Felted Hatband

Rosie & Linda’s ABAA has “felting” as a theme this week and this was one of those lightbulb moments for me. I thought it’d be fun to dress up my gardening/sun hat. It’s a huge-brimmed straw affair which isn’t very flattering (I’m not pretty in hats!!), but it does keep the sun off my face and neck in the summer. It’s just a bit plain, or it was till I decided to make a felted and embellished hatband for it!

Here’s the ‘before’ hat:


And this is what happened to it!!


I took a strip of green felt, some altered bottle caps and some drilled bamboo dominos (all from Ten Two Studios) and sewed them on. Then I got the rovings out and needle-felted shapes in reds and greens in the spaces…


I then added beads from my stash-pot. I finally blanket-stitched both top and bottom right round to finish it off neatly.


Finally, I slipped the entire piece onto the hat! There were 2 blue and 1 pink bottle caps so I used 2 blue and 1 pink flower images for the dainty dominos. It’s very colourful, isn’t it? 🙂

Altered Cutlery

Patty is Guest Designer at Awfully Big Art Adventure this week and the theme is ‘Altered Cutlery’! I first came across Patty’s blog over a year ago and we struck up a relationship when I commented about her altered cutlery. I found it fascinating and it was a completely novel concept to me at that time.

I altered a pair of spoons last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I was really pleased to see cutlery as a challenge again. Lisa Vollrath has some great tutorials for altering cutlery and making it into pendants in a back issue of  The Monthly Muse which I haven’t tried yet, but intend to! Linda and Rosie have some more great examples on the ABAA blog too, so here are mine, using images from The Little Aqua Things sheet!!!


The spoons have been coloured with alcohol inks and the wires are the ones that look like stemmed flowers, but set with 3 stones at one end and twisted together. The scan doesn’t show the colours of the stones very clearly but one set are pink and the other blue. I just separated the wires and twisted them round the shank of the spoon and added a few tiny seed beads at the bottom.

I’m busy packing boxes and avoiding putting any of my craft supplies away for the moment. We move house in just over 3 weeks and although I really want to get moved, I don’t want to stop making art… I have another 3 DT projects in the pipeline and you can bet that the minute I pack any art supplies I’ll decide I really need them!! So life is a bit of a juggling act for the time being! 🙂

The Personals…

Rosie & Linda have challenged us to use newsprint in our artwork for this week’s Awfully Big Art Adventure. When I went to look for the paper, all I could find were the personal ads and classifieds, so I decided to take that as my theme…

I used a vintage nude from the Ten Two Studios Nudes Faux Postage sheet because she’s adorable and the perfect size for this altered puzzle piece collage!


Yes, I used an inked flower to cover up her modesty and I have the inky fingers to show for it!! This is from a large child’s floor puzzle, so I shall turn it into a fridge magnet. It has been sealed with a good coat of gel medium, so I’m sure it’ll take the heat of the kitchen!

This was a lot of fun ladies, thank you… I still have another 3 puzzle pieces in various stages of drying/collage and one that’s a pin. Till the next challenge. 😉


Rosie & Linda (Awfully Big Art Adventure) had bookmarks as their challenge this week and their examples are gorgeous. Created by Hand asked for blue and green combos and Artygirlz wanted us to “Smile”, so I’ve combined these three into a bookmark with an Italian flavour!


I used Italian text pages and images from The Little Blue Things collage sheets from Ten Two Studios, an olive green cs base and brayered blue ink over the text page. I added the rubon words (TLC), covered the whole thing with bookfilm and added the embellie!

I love making bookmarks – they make fab gifts to friends and I use 2/3 at a time myself! 🙂

Behind closed doors…

You never know what’s behind a door, do you? Well, despite the creepy exterior of this wired tag, there’s a beautiful lady…



Isn’t she pretty? I used 2 sections of one of the little  Row House Books sent to me by Lisa,  (which you can buy here), cut a door in the lower half of one and chose an image from the Faux Postage set HERE. You know me – I like macabre and contrast and silly phrases… 🙂

This is my entry to ‘Wire’ for Artygirlz and ‘Doors’ for Rosie & Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure.

