SaWo this week asked us to show Zentangles or the “Zen of doodling…” I have been doing these since last year and thoroughly enjoy it. I don’t really follow the ‘proper’ zentangles, but I get the monthly newsletter and find the new patterns fun to try. I have doodled aentangles all over this domino – so a mini-zentangle emerged!!





It’s pretty addictive! I look forward to seeing what everyone else has doodled… 🙂

The Great $500 Giveaway!

Read all about it at TenTwo Studios… it is true – Lisa is giving one lucky reader the chance to win $500 worth of goodies from her online store. HERE is all the info…

Sometime between October 2nd and October 30th, make something using products from Ten Two Studios, or instructions from the project archives, books, How-To CDs, or issues of The Monthly Muse.

Take a picture of what you’ve made against a white background, and email it to TenTwoStudios at yahoo dot com, with your full name, the name of the Ten Two Studios product you used, and something that says I have permission to post the photo on this site. (The photo will go into the gallery, and will be credited to you, of course, which is why I need your name.)

So here is my first entry. Using images from the domino Halloween sheet I bought earlier this year, I made a couple of key fobs/bag charms. The ‘lady’ was a gift to a young friend of mine and the ‘gentleman’ is packaged up, ready for the Craft Fair!

I now have a ‘Bike charm’ to make for a lad who’s really into art. He thinks these images are super-cool and who am I to argue? So Trav’s will be going on his bike when I see him on Sunday!!

Isn’t it funny…?

Isn’t it funny how you show somebody something you’ve made/created, etc. and they think you can do anything?!! This happened to me last month – a friend admired some dominos I’d made and I gave them to her as a gift. (Call me impulsive!) So, she’s had MS for years and one of the side effects in her particular case is her complete lack of common sense!! She does silly things because she can’t reason the way she used to and she laughs about it afterwards, when you point out to her what a nana she’s been!

Well, she asked me to make her a domino choker with the legend “Common sense has left the body” on it that she could wear to remind her not to be so daft… The pics above show the finished article. I do hope she likes it because it was so hard to make the wording fit onto 2 small doms, but after a few false starts and lots of frustration on my part, I hit on the idea of using Dymo tape and wrapping it around. This particular tape is so sticky, you’d think it’s some kind of superglue on the back, so I’m fairly confident that it will stand the test of time…(although it may not be Julz-proof!)

I’m totally impressed with the Ranger Sepia Accents which I used to gloss and stick the doms together – it rocks!! Let’s hope she remembers to wear it when she’s out and about – having said that, I do hope she likes it!