Viva Espanya, viva la Diva!

Gothic Arches host this week is Filetta (Martine), whose style and quirkiness is always appealing. She’s made a beautiful arch and the theme she chose is Spain! I lived and worked in Spain for nearly 10 years, absorbing much of the traditional Spanish culture and also the Catalan culture, both languages, all the food and the lifestyle. We’ve been back in the UK for 8 years now, but I still have wonderful memories of Fiestas, celebrated in the villages we lived in and we joyfully participated – helping build and decorate floats, singing, dancing and enjoying the atmosphere during those special weeks!

So I have used a photograph to illustrate what Spain means to me… as you can see, both the Spanish and the Catalan flags are flying in the main street, the sun is shining and the road is deserted – the morning after the night before!!! Spain, to me will always be about sun, sand, sea, blood (bullfighting), flowers and food, vivid colours, generations of families under one roof and their love of children, the language and all the flavours of fresh produce. I worked in Tourism, agriculture and taught English from home when DD was a baby. They were hard, but happy times. Would I go back? Never, but that’s another story!!!

So, that explains “Viva Espanya” and this is what “Viva la Diva!” is all about: As you may be aware, I am lucky enough to be a member of the Diva Impressions Artstamps Design Team and there’s a message from Beth (our Diva!)… Follow my link to the store and sign up for the newsletter – there’s a 25% discount on Beth’s marvellous stamps for a while. If you join our Yahoo Group, the same discount applies. What are you waiting for? Go look what I get to design with…. some really unusual stamps. Love that rubber!! 😉