I miss:

I miss…

The smile in your eyes

The laughter lines around them

The way you kiss me

The warmth of your hugs

Your closeness when I’m asleep

Silly things you say

That you are away

Half of me is there with you

Come back soon and stay…

I miss: YOU xoxoxo ♥

For my husband Nick, who is in France, taking part in the World Carp Classic 2011, as part of  Team Reels on Wheels. He and his team mates are busy making history as the first completely disabled team of anglers (and their runner) who are all registered disabled! Nick is a wheelchair user, suffering with osteo-arthritis and a crumbling spine; Jim Williams has organo-phosphate (chemical) poisoning – he has oxygen with him; and DaveyP suffers with cluster headaches which incapacitate him at the drop of a hat – a motley crew, indeed!!

So I am a bit distracted, to say the least… and missing him. Luckily, I am having fun with my daughter, Amber, who started blogging again recently and would like to “grow a following”. I find her posts enlightening in many ways!!

I don’t support Thor’s new addiction to creme caramel and her feeding it to him, however… 😉

For Haiku my Heart Friday this week! Please visit and see some wonderful haikus and photographs. Join in if you like to write haiku – it’s a friendly place! 🙂

NB: If anyone is unsure as to the format of a haiku or a senryu, I have just finished reading Leo’s excellent explanation, HERE.


She watches the clock

Minutes pass by so slowly

At the end of time…

Floating in the depths

Swimming with the sea creatures

Passing endless Time…


Watching the hands move

Slowly across the clock face

She reminisces…

For Haiku my Heart Friday HERE, where other like-minded souls meet to make images and words form haikus… Mine this week are inspired by the restlessness I feel after my accident. I do not do “still” and “rest” and “feet up” very well at all, I’m afraid! Reminds me of the old saying:

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. ‘Tis seldom in a woman and never in a man!”  

With Nick away and DD at work, I am “flying solo” for much of the weekend. Wish me luck and patience!!!! 😉

Haiku my heart…

DD and I took a Road Trip yesterday, a la “Thelma & Louise”, as it turned out. We went to Newquay Zoo together, as Nick had left for Wales and the 4th annual Reels on Wheels Fishing Festival in Newport. As we have dogs a cat and a parrot, it isn’t always possible to all go together… so we made our own fun!

We had a couple of hours at the small, and beautifully kept, Newquay Zoo, went back to the car and phoned a friend who moved house last year, and whom we haven’t seen for ages. She only lived another 15 miles on from the zoo, so we thought, “Why not? We’ll go have lunch with them, as they’re at work…”

Redruth is a charming little town, nestled in the hills of mid-Cornwall. It’s neat, clean and pretty in a Victorian-architectural way… and my friend and her partner have bought a little gift shop in the middle of the main street, selling Celtic gifts, ethnic gifts and lovely (affordable) silver jewellery, made locally. They’ll also be selling my wearable art pins and pendants from next week!!

So, having started on the Haiku-my-heart-Fridays  journey last week, I wrote this one in preparation for this Friday (although I was too tired to put a post together yesterday!) and popped it into my “go-to” art journal:

If you can’t read my scrawl, it says:

So, haiku my heart

Beating its wings in my chest

The dove of my soul…

By the time we’d spent a happy lunch hour with our friends and returned home, we’d managed to travel 130 miles. This is the photo to accompany my Haiku…

My child and me… she’s the “dove of my soul” and thank everything that she’s growing up fierce. xoxo

I look forward to seeing everyone else’s haikus now as I head over to Rebecca’s blog – she’s our lovely hostess! 🙂


Confession: I have a nasty streak!! I made a pin cushion which I sent to my BBF Barbara – “I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than darn socks!” on which I had used the lovely face stamped onto linen as I have here. This scrap of  fabric with the face has been in my stash for over a year I should think, and I have needed a new pincushion for a while now, so…

The lace sides were inspired by Take a Word this week, although I had thought of something else…

I converted, (or upcyled, or recycled) a linen dress into a summer top today, so I was in that sewing frame of mind anyway!

And I am still gravitating towards orange-coloured stuff! So although I can’t wear the colour, I can still enjoy it!

That scruffy strip along the bottom is some of the hand-dyed gauze bandage I made a couple of weeks ago. It’s still nice and bright and makes a cool embellishment. I’ve been reading Cath Kidston’s first book “in Print” which has given me loads of ideas – like I needed more!! Here’s a link to some of her more recent books.

