Theme Thursday – “Orange”

“Use some orange in your artwork” for Theme Thursday this week gave me the shove needed to make MIL a Mother’s Day card! Mothering Sunday is this weekend and I wouldn’t want her to miss out, so here it is!


My MIL is a keen gardener, 88 years old and as haughty as the lady in the image (Little Sheets again!). I think she’ll love this – for the flowers and the image too!

Background paper – Dovecraft; Image from Ten Two Studios.

Meanwhile, I’m making charms for a chunky bracelet or two and cutting out Beach Huts… while I relax in front of the TV. “Flashpoint” is on at 10pm…

The skelly leaves, flowers and gold rubons are all from stash I’ve had quite a while and the slide mount was sent to me by a forum pal on Auntys (thanks Ali!)


Artygirlz farewell…

This is the last Artygirlz challenge for the forseeable future. It’s very sad, but as my pals Julie and Crissi have said, they’ve been setting challenges since September 2007 – I never realised it had been so long…

So, I continue my love affair/obsession/addiction to altering puzzle pieces and in line with their theme, “Stamping”, I have used images from Home Impressions Cogs n Clocks and Funny People on this one – which is 4″ wide by 5″ high! I know, it’s a huge puzzle piece, isn’t it?


Thanks for all the fab challenges and inspiration girls – catch you on your blogs and over at Auntys! 😉   xoxoxo

Two sides…

There are two sides to this domino pendant: Both have labels from The Little Aqua Things collage sheet on them and it was fun to make. I painted the bamboo domino silver and then stuck the labels on. I glazed them and added coordinating wooden beads to the long ball chain. So quick and easy with pre-drilled dominos! Thanks to Ten Two Studios, I now have lots of ‘looks’ and this is my entry to Theme Thursday’s ‘label’ challenge.


The touch of pink is for the second side…


Doesn’t it go well with the advert? *grins* I chose to use the ball chain because its ‘industrial’ look is at odds with the sweet vintage label… I like that it’s different. I did use silver and pink metallic Giotto pens to outline the labels before I stuck them to the domino surface. I think it makes them pop a little…

I can’t concentrate on anything at the moment with the Art Expo looming. I have no focus beyond that. I keep getting ideas and meaning to get on with other things, but it’s really hard, so I’m pleased that I managed to finish my 9 ATCs for the swap on Auntys and make this wee pendant. I shall be grateful for small mercies and wait for my brain function to return on Monday!! 🙂

Bags (of joy!)

Bags is this week’s Wednesday Stamper theme and there are some gorgeous creations to be seen! I have this thing for fabric, quick-makes and stamping on fabric. When we went to the Craft4Crafters show last week, my mate Debs gave me 2 huge bags of fabric to play with… a bit cruel to do that to someone who tries to declutter her creative space every day before we move, but hey! – and I’m grateful.

I was at work all day today and picked up a rotary cutter (bliss!) and some other stuff for textile work, so I was pretty keen to play this evening, despite being tired. I took a couple of scraps from Debs, some light batting, fusible interfacing and a couple of lilies I rescued from fake flower bunches and made this fraying-edged little clutch bag:


The beads at the centre of my flowers are midnight blue wooden ones sent to me by another good mate (Jan) who thought I’d find a use for them – thanks, hunni!!

I had some terrific news today too – I have had 3 pieces of mixed media artwork accepted for the Ruby Country Art Expo and Award 2009 to be held next month here in Holsworthy – woohoo! It’s the first time I’ve ever submitted to an Exhibition and I’m over the moon. I am really excited and can’t quite believe my luck!

Ruby Country is a name given to the part of Devon in which I live and the pieces they chose represent my feelings about the region and my twist on traditional art and crafts. I think the fact that I’m a pretty ‘green’ girl played its part in their choice too. Whatever the reason, I am honoured indeed!!


At Rosie & Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure, we’re making charms! I have a real passion for bottlecaps and made a lot of cute art pins for sale last year. Last night I got one of my sheets of  ‘Rounds’ out – Edwardian Beauties’ –  and flattened a couple of bottlecaps Lisa sent me and produced these:


The cracked glass effect was unintentional and I’m putting it down to the subzero temperatures here at present. I left these two on the windowsill to dry and this is the result – cool, huh?!!

