For more of Lesson 4 in Raw Art Journalling, I chose to write and frame a haiku. The words represent my feelings very succinctly – I surprised myself with this one! And the doodling is fun because it makes me practise something I am not good at!!

For the Three MusesAutumn – this week. 🙂

NB: I had decided previously that I wasn’t going to make haiku art as I already Haiku my Heart (almost) every Friday, but the words came, so I went with the flow… The other words for the one-word journalling were far “artier”, but I think they are equally valid and “of the moment”!

This is the first time I have taken a workshop and been unconcerned about keeping up, having a deadline or making “art”… With Quinn’s class, I am starting to understand that it’s more about “making meaning” – and what that signifies. I think I am growing. Cool, huh?! 😉

I miss:

I miss…

The smile in your eyes

The laughter lines around them

The way you kiss me

The warmth of your hugs

Your closeness when I’m asleep

Silly things you say

That you are away

Half of me is there with you

Come back soon and stay…

I miss: YOU xoxoxo ♥

For my husband Nick, who is in France, taking part in the World Carp Classic 2011, as part of  Team Reels on Wheels. He and his team mates are busy making history as the first completely disabled team of anglers (and their runner) who are all registered disabled! Nick is a wheelchair user, suffering with osteo-arthritis and a crumbling spine; Jim Williams has organo-phosphate (chemical) poisoning – he has oxygen with him; and DaveyP suffers with cluster headaches which incapacitate him at the drop of a hat – a motley crew, indeed!!

So I am a bit distracted, to say the least… and missing him. Luckily, I am having fun with my daughter, Amber, who started blogging again recently and would like to “grow a following”. I find her posts enlightening in many ways!!

I don’t support Thor’s new addiction to creme caramel and her feeding it to him, however… 😉

For Haiku my Heart Friday this week! Please visit and see some wonderful haikus and photographs. Join in if you like to write haiku – it’s a friendly place! 🙂

NB: If anyone is unsure as to the format of a haiku or a senryu, I have just finished reading Leo’s excellent explanation, HERE.

Of “fierce” and Falcons…

Here’s the falcon image transfer I referred to before. I have lost a bit of his back and some plumage, but his amazing face and eye are still there. I just added a little colour with the Inktense pencils and a charcoal one to the left, and wrote around him:

RAJ this week is all about words and word-play – love it! I am also taking Shwe Khit’s “Sweetened Simplicity” self-study class to learn how to create lovely faces in Photoshop. I am LOVING it… Nick is away to France this week for the World Carp Classic and he has treated me to this great class, because he could see how excited I was when I found it! I am learning so much about Photoshop tools that I never knew, I can’t begin to tell you what a revelation it is! ♥

From junk to poetry…

I had a really enjoyable experience again yesterday. The foot was painful, so I treated myself to some down-time and a little sewing by hand. I had another couple of “pomanders” that I wanted to finish off, but these developed characters of their own. These two became rebellious little stuffies – “The Pomander Boyz”! Meet Cyclops and Chewy!

It’s amazing the attitude an inanimate object can assume with a bit of help from some buttons, beads and embroidery floss, isn’t it?!!

The same evening, I got out the giant pencil case, a couple of pens, the khadi papers journal I dislike and the tin of  Neocolours. I spent a while creating washes for backgrounds and cutting up a Council Tax leaflet (I’m not mad – it’s a process!!), for Lesson 2 of Quinn’s Raw Art Journalling. I found phrases and words that held appeal, or the potential of a union and this poem was born, from the wordage I found in the junk mail:

I haven’t analysed any of this – but I feel what the verse means to me, personally. I wonder what it means to you? 😉

Gabbo – the inner critic!

When filled with self-doubt

Emotions make me waver.

Inner-critic – OUT!

See his tongue, hear him…

Pay no heed to what he says – 

Or you’ll create nowt.

Fold up his red tongue

Feel my muse come out to play

Safe from Gabbo’s** bile!

Gabbo is a stuffie I sewed to represent my inner critic, or gremlin, that stops me from just creating because I can! The Haiku is much more light-hearted this week for Rebecca’s wonderful group – Haiku my Heart Friday.

**Gabbo means “to scoff or joke” and is actually a boy’s name! No new or shop-bought items were harmed in the creation of Gabbo – he’s 99% recycled. I did buy the thread to stitch him up with!

Cornish Trees

There are many trees in the UK, but I have never seen so many that resemble Donald Trump’s bad hair days… (Look at him, and tell me I’m wrong, lol!). I don’t suppose anyone would tell Mr Trump that his hair looks… silly, but these trees here on the Atlantic coast are all so windswept, that I have always called them “trees with funny haircuts”, ever since we moved to the West Country.

Nick and I were out and about today and I was again struck by the trees, had some time, pens and my sketching journal to hand, so here are my impressions of the Cornish landscape when there’s a stiff south-westerly breeze blowing:

Truly, before we move out of the region, I shall have to “borrow” Nick’s camera and shoot loads of trees. These were sketched in the car on the way home, parked up outside a small parade of shops in Northam, near Bideford. I don’t tend to take any notice of people watching me now, while I sketch. I have come a long way this year!!! 😉

Raw Art Journalling – Found Poetry

I received a very precious gift recently from my BBFF – Barbara Hagerty – a signed copy of Quinn MacDonald‘s book – Raw Art Journalling. I am taking Quinn’s FREE workshop (for which the only requirements are to buy her book and to join the A.R.T Yahoo Group)…

I used two large promo books – one on the 2012 Olympics and one advertising Worthing, West Sussex. By cutting random, appealing words and phrases from these two tomes, I was able to make my own “found poetry” in the small Khadi paper journal. I really dislike the texture of these papers and find them so difficult to paint on!

