Trust your Spin Doctor…

For AYITLOAAJ – Musical Musings – 15th June

THE SONG: Right Round Ft. Kesha
Written Lyrics HERE

I like the song but I don’t really like or ‘get’ all the lyrics… However, like many people, all the changes that are happening here in the UK and all the political unrest and the effect it’s having on people close to me, makes my head spin. It’s a very worrying time for everyone I think. This is quite a satirical, sinister page, belied by the bold colours. You can probably feel my unease without me writing reams on here…

Take this any way you like! Thanks for looking!! The image is courtesy of a college prospectus and his hat is a reversed casserole dish, flipped upside down! The circle border is one of my handcarved stamps. 🙂

Really? £20 million…

That’s apparently, approximately what the cost of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding will be. In this day and age, a time of crises and mounting global debt and deficit, that seems not only excessive to me, but rather obscene. So, this is my Journal page for AYITLOAAJ’s April 15th Prompt: Really?

How much?

All the stamps are handcarved. The royal crest is from the envelope the 2011 Census docs came in and the flowers are torn from junk mail too – I liked the colours!! My “spring green” girl has been resized and printed out, so she can comment to her (slightly smaller),  alter ego!

I’m neither a fan nor anti the Royals. The Queen finally became a taxpayer like the rest of us, which made her more “palatable” as far as I’m concerned, but the Monarchy in general… Why? Personally, I find them out of touch and well past their sell-by date! And that’s all I have to say on the matter… (having met a couple of them in my dim and distant past – oh yeah!)

Oh and apart from the prompt – Really?!, there’s a song, some lyrics and we got to use speech bubbles!! There are some cool examples on the blog, so do go check it out!! I too, have been sucked in by the lovely weather we’re having here in the UK this week and now have the sunburnt knees to prove it!! Hence the lack of blog posts! Then again, it’s bound to rain soon, innit?!! 😉

Not Broken… Goo Goo Dolls

This spread is for “A Year in the Life of an Art Journal” (AYITLOAAJ, from now on!) I really missed art journalling and the freedom to just paint this week, so when I played the song on Youtube and it resonated with me, I used it for this spread. It’s also featured on Songs in my Heart, where there’s some amazing art, based on songs and lyrics – go see!

We're not broken, please come home...

Technical stuff – I started with a lemon yellow background (I have a whole tube of that to get rid of, or get over…), a little orange, and then a brayer, some white paint and some reddish round blobs – which became the dolls – and the big yellow bright patch in the centre where my home grew.

The dip pen came out and I even messed up the lyrics! So much for having a good memory… 😉

I used Whispers Brush Markers to colour the hair and eyes and my fave Inktense pencils for shadows and discovered that I could blend them with a waterbrush, even when they’d dried. As I was working through this page on a lap-tray, I had to try and limit what came out of my oversized pencil case, so I chose to work mainly with reds and mauves, the 3 Inktense pencils I currently own, a 9B graphite stick and some Hello Kitty tiny heart stickers for beauty spots! (I blame Barbara for my HK addiction!!)

I have yet to see all the interpretations of this theme, and I’m looking forward to that. My take seems quite literal, but home means different things to different people…