Romantic greeting cards…

I was working on some romantic greeting cards yesterday and if I had even glanced at my horoscope before I started out, I would’ve sat and watched TV all day instead! I have some beautiful Fabriano watercolour paper, pre-creased cards – 5″ x 7″ – left over from making handmade art journals, year before last. These feel absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to use them for my contemporary range of greeting cards.

After a long argument with my printer and some choice phrases thrown at Photoshop, this is what emerged… a set of 3 “variations on a theme”.

That’s for those who love denim, or your favourite cowboy/cowgirl! Then, in shades a little warmer… and just because I’m a Joe Cocker fan and that song has been on my mind lately, and because 3 really is a magick number, I created this one too:

And then came along this one:

And, well, this is a way of saying “I miss you…” without saying those words, isn’t it? Or telling a loved one – adult or child alike – that you were thinking of them?

And, ultimately, we must never forget our friends, must we?

See?! I like things in 3s!! I wanted to do some fun and witty cards using some of my vintage pics, but by the time I had finished these and edited them to my satisfaction, I was too frazzled, but I have those in mind, so they’ll be along soon enough!

If you like these cards, I shall be listing them in my Etsy store tomorrow. 😉


Books and busi-ness!

I have been a busy bee lately. Nick and I started packing away things we really aren’t going to need/use or look at whilst we wait for a move… and at the same time, I have been back to AP, where I work during the summer season. At the  moment, because Easter’s so late this year, that’s only really once a week but that has also allowed me to really get stuck into my Etsy store – okay, shop! I listed Lace Face today!!

I am still tryin g to stay on track with the art journalling, although I do get distracted with Penny’s Songs in my Heart blog and other challenges, but I like challenges! It makes my art-brain more active! So, reading Julie FFB’s blog a couple of weeks ago, I saw a tutorial for a leather journal… I have some scraps of leather and as it’s my own journal, I thought it’d be fun to experiment and try it out.

I am also going to change the blog theme (and if WordPress doesn’t stop buggering about, I may move to Blogger… >.<) so expect the unexpected!!

This is what the front cover will look like when I have inserted the signatures… and above is the entire cover. I have used greyboard inside to strengthen the cover. I may paint that later… On the outside, I used a stamped flower and other Cherry Pie images, and some pretty purple yarn with fancy stitches that are on my sewing machine’s programme! See, Linda Matthews has been encouraging us to use the embroidery stitches we have available…

I even had a go at Linda’s Flip-Flap Fabric tutorial for another book cover! I am still in Fabric-love mode at the moment, so… 😉

Take advantage of me, why don’t you?!

I have just put these up for sale in my Etsy shop:

Aren’t they a gorgeous colour? (Click on the pic for full size and bright sunshine!) Now it’s my birthday on Sunday, (March 6th), and I can’t make up my mind what I want… Sound familiar? I bet! It’s been a tricky couple of months – bills, accounts, etc. – and so I have to be frugal. However, I can also be giving too, so take advantage of the fact that I am offering 20% discount across the board in my Etsy shop until Monday March 7th at 1800 hrs (GMT) and the shipping is really affordable, wherever you live! Type in MYBIRTHDAY2011 in the coupon code section when you purchase and Etsy applies the discount! Yay! Simples…

I am also giving away the Double Take fabric postcard and Annie Oakleaf. Just leave a comment and tell your friends too and I’ll draw the winners on Monday evening after the Sale ends.

"Double Take"

 And the wooden plaque: Annie Oakleaf, Drama Queen!

This is an International Giveaway and I so don’t mind where I post to… so come on, help me celebrate my birthday!! 🙂

I plan on increasing the number of items in my shop and will also be running promotions and giveaways throughout the year, so keep your eyes open and come back often!! 😉

More Doings of Snubby…

Before you ask, it’s just an old book and no, I haven’t even read it, but I do go on flights of fancy whilst using text and images from the book in my collages! This one is for Take a Word – “Mail” – this week. The background consists of a page from a book (torn in half), some torn scraps of handwritten notes of mine, a few old postage stamps and a bit of “Snubby”. Oh and some stamped binding fabric/tape, that I’ve been experimenting with!

More doings of Snubby

The backgrounds I create are very random and depend on lots of factors. I don’t worry about them or plan a collage anymore – like Kelly Kilmer says, it’s mainly a matter of practice – and in my case, having lots of “collagey” materials on hand. I can’t not use oil pastels or pencils anymore – it has become second nature to have them always to hand. I sit surrounded by small recycled fruit boxes of my most used art-icles!! And there’s always a waterpot and rags close by too.

I took the plunge and opened my Etsy store this weekend and will list items bit by bit. Do pop by and let me know if you like it? Feedback is always welcome. 🙂