What a weekend!

When my DH travels on Fishing business – Reels on Wheels UK Ltd. – I’m almost always busier than ever and this weekend was no exception as I had to cover for him at Market too on Sunday! I’m tired out, quite frankly! We also had a mad day yesterday after our morning at the Scrapstore in Holsworthy. DD comes with me since she’s being homeschooled and has been invaluable at sorting sequins into packs for sale, separating fabric shapes for bagging and helping us generally.

We helped Nick unload the Buddy Bus after lunch and then went out into the garden, taking advantage of the wonderful weather yesterday. Nick strimmed (on crutches!), DD mowed and I pruned and planted out the ‘chitted’ potatoes into the compost so they’ll be ready to eat through the autumn! We had fun with the dogs too and I’ve made a slideshow so you can see what a mad bunch we are!

We were joined by friends from the next village up who came to collect something and ended up staying for supper and some extremely lively rounds of Charades. We laughed (if it’s possible) too much, so much so that our bellies ached last night. What a great memory we all have to share…

This morning we had the Home-based Education Advisor round for our initial chat – interesting and encouraging. I like Devon County Council’s approach, shame there’s so little funding available – that’s the downside in rural counties, we’re cash-poor. Ah well, you can’t have everything, can you?

Maybe this evening I’ll get to continue creating the Victorian Saga I started last week when Ria’s stamps arrived… keep popping back to see what happens! And thank you to people who worry when I don’t post, it’s lovely that you care – particularly Barbara who apologised for asking if everything’s okay! Bless you! If that’s not real life, then I don’t know what is! ((((hugs))))