Nick’s in Wales for a few days’ fishing and DD and I have stuff to do, so I expect it’ll continue to be a busy week ahead… Hope yours is peaceful!

Oh Lord, please don’t let me be MISUNDERSTOOD!

Unsurprisingly, I created this spread in the spirit of playful… kind of. I am always amazed that people forget that being an artist (for a woman especially), is never ever all you are, or solely defines who you are. 99% of women artists that I know of, are either mothers or daughters, sisters or aunts, whether working full or part-time, and usually involved with other humans in some way.

This of course means that we have other interests and “constaints”, (or maybe I should say “demands”), on our time and forces which prevail, when really we’d rather be art-ing… For instance, I am a mother and a wife, but I’m also classified as my husband’s main carer and I am expected to accompany him to the Doctor’s or the dentist’s, etc. I am not allowed a full-time job or I lose my carer’s allowance and we couldn’t afford to replace “me” at the rate I actually get from the government, so I do part-time work when I can and also have my Etsy shop.

I don’t mean to sound as though I am moaning, because for the most part, I love my life. I’m lucky that I married my best friend and sextoy, who makes me laugh every day and also happens to be my soulmate. For that I am deeply grateful… However, apart from me, his other passion in life is (and has been for more than 50 years), fishing – coarse, sea and sometimes game fishing. So I fish too. Had no choice really –  when we met he asked me to go with him and his friends (no wheelchair in those days, over 22 years ago!), or risk being a “Fishing Widow” and not seeing much of him during the fishing season.

So, “please don’t let me be misunderstood” – when I go fishing and catch a biggun, I’ll share it! There’ll be a gorgeous carp here or something equally photo-worthy to show you. We don’t kill and eat the fish we catch – it’s simply “sport”… although I am rather partial to the odd trout or salmon. Nick very seldom eats fish, so it’s all mine!!!!

In honour of that, I created this spread for Penny’s fab blog “Songs in My Heart”:

All colour is watercolour paint – greens and a touch of yellow/ochre. The fish are dark paint brushed through an old brass stencil and the figures are from the envelope reminding me to renew my rod licence this year! By the way, I used to play guitar and sing  House of the Rising Sun by The Animals in my Hippie days (I was only 13 years old then…)

And now… Fish!

The Three MusesFish: This is so appropriate as Nick and I are in Plymouth on Wednesday at the BBC. He’s doing a live radio interview for BBC Radio Devon at 1.30pm and it’ll be about 30 minutes long. I have to go along as his carer and I am taking art materials with me so I can sketch or colour or both! The last time I did this, I sketched a green jester queen whilst Nick was out on the roads of Launceston, taking his driving test.

So I have no artwork to show you, but I have used little fishes and fishing tackle to make these two bracelets:

Links to 'swivel' about!


Fish being charming!

That one’s a touch blurry, but I wanted to show you the lickle fish…  The links which are not rings, are swivels we use for fishing – truly! I like to think outside the box, don’t I? Lol! 😉

So Nick and Reels on Wheels is the subject of the weekly “human interest” story tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll manage to discuss The World Carp Classic, The Midlands Carp Masters, the function of role models, encouraging and motivating others; the 3rd annual Reels on Wheels Festival being held in South Wales this June…

That half an hour will fly past! 🙂  And it did!
We are back home now after a clear run down, in the sunshine and a very pleasant interlude away from home! Nick was interviewed by David Fitzgerald – The Interactive Lunch – on BBC Radio Devon this afternoon and I sat at in the outer booth, with the programme dudes. I got out the Green Jester journal and created ‘Carprice’ – a fishergirl…
She’s not finished yet, but I am liking her already. I had to stop as the pencils I was using were rubbish. I really need to get a set of Inktense – they’d suit my bold, colourful style with these characters I think. So, I shall save up for some of those and a really good waterbrush too. I am rubbing the bristles off the one I have at the moment… It’s looking stragglier by the day! 😦

OWOH – Final Year!

Lisa has us off on a world tour of blogland again this year and I have a couple of posts to prepare. This will be the final year of One World, One Heart, sadly, so I think it will be extra busy! Check it out HERE, or by clicking on the button in my sidebar. I shall be taking part again and have persuaded DH too! It is a lovely way to find new friends and for him, a great way to raise awareness of Reels on Wheels and maybe help someone out… we did achieve that last year with our friends in the U.S.A., so it is definitely well worth while!

