Embracing the new…

Due to the fact that I have started to concentrate more on digital and photo art more than traditional mediums, I won’t be posting to this blog as much anymore. I have started another wordpress blog calledEmbracing Life Digitally to showcase all my things photographic, digital and haiku – a far cry from where I started out as a blogger in 2006!

I hope you’ll visit me there, but here is where journal pages, rubber stamping and mixed media belong, along with all the altered art that I am best known for! ♥

Stormy weather…

I was thinking about what a week of pretty foul weather we’ve had here in the West Country this past week… Admittedly, we haven’t had snow per se, although there was a light snow shower on Tuesday night in Milton Damerel, just enough to coat the cars’ windscreens, but it has been epically windy – even for here – and a constant battering on the psyche wears you down eventually.

We have two old-ish dogs – a Yorkie and a German Shepherd – both of which have appeared on my blog in photos and layouts, and on Wednesday night at around 11pm, there was the most horrendous thunderclap, which literally shook the house. It felt like an explosion had happened nearby. I have no objection to a Yorkie landing in my lap, quivering with terror, but fighting off a 40- kg. (85lbs. approx.) male dog, in a similar condition, is no joke! (It’s a funny visual though…)

Luckily, there were only 4 more thunderclaps and then just the persistent howling of the wind down the chimney, plus rain and the occasional hail shower, for the rest of that night…

Ergo, my haiku this week is dedicated to the tenacity of weather fronts in general!

The mighty wind roars –

thunderclaps, Nature’s applause – 

power clearly shown…

I got the lovely image HERE.

For more haiku, go to Recuerda mi corazon, hosted by the lovely Rebecca.


Fun with fungi…

Magickal mushrooms;

fascinatingly freaky,

elegant brown caps…

Community of fungi,

nestled in the grass –

hidden in plain sight!

Photo taken with my Samsung Monte mobile phone… and then altered in Photoshop CS2, using blending modes and textures from Nancy Donaldson. Many thanks!

Join in the fun and read some great haikus, in fine company at Haiku my Heart Friday, hosted by the wonderful Rebecca of Recuerda mi Corazon.

Gratitude haiku

This is one of the lessons from Kim Klassen’s Skinny Mini e-course – texturising an image she supplied, which I really like…

Daisies in a jar –

three is a magick number;

Faces seek the light…

For Rebecca at Haiku my Heart Friday, where like-minded souls join together every week, to create with words and photos, and haiku! 🙂 ♥


Dull grey, boring day

Taints the daytime with its tone

Maybe it will rain?


Some brighter patches

Fleeting glimpses of sunshine

Then more cloudy grey…


For Haiku my heart with Rebecca at Recuerda mi corazon. This photo, courtesy of  Edinburgh/Leith Daily Photo Blog, found on Google images.

Just about echoes my mood for now! 😦


For more of Lesson 4 in Raw Art Journalling, I chose to write and frame a haiku. The words represent my feelings very succinctly – I surprised myself with this one! And the doodling is fun because it makes me practise something I am not good at!!

For the Three MusesAutumn – this week. 🙂

NB: I had decided previously that I wasn’t going to make haiku art as I already Haiku my Heart (almost) every Friday, but the words came, so I went with the flow… The other words for the one-word journalling were far “artier”, but I think they are equally valid and “of the moment”!

This is the first time I have taken a workshop and been unconcerned about keeping up, having a deadline or making “art”… With Quinn’s class, I am starting to understand that it’s more about “making meaning” – and what that signifies. I think I am growing. Cool, huh?! 😉

Gabbo – the inner critic!

When filled with self-doubt

Emotions make me waver.

Inner-critic – OUT!

See his tongue, hear him…

Pay no heed to what he says – 

Or you’ll create nowt.

Fold up his red tongue

Feel my muse come out to play

Safe from Gabbo’s** bile!

Gabbo is a stuffie I sewed to represent my inner critic, or gremlin, that stops me from just creating because I can! The Haiku is much more light-hearted this week for Rebecca’s wonderful group – Haiku my Heart Friday.

**Gabbo means “to scoff or joke” and is actually a boy’s name! No new or shop-bought items were harmed in the creation of Gabbo – he’s 99% recycled. I did buy the thread to stitch him up with!

Glorious Mary-Jess!

I know she’s a global phenomenon and China are very proud of her – I mean how many foreigners would be capable of winning the Chinese X-Factor? Here’s a quick clip to accompany my haiku for Haiku my Heart Friday…

Mary-Jess, voice like

a choir of angels singing

really “glorious”…

Please don’t laugh, but it makes me cry (or very nearly), when I hear her sing this wonderful song! Here’s another clip with a little more info., from Decca Records!

Merqueen rising…

For Haiku my Heart Friday, I have created two photos… one from Googled images of a storm amd some rain, and in the second rendition of the same photo, I have included the Merqueen, Moira, who is one of my recent character illustrations!

 It reminded me of the old nursery rhyme, which forms two-thirds of a haiku!

“Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day…

… fervently we pray!!”

Suddenly there’s sun,

– a glimpse of blue in the sky – 

peeking through the grey

The Merqueen, Moira,

rises up through the layers

of purple and green…

It’s really just another “British summer”, is all. Cricket, rain, humidity all go hand in hand! There will be lovely haikus written over at Rebecca’s blog – HERE.