Meanwhile… ACF#63

Rian provided Art Creations Friday with a brilliant pic to use this week… so I had a play with it in Photoshop while I was listening to a LIVE, FREE watercolour class with Molly Murragh!!









Here’s what I did:

Helga Hoppentrotters

Credits: Rian – main image (Freubel-art); Kimmie – Digital Whispers (chequered block); Dover – (Birds); Background – a past ACF background, manipulated by me!! The flower brush was a Dover image I converted into a brush…

Thanks for the giggles and fun-filled inspiration Rian!! 😉

Art Creations Friday

Yet another gorgeous image to inspire our art this week in challenge #33 from the girls at ACF. I had fun practising my digi-art again, creating this piece. The lyrics are from a 1960s song by Simon & Garfunkel…



Art Creations Friday gave us another pretty background to use this week and I also used the lady with pink roses from one of their previous weeks in this piece. I gave her lots of pretty brushes and a cherub to play with and it’s a “secret” (for TGIF), that she prefers white roses. Just a bit of digital art fun and practice!!


So now the raffle prizes are packed, the fairy cakes (which remain!), are ready to be boxed up and I need to go finish my badge and tiara… I hope we remember to take pics tomorrow – I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun! 😉

ACF #30

Art Creations Friday provided a great background to use in our creations this week and I also used the cute little girl image from the previous week’s challenge. Yo be frank, I have to be in the mood to create digi-art, especially when things (with my PC), aren’t going according to plan… But, my dearest DH had been working at reconciling my conflicts between the soon-to-be-slave PC and the new machine which is just not happy at the moment. If you’ve been in this situation before, you’ll know what I mean!

Anyhow, suffice it to say that the darling man sorted a few things out for me and taught me how to use a grid in Photoshop so I can print off cards/notelets of my favourite original artworks to be used as personal greeting cards. Cool, huh?!! Therefore, as I was working in PS anyway, I created this little piece!


This was fun and there are about 12 layers in all!! No polymer gloss medium though, Julie!! 😉


Another gorgeous image provided by the gals at Art Creations Friday today! I have been really good – packed half the kitchen down, been to the Council offices, done a little shopping so we eat over the weekend – so I rewarded myself with an hour or so on Photoshop creating this little digi-piece! I can never resist allowing my irreverent sense of humour to take hold, so here goes:


I love the soft feel I managed adjusting the opacity levels. I still have an awfully long way to go with my digital efforts, but as DH says, I will only learn by practising!

Thank you so much to everyone who has extended their sympathy and good wishes to me for the house move… I really appreciate it and I’m really excited now. Just got to keep a lid on it all till Tuesday!! 😉


MMM’s theme chosen by Sue this week, is Easter. I have been working over the weekend and packing boxes since last week, so I haven’t had much of an Easter, but I did produce a bit of digital collage with an Easter theme, so this is my entry! I used the image supplied for us by Art Creations Friday and googled the chicks. The Photoshop brushes are courtesy of Graphics Illustrations, as before.


Ah well, back to packing for me… it’s only a week now till we move! 🙂


Art Creations Friday – another fab image to use this week – a Teddy Bear! I don’t ‘do’ cute & cuddly, but I can be creative so I played with it in Photoshop (again!). I learned how to use the Liquefy filter (watched Nick playing last night – very cool!) and used that to twist some trees. Then I added a cute image of some girls in the left hand top corner, faded that back a bit, added some funky brushes from Graphics Illustrations and then a pair of teddies. Howzat?!!



I’ve been playing in Photoshop again this evening, having completed yet another project and taught myself (via an excellent tutorial HERE), how to install brushes I downloaded recently… I even used 3 of them!!

Art Creations Friday provided an excellent image for us to use in our artwork last week, so I had a bit of fun with this one. Before we get to what I managed to create in digital art form, I have to write this. If it offends you, I apologise, but in my opinion, the artists who create digitally are amazing. It takes real dedication and imagination to produce gorgeous digi-art and I’m a really long way from that!

Anyone who thinks it’s invalid, not “real” art, or even cheating/easier because it’s made using a computer program has obviously never used photoshop to create a collage! It took me well over an hour to produce this collage and you don’t even want to know what a magnetic lasso tool is (used it for the lizards!!), never mind how many attempts it took me to cut them out. There are loads of layers in this and it would’ve been much quicker to do it in RL, but I want to learn more about Photoshop, so I’m persevering.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox now and here’s my entry!



Art Creations Friday gave us a background to use in our artwork this week and in the spirit of playing with Photoshop and learning by trial and error (a lot of errors)… I came up with this:


I used a mixture of images that seemed to connect – hence the she-wolf, the moon and an old photo from my collection. I also messed about with the grassy brush to suggest vast empty space with the wind blowing across the plains. Well, that was the general idea in my head!

Nick took pity on me again and helped with the oval shape and showed me vector/mask stuff. It was not long ago and thank goodness I made a note because heaven knows if I’d ever find that bit again without banging the keyboard!

I do hope that I shall be able to make time to learn more about digital art when we’ve moved… maybe this winter?! 🙂

ACF #17

Another beautiful image to work with from Art Creations Friday this week. I love this and I’ve made another digital piece today. I got quite frustrated with my lack of expertise this afternoon and Nick took pity on me! While our dinner (Beef Cobbler) was finishing cooking in the Remoska, he helped me with fading and manipulating my background layers to achieve a far softer look, which I love!


That’s much better, isn’t it? I shall probably use this whole piece in a future project. Thanks ladies at ACF, for some marvellous images to play around with!