SaWo – Yin Yang!

– Acrylic Paint (probably any paint actually!!) I managed to write my Haiku for the last stage in Page 4 of the ongoing Altered Board Book project this morning. Found a really nifty Font site too called Simply the Best! The one I chose is called Chowfun and was free – yay!!

This is the page I was making the Faux Washi papers for…

The red background is acrylic paint over gesso and PVA glue. It’s cracked because I forgot to paint another coat of gesso over the PVA glue before the red paint… but that’s how you learn, isn’t it?

The YinYang symbol is a large chipboard circle painted with acrylics and Anita’s 3D glossy white paint. Thinking about it now, I probably should’ve used washi without red in it to make more of a contrast, but hey?! “Hindsight is a wonderful thing”, innit?!


Altered Board Book – page 3

As TGIF has an Open theme this week, I thought I’d post page 3 of the ongoing Altered Board Book project we are working on under the guidance of Ms Bee at aRtbUzz. You can join in any time you like. It’s rather enjoyable and rules are made to be broken.

I may not like all the pages but they are growing on me and this is a complete learning curve – sort of experimental (I can never type that word without typos!)… My scanner is playing up and has decided not to recognise me this evening – so we have a Mexican Standoff and I had to try and photograph this highly embossed page – doh!

Here’s a close up of the heart which was made from black shrink plastic, painted red, stamped into whilst still hot and then painted red, with gold highlights!

We had to adhere it over something semi-transparent, so I used some  silver mesh which I stuck down with gel medium.  I stuck the heart and words on the same way. I used a black sharpie on the mesh around the heart to cast a shadow. No one said we should outline the words in red, but then, no one said we shouldn’t either! I guess I was in rebel mode… oops!

Altered Board Book

Created by Hand asked us to make something we have never done before and I puzzled about that for a long time today. I think I’ve probably tried my hand at nearly every kind of artwork in the last 10-12 months… until I realised that altered books – a project I am current;y participating in on NGS – is something I have never done before. True enough I made a carved out altered book a few months ago with the Medieavel Stamps set I won from Tandastamps, but this is completely new.

Trish Bee is giving us instructions to follow, in stages, for every page that we make, so everyone does the same, but all the books are completely different and it’s such fun! We all have very different styles and materials to hand, so the chances of us duplicating each other are slim to none!

Anyway, enough waffle! Here’s my 2nd page which I just finished this evening. I’m really happy with it and very surprised by how much I like it now… I had grave reservations before!

If you fancy having a go at altering a child’s board book, then go to aRtbUzz and check out all the instructions. You can join in at any stage, whenever you like! 🙂

A quick post!

I’m off to work this evening and we’re short-staffed and mega-busy! So, I’ll probably be too tired to do anything except eat, drink tea and put my feet up later on! However, I have had such a productive day: Finished the commissioned Arty-Farty Birdie Bag (#8) my friend ordered for her best friend’s birthday – phew!! Just got the tag to make tomorrow – easy-peasy!

I tried and successfully managed to  do my first fabric image transfer with water, thanks to Annette’s fabulous cheapo photopaper which she sent me a few sheets of, all the way from Oz!! Thanks so much Annette! Now to source it over here!!

Obviously, I’ve stamped and decorated the panel to make the bag beautiful…. and it looks great! Then I managed to paint the second page of the Altered Board Book Project which we are doing on NGS and finally, I managed to finish off 3 gorgeous textured cards. I’m astounded by just how beautiful they are and if they go to the Craft Fair with me, I shall have a really hard time selling them!

I haven’t got time to show you pics today, but I promise to do so soon… I have to ask nicely if I can feature this superb tutorial on Inspirational as the artist who showed us her technique doesn’t have a blog I can direct you to, but it’s fabulous to create something lovely from scraps… yep, scraps!

Right, must dash – TTFN!! (Tata for now, to the non-Brits!!) xoxoxo