Sepia Suzi!

The Take  a Word theme this week is sepia, or sepia tones. Most people would think old/vintage photos, myself included, but last week, feeling fed up and stressed out with being downstairs and all the artsy stuff (well, most of it really), is upstairs, I just doodled and messed around with watercolours, making backgrounds. This is one of them:

Lots of sepia tones there, but it’s just a background… so I have been playing today, and tried my hand at drawing dreamy dolls’ eyes, in the style of Adriana Almanza. I think the eyelashes are so beautiful on her dolls and I have tried to capture that a little here, with Sepia Suzi!

The base is all watercolour with a little white acrylic swirled into the runs (drips); I used ordinary 2B and 4B pencils for the base drawing, charcoal and Inktense for the shading and Indian ink for the pen/inky bits. The white highlights are all Sharpie Poster paint pen work.

Incidentally, I found Adriana via Jane Davenport’s blog – such a wonderful illustration artist. I signed up for Jane’s Ladybug newsletter while I was there too. She draws the most gorgeous faces – all sorts of faces and I really must practise more! So Sepia Suzi has not one, but two sources of inspiration – cool, huh?!