Stuff and Cuffs!

I have a table at the Halwill Junction Village Community Market tomorrow morning and I am taking a lot of unused (and now unwanted) stash with me – charms, papers, scrapbooking items – 12″x12″ card and vellums, papers, etc., plus 5 boxes of fabric flowers, all my domino pendants, etc. It’ll be fun but like all these shows, fairs and events, it takes quite a bit of organising to get everything sorted. It’s only a single table and a couple of hours exposure, but maybe I’ll be lucky and get rid of a lot of stuff?!!

I have also been manically making up the domino pendants with my own collage sheets:

A box of lovelies!

And then I did these for 2 really good friends…


And this one’s mine:


It’s so cool using up crochet yarn I’ve had stashed away in a drawer, forgotten and unloved for a long time, to make these summery cuffs! I am having a very busy time! The weather has been so lovely the last couple of days, let’s hope it continues.

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂


Jewels on paper…

See, I know I haven’t posted since the Goo Goo Dolls, but I am being really good and working really hard as much as I can, to create my own digital collage sheets using both my collection of small vintage photos and also my own artwork.

I have fallen in love with colour again. I think that the winter was too long, life was overwhelmingly grey (for many horrible reasons, which will not be given space on my art blog…), for far too long and I learned to love orange, and lemon, and lime and all the hues in between. Don’t get me wrong – the grunge-monster is still alive and kicking, but I have had an almost desperate desire to “colour” my life and make it more vibrant!

It started with inchies and the fabric charms; I now have pins awaiting backs and bamboo pendants that will be strung tomorrow! Today I created a new sheet of ATCs and a mighty sheet of 35 domino blocks…

 And then this evening, I printed this sheet out using my Inkjet printer, on “normal” setting, onto glossy photo paper – and they shone at me like little rectangular jewels! Gorgeous!

3 different designs and 35 little blocks of wonderful colour! I am so excited! Honestly, I can’t help it – they print out beautifully! I have kind-hearted arty friends who have been my “test dummies” and I know that if they weren’t good enough, they’d tell me the truth. So I’m confident that these are gorgeous and it’s not just me that thinks so!

Available NOW in my Etsy shop!  Happy days! 😉

Dem Bones…

Unaccustomed as I am to Halloween posting, I have to admit that Hels’s post on skellytons, etc. (Sunday Stampers), did inspire me to get out the collection of “H” stamps I have from Third Coast Rubber stamps. Here are some almost finished dominos:

A timely trio...

Currant, red pepper, wild plum and butterscotch alcohol inks were employed to cover the doms and then I used Ranger’s jet black archival ink for the skellies. I tend to colour the entire domino and stamp around the sides and back too!

Love the positions these skellies get into…


Now all I have to do is decide what to do with these 3… keyfobs, magnets, or??? Thanks for the challenge Hels! 🙂

House of rhinestones…

Dans ma maison, il y a … “Rhinestones” this week (well, on Friday!) and I was so taken with the little example house, it inspired me to try my hand at making domino-houses. I created four altogether, 3 with heaps of texture and one with just a hint, in my favourite colours – purple and sea green…

Full House?

Here are a couple of close-ups…

Less textured

And a little more here…

They took a few days to complete and now I am going to turn them into pendants. Have to find some pretty bales I think…

Accidents happen and I love it!

Sounds weird, right? I have been surrounded by altered game pieces and bamboo tiles, making pins and pendants to take to Tintagel next month, and frankly, I enjoy the creative process, but save me from the display and packaging! I am getting better though…

Anyway, I had various pendants stuck on sticks drying out and this little one was all on its own and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I’d coloured the text with leftover alcohol inks (nothing is safe if the felt is still wet!), and decided to stamp an image on it. I have also been making a pin or pendant for my lovely friend – an excellent lampwork beader and jewellery maker. She loves that I am messy, grungey and very ‘free’ with my designs and artworks, because she is the complete opposite! Lyn is neat, traditional, a perfectionist and could never, ever work like me! Needless to say, we get on really well.

She has been helping me to ‘finish’ my wearable artlings off properly (nicely!), so that they are (even) more desirable. She has given me findings and shown me how to use them properly and I have been most patiently ‘finishing’ off pendants properly with little ends and clasps and linky things… They look good, too! Back to the little pendant that is all mine now…

Inwardly talking

See the little dots? Those are gorgeous silver microbeads, dropped onto the gloss coating as it’s still wet. The stamped image is one of my favourites by Cherry Pie. I use them a lot when I am altering dominos, etc. Now look at the back of this one though, and see if you can see what I did wrong…


Yes! I stamped her upside down! But, when wearing this pendant (which I am as I type), if I flip it round, I can read “waiting” perfectly well!I don’t think that it would be much of a selling point to anyone who wasn’t as odd as I am though, so this one’s a keeper for me! Sadly, I only have one more strand of the dark pewter coloured snake chain left. The rest of my pendants will probably be on leather now, or veggie-cord!

Charming junk!