One-stop takes you HERE to the bottlecaps and image sheets for the charms. The best thing about the rounds on these sheets is that they are slightly bigger than the inside of the bottlecaps so you aren’t left with a horrid white ring round your image that you have to colour or ink heavily to disguise – ugh! So I handcut them as my circle punch is just 1/8″ too small and they fit beautifully!

The glaze I used is Anita’s 3D gloss, into which I popped tiny seed beads in pink and blue. I’ve also used Diamond Glaze before, but it’s far more expensive and harder to come by in the UK. I used a Giotto metallic blue marker to colour the blue charm and a pink permanent one for the bride – she’s so gorgeous, isn’t she?  🙂

These two are mounted on pins (beaded for fun), so that they can be sewn onto a future fabric book or collage…

Anything but a card!

That’s the challenge from Julie & Crissi – Artygirlz – this Tuesday. Funnily enough, that wasn’t a problem for me!! There’s a Teams challenge on Auntys at the moment which is causing all sorts of mayhem – ‘altered art’. The team hosting the challenge also stipulated that the altered item has to be on a fantasy theme, but because confusion over what does or doesn’t constitute altered art (and in an effort to get more ladies joining in), they’ve removed the fantasy element… for all but me. Can you believe it?

Well, here are 3 altered bamboo domino tiles which I bought from Ten Two Studios last year. I’ve turned them into pins and they have very cool images from HERE on them. (I used images from the large black & white sheet). The collage sheets are tailored to fit the doms perfectly and all I’ve done is to add colour to them and finish them off with wire and beads from my stash. Now they’re my kind of fantasy – LOL!


The centre one is wrapped with fuse wire (very thin, but strong) and for the outer two I used colour coordinating craft wire. The bling on the skelly is an old body art tattoo (self-adhesive) that DD gave me – she’s getting good at recycling her castoffs, isn’t she?

I’ve made friends with a Mexican lady at market (sells beautiful handmade silver jewellery from her village) and it’s fantastic Spanish practice for me – she enjoys speaking her native language too – and I think I’ll give her one of these pins. Maybe I should show her first and ask her, as she’s probably never seen anything quite like them… not in a rural Devon market town anyway!!

It’s still extremely cold here, with forecast temperatures of -8 tonight and I’m working from 8am tomorrow at market. Suffice to say I am not looking forward to the drive to work tomorrow… 😦

Something new!

Theme Thursday – use something new in our artwork this week for the challenge. Well, I got some new stamps from my friend Leza for Christmas (plus a fab book on metalcraft…). These are clear polymer stamps from Avec in the Netherlands and they’re Asian in theme. They look like henna tattoos in design and I love them. I used what I think of as the ‘hand of Fatma’ for this card and a pretty border from the same set for my Thank you card. As I used a lolly stick to apply the tacky glue to the discs holding the flowers, I remembered Lisa Vollrath’s ‘Spirit sticks’ from one of the Monthly Muses and decided not to throw it away, but alter it to match the card!


So now my friend will receive a card and a bookmark or plant stick to go with it! It’s a shame the shimmer on the border doesn’t show up because I stamped with Perfect medium and black stazon and then brushed on Perfect Pearls in plum – it’s so pretty when the light catches it!

Here’s a little fantasy fairy pin  made by altering 2 chipboard letter discs and adding wings, a tail, a face and a pinback! We have an altered art theme + fantasy as this month’s Teams challenge on Auntys Forum. I also made a fairy wand box from a matchbox, but I can’t get a decent pic of it so that will have to wait till tomorrow.


The face is from Digital Collage and the wings are from Lisa’s Altered Art. The chipboard discs are from my forum buddy Sian – look what I made hunni!!!

Happy New Year everyone – let’s hope it’s a healthy and creative 2009. xoxoxo

Chalks n pastels

That’s the brief at Created by Hand today… and I used the watermark pad to stamp dragonflies straight onto the cardstock, before brushing on an orangey-gold chalk. It breaks up the all purple/silver nicely in RL!


