in the second rendition of the same photo, I have included the Merqueen, Moira, who is one of my recent character illustrations!

 It reminded me of the old nursery rhyme, which forms two-thirds of a haiku!

“Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day…

… fervently we pray!!”

Suddenly there’s sun,

– a glimpse of blue in the sky – 

peeking through the grey

The Merqueen, Moira,

rises up through the layers

of purple and green…

It’s really just another “British summer”, is all. Cricket, rain, humidity all go hand in hand! There will be lovely haikus written over at Rebecca’s blog – HERE.


She watches the clock

Minutes pass by so slowly

At the end of time…

Floating in the depths

Swimming with the sea creatures

Passing endless Time…


Watching the hands move

Slowly across the clock face

She reminisces…

For Haiku my Heart Friday HERE, where other like-minded souls meet to make images and words form haikus… Mine this week are inspired by the restlessness I feel after my accident. I do not do “still” and “rest” and “feet up” very well at all, I’m afraid! Reminds me of the old saying:

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. ‘Tis seldom in a woman and never in a man!”  

With Nick away and DD at work, I am “flying solo” for much of the weekend. Wish me luck and patience!!!! 😉

Bubbles… and water!

For TMTA this week… using the bubble-icious backgrounds made at summer camp!

The rest is my own artwork – the lovely queen from an original illustration and the two collage pieces are from my own digital collage sheets (available in my Etsy shop!)… 😉


That’s Judy’s chosen theme for SPA this week – nice! I haven’t drawn a new character, let alone a mermaid for ages… so, here she is:

I used the Neocolours in blues and greens, with lots of water, after sketching her lightly in pencil. The book paper I used for my postcard dates back to 1928, so I have to be really careful not to over-wet it! Either that or be patient (not my strong suit), and wait for it to dry properly between layers…

The shading was achieved with a Derwent Inktense Chinese Ink pencil, and the detailing with a Uni-ball Signo black pen and a white Sharpie Poster Paint pen.

Thanks for looking! 🙂