The disgraceful rioting, looting and mindless (though very well organised) violence of the past few nights is much on my mind, especially after viewing the news in depth this morning. My heart goes out to all the innocent victims who have lost their homes, businesses, livelihoods. I grew up in the suburbs of London, in a multi-cultural society, where we learned to get along, tolerate each other and live peaceably enough as neighbours, sometimes as friends. I knew Ealing well; I lived in Clapham North for a couple of years; I had friends in Enfield, lived near Nottingham… and I still can’t believe what’s happening there – never mind make sense of it.

I admit to also being very shocked by the vitriol and hatred spewed out in the comments under some of the video footage on Youtube… I think my journalling will be quite dark in the days ahead, as I try to process all these emotions.


There were a few things I came across in my email inbox (which was chocker…) that I didn’t want to delete because of my almost paranoid fear of losing a valuable resource. Add to that that this particular blog I am using doesn’t support the categories I used to use, and life becomes a little more complex!

Anyhow, the one way I can think of to “keep” and share these brilliant posts and/or sites, is to put them here in a new post. So here goes!

1. I am getting busier now that I have returned to part-time work – I was retrained on a different department so that I can rest the foot till it’s mended – i.e., sitting and not standing is now the order of the day (look out love-handles…!), so I use a FREE downloadable calendar on my PC desktop, so when my computer’s switched on, anyone in my house can see where I am/should be/will be on any given day that current month. Let’s face it, sometimes I forget to write on the kitchen calendar!! I get my pretty calendar from Billie’s Craft Room. Thanks, mate! 😉

2. I subscribe to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog because she’s great, honest, inspirational, funny and has fab guests. I really like Joanne Sharp’s style, and here is a great post  where she shares her Top Ten Tips for Artful Lettering… brilliant!

3. For those of you who enjoy haikus – I joined Haiku my Heart Fridays, hosted  by the amazing Rebecca of “Recuerda mi Corazon” recently and love it! – Quinn MacDonald has the most amazing post here, about photography, but for each one she has written a haiku… inspiring!

AND, if you’re a keen or “improving” art journaller, like me, Quinn’s running a workshop based on her latest book “Raw Art Journalling”. It’s a great opportunity to take part in a FREE workshop to get your journalling juices flowing and the only conditions are: You have to have the book to participate – ‘cos that’s what we’re working from AND join the (super-friendly) Yahoo Group. Simples! For more info, click HERE!

4. I like a lot of the mini-classes offered here on Leslie’s Art Journalling Group, although I haven’t managed to commit to any yet, because my head’s in the wrong space for that at present. I like her devil-may-care honesty and really loved the Cult of Stuff… If you gather unused “must-have” art supplies, this may be for you!! 😉

5. Although I enjoy drawing and watercolours, acrylics and gels, etc. I still have an enormous, unfulfilled passion for the texture of textiles, the feel of velvets and cottons, painted and /or quilted, embellished or plain. I like the great variety of products and (naturally!), techniques that Jamie Malden and the gang at Colouricious show us. The taster videos and printing blocks are yummy, and would that I had more time and money to go take a workshop with them at the Abbey!

6. For the digital art lovers amongst us, there are some very good places to visit and play in, though my personal favourite is Digital Whispers. I am an infrequent visitor, but always feel welcome when I pop in and I still receive the newsletter so I stay in touch with the peeps. The amazing Rian (Freubel) is a member, for instance, and you know how wonderfully creative and sharing she is!

It would be rude to leave you with no artwork at all, so here’s a little “pretty” from a week or so ago, that I painted in the garden. None of those flowers are in my garden – they all came from my head! 😉

The page was supposedly a “wet on wet” practice piece, once I’d remembered what to do! And then when the lines started to appear later, it went from landscape to portrait (orientation), and I found flowers “appearing”, followed quickly by grasses and leaves… Headspace is a wonderful planet!

Haiku my Heart Friday

HMH is one year old today, so that’s pretty special. The Euromillions jackpot is £105 MILLION – utter madness, but also special in its own right! What would you do if you won even a portion of that money? I have no idea, lots of ideas, both, neither… but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

So happy anniversary to my fellow-haiku-ers at Recuerda mi corazon.

“Gently rolling hills

Sandy beaches, deep blue sea

– Paradise to me…”

An island holiday would be a great option I feel, followed by lots of spending and then sensible investments. See you all tomorrow, maybe? 😉

Fantasy and a silly prompt!

I’m still enjoying myself at summer camp and having seen that the theme for this week’s TAW (Take a Word) is “Fantasy”, I thought I’d employ one of Marit’s “silly” prompts, which leads to the creation of a Fantasy Album Cover for a Fantasy band, following 3 basic steps. The further artiphy-ing of the cover is my own messing around in Photoshop! (CS2)

So, haunted by Project Denim (!), as the background photo for the album, I ended up with Andrea Bianchi – Italian director and a partial quote from Lewis Carroll as the title for the album! Not sure I like the bendy script, but it does echo the line of the jeans at the bottom, and I faded the works backwards for more effect!

I rather like “Memory that only works backwards…” – a bit like mine at times!! 😉