This month, I’m involved with a collaborative art quilt swap at UK Art Swaps. There are 6 of us taking part; we have all chosen a theme; we each will end up with 12 4″x4″ squares, which we shall then stitch together and back, ready to hang. That means that we each have to make 2 4″x4″ squares for each collaborator – the themes are 2 lots of vintage, faces, owls, Nature/greens and flowers (my choice!).

Here are my first 4 squares, 2 are vintage (and fit in with Theme Thursday challenge this week) and the other 2 are Nature/greens. This is such a lovely thing to be part of and I can’t wait to complete my squares and get all mine and stitch them into a quilt of art from friends!


"in favour of"

flowers squared...


All the images are image transfers onto duct tape (gaffer tape in the US?) and you can see the lovely linen texture come through the image. I saw a video on image transfers onto sticky canvas, and had one of those irresistible “I wonder if….” urges to try the same technique on tape.


  • It’s really easy because the tape is so sticky, burnish really well and the entire image shines through!
  • Use as much water as you like, rub away the paper gently as usual and leave to dry.
  • Eliminate “paper fuzzies” by brushing over a thin coat of mineral oil with a very soft brush (I used an old eyeshadow brush).


  • The tape is incredibly sticky, so any parts not covered by your image will attract hairs, fluff, fuzzies, etc.
  • Magazine images work too, but if you rub too hard, the image layer will/can smudge – not great when you erase the nose off the face, like I did!
  • You can’t machine-stitch these lovely transfers because the tape remains sticky… even after I sealed it with a coat of Golden’s Polymer Gloss Medium. I got round that on the mini-quilt squares by covering the images with clear plastic and stitching that to the fabric…

But what gorgeous results I achieved – I am so pleased, despite the tricky (sticky) parts!! It’s also a great way to use up smaller images or parts of magazine pics, like the background to the ” sheepish” square. That was a part of an advert in a magazine which I used because I liked the rough grass and boulders!

If you have any questions, just drop me an email: rosemary[dot]rowe[@]btinternet[dot]com.


4×4 for the 31st!!

Artygirlz want numbers this week and I received my new stamps from Third Coast RS today so I had to stamp out all the images, put them into CD boxes and then get them out and play with them. Due to unforseen problems, Val was a bit later then usual shipping, so by way of apology, she added some freebies – which are wonderful!!

Anyway, having made 3 bookmarks, plus one for DD (who was much taken with ‘The Director, Val!), I managed to do something for me…

I used some recycled filofax pages from October, painted them with SG orange glaze, stamped them, added the eyelash fibres to hang it up and the moon is a funky foam embellie recycled from a piece of work last year, which just didn’t look right anymore! That’s such a cute witch image, isn’t it? I have the small version too and a retro witch! They look so much better than the usual ‘warty’ ones!!

The big fat number stamps are from Robin at MaVinci’s Reliquary.

I was drilling more doms again this afternoon, finishing off a couple of boxes (much to DD’s disgust I put a beetle on the lid of one of them. It freaked her right out *grins*) and I made some entertaining dominos up aswell… I have a small fan base of lads who like ghoulish, etc. so I am making them ‘bike charms’ and suchlike with skeletons and rubber insects and enjoying my daughter’s disapproval hugely!!

I have a quiltie in progress too… and hope to have that finished later this week. It involves a beautiful woman…. and cake! Will show you when it’s done! We’re all at market tomorrow, so if I don’t post, don’t worry! TTFN…

It’s a puzzle, isn’t it?

That’s loosely what This Thursday, it’s all about… is asking us to interpret. I had a lovely piece of faux leather background ready for stamping on and I used a puzzle piece on it, along with a dictionary definition. The 2 corners are inverted fabric paper offcuts!

Stamp is by Cherry Pie. If I remember rightly, the shimmery bits are from Walnut gold Glimmer mist, which I bought at Craftaway, along with the puzzle.

It’s been another dismal day here in Devon, which I’d hoped to share with my friend and her family, but she managed to put her back out just before they were due to leave and has been in agony all day long, poor love. On the bright side, she received her ‘Dream’ plaque – better late than never – and is very pleased with it!

I’ve been playing with Page 3 of the altered board book, tearing up and gluing scraps of paper to the next double layout, which was a welcome distraction as DD wanted me to watch the very creepy “Storm of the Century”. It’s a TV adaptation based on Stepehen King’s book (I assume). To my mind, he’s the weirdest guy on the planet – I’d hate to spend time alone with him! I stopped reading his books after The Sparrows are Flying…. just too weird. The classics – The Shining, The Stand, The Dead Zone I ‘got’, but Tommyknockers was really strange. Then came Dolores Claiborne and Rose Red gave me nightmares when I watched it on TV.

DD and DH watch autopsies for fun, so when they want to see stuff like “Saw IV”, they wait till I go out and they can revel in all that gore together, in peace. Me? I faint at the sight of blood, so it’s not my thing.  But I was really surprised how creeped out DD got while watching this mini-series…. *grins* Must be genetic, eh?!


4×4 Friday’s challenge is so easy today! Include quote(s) in your artwork… and I bought a sheet of art quotes from Robin at MaVinci’s a couple of months ago – ideal! One of the added bonuses with these stamps, is the variety of fonts Robin uses, there are lots and they’re all different, so never boring or repetitive.

Yesterday I made fabric paper, which turned out very bold and fabulous… it even rolls up like a scroll! I made this 4×4 from it and tried to coordinate all the colours in the background with a stamped image of the beautiful, if somewhat perturbed, ‘Sophie’ from the Home Impressions Victorian Plate.