EDIT:  Diane has had flu and was unable to post the usual challenge for everyone this week, so it’s now scheduled to appear next Monday – 27th July!

I’m Guest Hosting at Mixed Media Monday this week and I have created a little charm bracelet out of broken/recycled jewellery, beads and blue wire and some mini-domino tiles (pre-drilled),  and bottle caps. I have two pots full of old jewellery – can’t resist it! – which I use in quilties, collages and “odd” jewellery, which I call ‘wearable art’!

My inspiration comes from Belinda Spiwak – Crazy Art Girl… she’s awesome at this! She makes all sorts of wonderful chains and bracelets using found objects, text beads… the list goes on!


It’s a lot of fun to add random charms and beads to a bracelet and make it uniquely your own… just a bit fiddly and time-consuming. The funky blue wire was a bargain buy at a Craft Show I went to in March this year – should’ve bought more!! The mini-doms, from Ten Two Studios, are available with all sorts of collage images and are so easy to embellish as they’re drilled top and bottom. These two were left over from a domino bracelet I made for a friend’s birthday, so they were ideal to add to this little charmer!

I’d love to see what you do with junk, charms or recycled items – how you incorporate it into your art… 😉

Red and Black…

For Theme Thursday this week, that’s the challenge… I made these three altered domino pins a while back when my new stamps from Third Coast RS arrived. They were in the summer sale and I fell in love with these Asian Beauties – had to have them! I thought they’d be perfect for Feng Shui pins, which is why the backgrounds are all red with a touch of copper mixatives!


All 3 are highly glazed with tiny beads added to the glaze before it dried. The middle one was stamped with Jet Black Archival Ink and the other 2 with black Stazon. The archival ink is much wetter…  There’s something almost decadent about these ladies for me! 😉

Come Fly With Me…

That’s this week’s artistic prompt from MMM this Monday. The canvas painted by Diane is so beautiful and she used a brilliant gel transfer too, so it’s altogether my favourite piece of work by her so far!

I have made a fantasy triple-domino, butterfly doll which I’m entering this week. It didn’t turn out quite how I’d visualised it, but I have it hanging over the mantlepiece at home and it’s very striking – sort of like a long-tailed Lady Moth!!


I used the 3 different sizes of bamboo dominos with corresponding Deco Ladies images from Ten Two Studios, a lot of wire and beads and a huge leap of faith! I did ask Lisa whether she thought the wings should be bigger, to which she replied that it is a case of Designer’s choice! Very tactful and non-committal – *grins*

Although this was a one-off, I really think there might be a ‘family’ in the future!! 🙂

My favourite thing to alter?

Wednesday Stamper asked that question… and I suppose my favourite things to alter are dominos! Hermine loves to alter clocks and her example is wonderful. I think I like doms for lots of reasons – they’re fairly readily available, even here in deepest Devon I can usually find some somewhere! I love that they come in various materials, shapes and sizes. They lend themselves to inking, painting, image transfer, collage, stamping… they’re fairly simple to drill holes in (if you remember to put the drill on ‘forward’ instead of reverse!) and they make really robust, bag/bike charms, keyrings, pendants, etc. I even made a pair of earrings with them last year! So here are 3 examples of very different altered dominos:

This one is an image transfer using gel medium, painted with Anita’s 3D gloss.

An ancient dictionary definiton, overstamped with the Poppy stamp and glazed to finish – one of my personal favourites!

An image transfer on a trionimo of my “guardian angel” sitting on the crescent moon! Rather distressed, but awfully pretty!

I know some of you get a bit upset because you’re not confident about drilling into dominos, so I shall blog how I do it soon. Please be patient as I have a fair bit of prep left to finish – stages 3 & 4 of 3 new canvasses, beading, etc., title-cards for collages, etc. a poster saying who I am, packaging, certificates of authenticity, etc. etc. etc. and I want to look as professional as possible when I get to this Craft Fair!

After all, there will be ‘real’ artists there and I want to feel confident among them!!

Welcome to the Dark Side…

Wednesday Stamper has challenged us to show our Goth style this week and while, strictly speaking, I’m not very Goth-inclined, I used to sell a lot of Goth jewellery and black candles, etc. at the Sunday market! I do have a curiosity/affinity for the Dark Side and here are a couple of examples of darker stuff I thoroughly enjoy creating!

Here’s the Bug Box I was talking about yesterday – DD hates it!!

It’s a hexagonal box which comes ready to alter and I painted it with lovely Stewart Gill paint, added the architectural stamp, using black Stazon and then painted a purple glittery glaze over that. On the top I stuck down a rubber scarab beetle and some black/grey eyelash fibres, with gel medium.

This domino was stamped and inked then heat set. The skeleton border is from Third Coast RS and I stamped the sides of the dom too! Then I glazed it with gel medium (gloss) and stuck the rubber ant on to look as if he’s climbing over the skellies…

It’s great fun because all the ant’s legs wobble when you pick it up! It’s a bit gross, but I know the boys will love it!!