Purples and greens…

I’m posting twice in one post tonight because our internet connection is so slow. We have our suspicions that it’s being sucked dry by the teenage msn-monster upstairs, but I can’t prove it and she’s so happy to be back in school that I have no intention of rocking the proverbial boat!!

It’s been a while since I was inspired to make a single tag, but I do love the colour purple and the Taggers have some lush Purple Onion Stamps as an incentive this week! I enjoyed this one – got covered in ink, paint, glue and gel medium, but it was worth it!! Blogging pal Carol has shown so many lovely examples of using more than one embossing folder in her artwork, that I was inspired to do that with this piece. You can’t tell, but the base was silver embossed paper, covered with purple acrylic smoosh, run through the next folder and inked with black stazon.

 Adrienne sent me the tiny puzzle piece and the purple image came from Ten Two Studios sheet of Little Purple Things. I always find an appropriate image when I’m hunting them out – sometimes it’s hard just choosing one!


And while I was waiting for a set of Inchies to dry, prepping a mask and checking the paint on my Anti-Valentine quiltie… I made this ATC – for TGIF (Green) and Rosie & Linda’s ABAA. Party on, Garth!!


Couldn’t resist the reference to Wayne’s World there… it came on TV a few weeks ago and DD was sitting with me while I watching it – talk about a blast from the past! She was in fits of laughter and told all her Msn buds to tune in too. Well, we had a party of our own going on there for a while! LOL!

It’s been fun sometimes having her homeschooled – she’s absorbed quite a lot of our ‘pop’ culture and accused me of watching some “really weird films” (I’m a Sci-Fi buff!), for we’ve enjoyed our together time and have regained that very tight family bond we used to have. But she needs the sociability of school and the opportunities available to her at Budehaven are life-changing, so it’s for the best. “Party on, DD!! Party on, Wayne!” 😉

Give me a sign…

Well I seem to have got my challenges mixed up, but what the heck? It gave me yet another excuse to make wall-candy for my workspace, didn’t it?! I made a plaque (Rosie & Linda’s ‘Signs’ challenge), using some faux washi paper for my background. It had all the colours I was looking for to coordinate with this lovely image from the Orange Things collage sheet. I just fell in love with her!

You won’t be surprised to find more bottlecap embellishments either, will you? I’ve had the vellum saying on my desk for ages, so a little tearing and a judiciously placed brad to hold it onto the stamped flower was all that was required.


I feel warm and hopeful that Spring is on the way when I look at this, so it’s already serving its purpose!


At Rosie & Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure, we’re making charms! I have a real passion for bottlecaps and made a lot of cute art pins for sale last year. Last night I got one of my sheets of  ‘Rounds’ out – Edwardian Beauties’ –  and flattened a couple of bottlecaps Lisa sent me and produced these:


The cracked glass effect was unintentional and I’m putting it down to the subzero temperatures here at present. I left these two on the windowsill to dry and this is the result – cool, huh?!!

One-stop takes you HERE to the bottlecaps and image sheets for the charms. The best thing about the rounds on these sheets is that they are slightly bigger than the inside of the bottlecaps so you aren’t left with a horrid white ring round your image that you have to colour or ink heavily to disguise – ugh! So I handcut them as my circle punch is just 1/8″ too small and they fit beautifully!

The glaze I used is Anita’s 3D gloss, into which I popped tiny seed beads in pink and blue. I’ve also used Diamond Glaze before, but it’s far more expensive and harder to come by in the UK. I used a Giotto metallic blue marker to colour the blue charm and a pink permanent one for the bride – she’s so gorgeous, isn’t she?  🙂

These two are mounted on pins (beaded for fun), so that they can be sewn onto a future fabric book or collage…