Merqueen rising…

For Haiku my Heart Friday, I have created two photos… one from Googled images of a storm amd some rain, and in the second rendition of the same photo, I have included the Merqueen, Moira, who is one of my recent character illustrations!

 It reminded me of the old nursery rhyme, which forms two-thirds of a haiku!

“Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day…

… fervently we pray!!”

Suddenly there’s sun,

– a glimpse of blue in the sky – 

peeking through the grey

The Merqueen, Moira,

rises up through the layers

of purple and green…

It’s really just another “British summer”, is all. Cricket, rain, humidity all go hand in hand! There will be lovely haikus written over at Rebecca’s blog – HERE.

Fingy to the rescue!

Meet Fingy Finnegan, friend to the Little Folk… I drew Fingy a while ago, at the same time as Saffy Valentine and he was languishing in my desk drawer till I was motivated to finish him. Well this morning, someone told us there was a fluffy kitten wandering about, obviously lost, so Fingy flew off to rescue the poor mite. If anyone knows whose kitten this is, we’ll be happy to return it!

Fingy Finnegan finds a kitten...

Created for fun – and Theme Thursday animal!

Kitten – courtesy of Google images.