It seems I am getting back into the creative swing of things, but it stupid just how much effort it took to complete three cards this afternoon. My focus was all over the place and of course, breaking off to sneeze loudly every so often didn’t help! Never mind – that’s one thing off my ‘To do’ in January list!

Make it Mondays

Friends is the theme for this week’s MIM – very appropriate as I needed to make a few birthday cards for Forum friends on our Birthday List at Auntys.


Sentiment stamp – Stamps Away; image from NGS group.

Sweet Success!!

Oh boy, what a day! I had a lot of fun although I was so nervous at first… An artist friend, who has an art degree and is a screen printer, came over when I’d almost finished setting up my table and paid me a lovely compliment, so that was a great start! Sophie runs the workshops for the kids at the Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre on Thursdays and had her own ‘Open Studio’ show during the summer hols – her first venture back into arts since having her gorgeous children!

Here’s my table – no-one had ever seen anything quite like my array of altered and mixed media artwork before, so it did come as a bit of surprise to a lot of folks. Sally (my boss) was delighted and I had some immediate interest from a few of the other stallholders… one of whom bought ‘Light & Shade’ from me. What a fantastic feeling that was – one of my canvasses selling almost immediately! Here’s the first pic of my table by poor DH, who gave up a peaceful birthday to be with me all day, bless him! You can only see the top of my head…


Here I am, at my station!!! LOL!


I really dislike having my photo taken, as I always seem to have such a silly grin on my face! And here’s a pic of the canvas I sold – in situ – where she couldn’t take her eyes off it!!


I learnt some valuable lessons yesterday –

  • you can never have too much stock!
  • always have superglue handy when dealing with rubber bugs!
  • expect the unexpected
  • be patient with people who don’t understand the creative process
  • carry spare keyrings/fobs/links/wire and a toolbox
  • enjoy yourself and the company of other stallholders – we can all learn from each other!
  • remember to thank your friends and supporters profusely

And, most importantly of all… Believe in yourself and your product – or don’t do it!

There was a huge variety of stalls there for such a small venue and the ladies next to us were super-friendly. Gillian and Cynthia are sisters – Cynthia is the quilter and her sister, the organiser and supporter! Their quilts, fleecy scarves and fabric cards were beautiful. There was a lady selling eco/organic potpourri and herbs, a great bloke who made the most gorgeous copper pots and bowls, plus I was totally in awe of his horsehair pieces too – fantastic! He also gave me some tips on where to look for workshops, etc. (though I’m not at that stage yet!)

There were a few jewellery stalls, people who made miniatures, a woman who makes divine felted slippers and garments, basketware, organic wool knitted animals which were sooooo sweet! The lady at the other side of me made little fairies for the tree and dollies and doll-kits. Then there were chutneys and pickles, Christmas puds and mincemeat (yum!), organic fruit n veg, breads and local cheeses – DH bought one which reminded him of spanish Manchego (that made him happy too!) and a lady who made soft toys and witchy people!

Of course, DH didn’t think to ask if he could photograph the other stalls, but I shall next time! One of the most fabulous stalls there was the stained glass lady… oh my goodness – sooooo beautiful! The customers were lovely for the most part and I met one of the ladies from the Crafty Devils (Barnstaple) design team – we had a good old chat about techniques, backgrounds, tools…. as you can imagine. My day was made even more special by the arrival of my ex-workmate from my summer job who popped in with her dad to say hi and then the first of my good friends arrived – Debs and her family (Auntys Forum), who came all the way over from Camelford in Cornwall – she gave me lots of valuable advice and bullied encouraged me to do certain things! She was great – thanks hunni! xoxoxo

And even my mad friend, Pat, came along, despite her ill-health, family in tow!! I was feeling loved and supported like never before and truly grateful for the effort they all made on my behalf. To cap it off, I was invited to take a stall/table at 2 other local Craft Fairs and felt immensely flattered… so I shall have to do it all over again soon! How lovely! 🙂