Sea Voyages…

They remind me of Captain Ahab, Moby Dick and are as rare as rockinghorse “doodies” in my house! My postcard depicts a sailor’s voyage, seeking  the rare and wonderful puffy-fossil-fish, whilst pining for his sweetheart, whom he has left behind in Osaka…

Well, it’s just a bit of relaxation and romanticising the collection of scraps I sewed together to make this postcard for SPA – where Sandy is the Guest Host this week…

From the Bay of Bengal...

Now for the technicalities! The fossil-fish stamp is from Home Impressions – gorgeous detail, and I must thank Ria, because I asked for the 2 individual fish stamps specially… so thanks, Ria! The image is from Ten Two Studios – one of my duct-tape image transfers. The rest is clutter and stuff from my desk-top!

Yesterday I spent a lovely day in the gardens of the Winsford Trust in Halwill Junction, North Devon, at the Family Arts & Crafts Day, showing people how to make the scruffy ruffle flower pins. These were very poshly described as “Rag Rose Corsages” and raised a few eyebrows. I met a couple of delightful, arty-farty, outside the box teenagers and hope I inspired them to follow their respective passions! I was certainly able to furnish them with a few websites that will help!

I was also invited to Hatherleigh Festival to show and demo what I do/create, but I’m already committed to the Pirate FM Charity Garden Party on July 24th, where Nick and I had such an enjoyable, awareness-raising day out last year, so Reels on Wheels got me first… Nice to be popular though!!

Today is Father’s Day in the UK so I took my man out for a big breakfast locally and we had what used to be called a “comfortable cose”, all to ourselves, just the two of us, spending some brief, quality time together.

I must wish Diane a very Happy Birthday (Mixed Media Monday), and as she’s chosen “Something Old!” as her birthday theme, I think I’ll enter the Fossil-Fish postcard!! Love you, Diane – Happy Birthday!! xoxoxo 😉

Personal symbols…

Beth has chosen this theme at Mixed Media Monday today. I choose to use oranges and greens a lot in my art. These are colours I have found myself combining for a couple of years now, subconsciously. I understand green as symbolising growth and renewal, but orange? Nah… I used to be a blonde before I turned grey, so orange was a colour I avoided religiously!

However, I was intrigued to read that ‘orange is the colour of creativity’ a few weeks ago… so here are a couple of examples of recent creations with these personal growth colours – in my rather shabby, grungey style!!

Words and flowers... handmade arty-pin

I have a fondness for French text too! I love language – I used to speak 5 fluently. I hear (or heard) languages the way some people hear music, which is truly a gift, and I’d only have to spend about 3 months in a foreign country to pick up the language well enough to speak with a good degree of fluency!

A cuff without a clasp... WIP

Just needs finishing off… Well I shall be AWOL at the end of this week as we head off to Wales for the 3rd annual Reels on Wheels Fishing Festival. It’ll be the first time I’ve attended and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it! 3 days away with my DH, friends and fishing. I just hope the weather’s kind!! 🙂

Mona – Flowerpot Girl!

Created this evening with the Mini-Mona ATCs freebie from Trish Bee’s new Techniques Zone Blog… for Crazy Amigos – Flowers (her hat); Created by HandEarth Day (the hemp and scrim covered jar) and The Three Muses – Hats and crowns and wings and things – all of the above!!

The flowerpot girl!

I slid her into plastic tubing and stitched round her, adding german scrap wings and a fabric flower for her hat/crown… Then I made a slit in the back of her plastic tube and inserted a giant lollipop stick/tongue depressor. I intend her to become a decorative stick for my plant pot, but meanwhile, she’s taken up residence in this upcycled spice jar, covered in scrim, hemp string and wool, with a dash of fabric in ‘natural’ colours!

Earthy, upcycled spice jar!

Trust me when I say this is simple to do and very satisfying – just cover a jar with tacky white glue, and strings/fibres… I used the scrim so that the hemp would have a base to grip on. It seemed to stick very easily and I like the effect.

I’m off to Tintagel Market with DH tomorrow at some silly hour, for the day, so I’ll catch you all over the next few days! 🙂