Embracing the new…

Due to the fact that I have started to concentrate more on digital and photo art more than traditional mediums, I won’t be posting to this blog as much anymore. I have started another wordpress blog calledEmbracing Life Digitally to showcase all my things photographic, digital and haiku – a far cry from where I started out as a blogger in 2006!

I hope you’ll visit me there, but here is where journal pages, rubber stamping and mixed media belong, along with all the altered art that I am best known for! ♥


Regrets? I have a few…

Just messing about with words and numbers really! For Take a Word this week – “Sepia”…

I’ve always thought this woman is pretty eerie! Thanks to Bonnie Zieman for the textures and to Photoshop Warrior for the tutorial which showed me how to create a ‘classic photo effect’!

The images are all from Elizabeth Golden (Last door down the hall) – thank you!

Please note: I shall be drawing the winning name for the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software tomorrow, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning, please go HERE and enter!

Tintagel 2009

I “borrowed” one of Nick’s lanscapes for this week’s Texture Tuesday…

Here are this week’s TT challenge details.

  • the number 2. Put your twist on the number 2, and use at least one layer of any of my textures.
These are two hills that greet you on the way down to the historic village of Tintagel in Cornwall and here’s how I achieved the grungey look with Kim’s newest texture ‘Phoebe’ and one of my faves, ‘the_ladder’:
That doesn’t really show you much, but I used mainly soft light and colour burn for my blending modes… at 100%.
Join us or browse the great entries always to be found at Texture Tuesday! ♥


This is a photo of a friend’s dog who roams the countryside all over the complex where we have fished in the past. She doesn’t normally have much to do with me but I guess back in January this year, we were both so cold, and there was so little happening, she decided to sit on my lap for a while… I give you Mooha:

Thanks to Kim Klassen’s mini e-course, I learnt how to convert photos to black and white, with some soft vintage tints about them…

For Take a Word – “black & white” – this week. See all the contributors HERE.  ♥

Circles and squares…

For the Three Muses “Circles and squares” this week, I had some fun creating a cat and a house. I managed to write out the formula for it too!!!

Of course, it could be house cat, but I thought Cathouse was more fun! It’s amazing where these prompts take us, isn’t it? To see all the creations for this week’s theme, just go HERE.

Background & texture – Shadowhouse Creations on Flickr

Take a Word #51 – Childhood

I developed my love of books and losing myself in other worlds when I was a child. I was one of those kids who’d be sleepy in the morning on the way to school because I’d been reading under the bedclothes by the light of a torch! So when I saw this quote by Marcel Proust, I created the artwork around it!

Thanks to Tangie Baxter for the cat. The vintage image is from my own collection of photos.

For Take a Word this week.  🙂


Haiku my heArt


Oh winter cherry,

plump orange fruits ripening

in time for Christmas.

I like these so much although I don’t manage to keep them for long! It is, of course, an outdoor plant, but I have a bindweed epidemic in my garden and refuse to plant out any more because it just chokes the life out of everything… So, my little winter cherry tree sits on the kitchen windowsill, basking in cool climes and occasional sunshine, and we “talk” every day!

Do you talk to your plants too?

For more participants at Haiku my heArt Friday, head over to Recuerda mi corazon, where Rebecca plays hostess for us every week as we write our haikus. Everybody’s welcome to join in, especially new peeps or haiku fans! 🙂

Image – googled; textures from Kim Klassen.


Be it ever so humble…

For The Three Muses, Home Sweet Home this week…

It took me the best part of today (Tuesday) to create this winter wonderland from scratch! I had to create a new girl, then a penguin, an igloo and a Christmas tree and carefully weave them all together. However, I wanted to start playing with Christmas scenes so I’ll have cards ready this year and it’s great practice!

Thanks to Shadow House Creations & Kim Klassen for some of the textures; the remainder are from my scrapbook papers collection.

See all the other participants here. ♥

Red – TT

I am loving this journey into textures and layers, learning about Photoshop and what you can do with it. Today, at Texture Tuesday, we are to use at least one of Kim Klassen’s textures and the colour red. I watched “Little Red Riding Hood” starring Anna Seyfried earlier this year, so that iconic cape sprang immediately to mind. Hence this picture:

Image courtesy of D&C Films;

I used – “and then some” with soft light at 100%; copied that layer and used multiply at 76% opacity; I removed some texture from her face and the branches; I then used empty page with color burn at 85%. I added the text and used multiply at 39% after adding shadows and bevel & emboss effects.

Thanks to Kim for such luscious textures. See the other participants’ photos here.

Blackbird, crow, rook or raven?

I’ve been altering images for Take a Word’s “Blackbird” this week. I have made two different pieces, but taken liberties with “black bird”…

It’s surprising how much work goes into these digital pieces, really, because there are 2 crows here. I cut one out in order to create a proper shadow!! The font is one I came across at Jerry Jones’s Shadow House Creations – (so cool!! It’s called “Ornatique”) – as is the big tree brush in the background. Many thanks to Jerry for being so generous.

This one is an American Crow. Both images were googled and found to be in the public domain.

Textures from Kim Klassen – a new one for this weekend – “and then some”; and autumn burst. Thank you Kim!