Romantic greeting cards…

I was working on some romantic greeting cards yesterday and if I had even glanced at my horoscope before I started out, I would’ve sat and watched TV all day instead! I have some beautiful Fabriano watercolour paper, pre-creased cards – 5″ x 7″ – left over from making handmade art journals, year before last. These feel absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to use them for my contemporary range of greeting cards.

After a long argument with my printer and some choice phrases thrown at Photoshop, this is what emerged… a set of 3 “variations on a theme”.

That’s for those who love denim, or your favourite cowboy/cowgirl! Then, in shades a little warmer… and just because I’m a Joe Cocker fan and that song has been on my mind lately, and because 3 really is a magick number, I created this one too:

And then came along this one:

And, well, this is a way of saying “I miss you…” without saying those words, isn’t it? Or telling a loved one – adult or child alike – that you were thinking of them?

And, ultimately, we must never forget our friends, must we?

See?! I like things in 3s!! I wanted to do some fun and witty cards using some of my vintage pics, but by the time I had finished these and edited them to my satisfaction, I was too frazzled, but I have those in mind, so they’ll be along soon enough!

If you like these cards, I shall be listing them in my Etsy store tomorrow. 😉