I love its transparency and have left the rough edges too (adds interest/texture, I think!). The first quote is for Sophie and the second at the bottom refers to my ongoing tale of love and romance in the good old Victorian (red rubber) tradition!

I’m off to deliver an arty-farty bag to my friend this afternoon and my teen will probably be home again when I come back, so no peace for me later!! Have a lovely evening and for those of you who are stressed, try making a mess… (or some fabric paper). It works for me – LOL!!


That’s the required element this week for 4×4 Friday… I used the lovely Cherry Pie Artstamps 3 muses image (well, that’s who they remind me of!) stamped onto a wax-resist painted background *** and added a couple of rather nice embellies – surprising how pretty purple and green look, isn’t it?

*** GPP Street Team Crusade #21

Personally, I think the kids’ Dymo labeller is one of the most useful gadgets I ever bought and I only ever use it for artlings! I used the punchinella again… d’you get fixated on things too? 😉

Orange and yellow!

That’s this week’s theme at 4×4 Friday. I made 2 freestanding plaques because I was playing with the textured cuttlebug background technique I’ve seen Adrienne, Carol and Annette showing on their blogs. I didn’t have time for the complete process with tissue paper, gesso and paints, so this is the abbreviated version which has worked out rather well (IMHO!):

I cut my 4×4 from scrap card and stuck the Crafty Individuals pic in the centre. I then tore up (shock, horror!) my embossed cardstock to make 2 yellow and 2 orange strips for the frame. I spritzed with Walnut gold glimmer mist (Tattered Angels) and rubbed metallics (red) over the raised areas. Added a MaVinci art quote stamp, 3 little gems and a glass bead flower/star. This one is going to Annette (who won the NGS Art Lottery, lucky thing) as a thanks for being so very kind and sending me all those goodies to play with.

This one was made in much the same way, except I smooshed Frayed Burlap distress ink over the CB raised bits and then spritzed very lightly with the glimmer mist. I used one of my clay embellies (Stonehenge) and stamped the word Monuments on the diary scrap with those tiny Studio G alphabet stamps. Neat, aren’t they?!


4×4 Friday’s challenge this week is to create an architectural piece. As soon as I saw the theme, I knew I’d be delving into one of my old books about Church architecture. It has thick pages and many coloured drawings. This one is black and white, so I tinted the statues with watercolour pencils and added the vellum quote, some ‘industrial’-style brads and a little bell at the bottom. The wire hanger in blue came last!

I did wonder what conversations these two men might have had… if I hadn’t had that quote to hand, this might have turned out very differently!!! 🙂

4×4 Friday – a box!

‘Florals’ are all the rage this week at 4×4 Friday… and I just happened to have prepped, a 4×4 ‘treasure’ box. I’ve painted the whole box with a coat of gesso, followed by a coat of green acrylic paint. I’ve used a scribble stamp on geen acetate and stuck that to the lid, after using the square scribble stamp round the sides of the lid. I’ve lined the box with some dark green handmade papers I’ve had for a while, added some hand-stamped blue tissue paper and set the froggy on the lily pad, in his very own pond/box!

All the stamping has been done using good old Stazon and I’ve used those gorgeous metallic rubons in gold and copper to add highlights to the edges of the box and the centres of each flower. The green daisy on top of the box was attached using glossy accents from Ranger.

I’m entering this for TGIF aswell, cos I used acetate on the lid, even if it IS green!! So there we have a “Box of Frog(s)” – ’tis a phrase we use quite often to describe someone who’s a bit scatty, scatterbrained…. ‘as mad as a box of frogs!’

Mixed Media Monday

MMM‘s theme for this week is “Love & Romance”, so I’m going to enter this little 4×4 I made last month – I have a bit of a rush on this week with a commissioned piece that I need to work on and other R/L obligations, too.


This is an acrylic painted background on watercolour paper, using images from Crafty Individuals, a little mulberry paper, a definiton torn from an old dictionary of the word “adorable” and a couple of ‘bits’ from my stash!

I’ve just started a new ‘job’, volunteering for a couple of hours every Monday at our local Scrapstore/Family Resource Centre. This is work that is ‘play’… I did come home with some punchinella, a fineliner for my pen & ink work, a ‘textile pack’ and 1kg of air-dry clay! My task this morning was to sort through all the fabric (curtain) swatches that were brought in last week and organise them into color groups. (Told you it was play! 😉  ) I had a ball and maybe next week I’ll get to make up textile packs!!

I’m going to help them with photo albums and maybe we can show what the kids/families who attend the Workshops, make! Also, we may be able to get a Scrapstore challenge going and show you those pics too! Lots of ideas for the future!! 😀

I never learn!

Over at 4×4 Friday, this week’s theme is Wild West! I had to hunt for them, but a lovely lady (friend of mine) sent me some American Indian stamps last year and I really like the detail in them. Hooray! I found them, cut out my 4×4 square, and decided which ones I’d use. To keep it simple, I used TH Frayed Burlap and even made a mask (first time ever: You can tell I’ve been reading blogs, can’t you?) for the Indian on horseback.

Stamped my images and decided it looked a bit plain, so I attempted a kind of stitch effect round the edges… yuck! So then I got one of the grassy background Tandastamps out and inked the bottom only (I don’t think they have bullrushes on the prairie, do they?), and inked around the edges properly, hiding the faux pas!

I dymoed my words, attached them and thought I’d emboss the grass at the front! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, you know…. When I heated the EP, the words disappeared off the Dymo strips! LOLOL! Okay then – I’ve learnt something new today – Do NOT heat dymo…!! 😀

Then I found my black fineliner, so I decide to doodle. I can’t resist the urge to fiddle, can I?! Oh well, not a great 4×4, but certainly memorable – as in, how not to do things!