For Haiku my Heart Friday with Rebecca & Co.

Pretty white daisy

petals spread to catch the sun

Quality in strength

The original photo of the daisy is courtesy of Kim Klassen – Skinny mini E-course. The words are mine. I am late, but still present! 😉


She watches the clock

Minutes pass by so slowly

At the end of time…

Floating in the depths

Swimming with the sea creatures

Passing endless Time…


Watching the hands move

Slowly across the clock face

She reminisces…

For Haiku my Heart Friday HERE, where other like-minded souls meet to make images and words form haikus… Mine this week are inspired by the restlessness I feel after my accident. I do not do “still” and “rest” and “feet up” very well at all, I’m afraid! Reminds me of the old saying:

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. ‘Tis seldom in a woman and never in a man!”  

With Nick away and DD at work, I am “flying solo” for much of the weekend. Wish me luck and patience!!!! 😉

Wednesday Stamper closes its doors…

I think this is so sad as I’ve been a participant on and off for the last 3 years or so. But, everything comes to an end and new challenge blogs emerge and life goes on as people get busier, etc. In honour of their closure, I wrote haikus and created this page:

“We flocked to their blog

and we created with joy:

every week was new.

Their challenge awoke

sparks of creativity

In all who took part… “

So farewell to WS and I wish you all joy and peace and creativity…

I am adding this to Theme Thursday’s “Wings” theme, which inspired the page originally! The stamps are a combination of handcarved and commercial. 🙂

Haiku my Heart Friday

HMH is one year old today, so that’s pretty special. The Euromillions jackpot is £105 MILLION – utter madness, but also special in its own right! What would you do if you won even a portion of that money? I have no idea, lots of ideas, both, neither… but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

So happy anniversary to my fellow-haiku-ers at Recuerda mi corazon.

“Gently rolling hills

Sandy beaches, deep blue sea

– Paradise to me…”

An island holiday would be a great option I feel, followed by lots of spending and then sensible investments. See you all tomorrow, maybe? 😉

Haiku my heart…

DD and I took a Road Trip yesterday, a la “Thelma & Louise”, as it turned out. We went to Newquay Zoo together, as Nick had left for Wales and the 4th annual Reels on Wheels Fishing Festival in Newport. As we have dogs a cat and a parrot, it isn’t always possible to all go together… so we made our own fun!

We had a couple of hours at the small, and beautifully kept, Newquay Zoo, went back to the car and phoned a friend who moved house last year, and whom we haven’t seen for ages. She only lived another 15 miles on from the zoo, so we thought, “Why not? We’ll go have lunch with them, as they’re at work…”

Redruth is a charming little town, nestled in the hills of mid-Cornwall. It’s neat, clean and pretty in a Victorian-architectural way… and my friend and her partner have bought a little gift shop in the middle of the main street, selling Celtic gifts, ethnic gifts and lovely (affordable) silver jewellery, made locally. They’ll also be selling my wearable art pins and pendants from next week!!

So, having started on the Haiku-my-heart-Fridays  journey last week, I wrote this one in preparation for this Friday (although I was too tired to put a post together yesterday!) and popped it into my “go-to” art journal:

If you can’t read my scrawl, it says:

So, haiku my heart

Beating its wings in my chest

The dove of my soul…

By the time we’d spent a happy lunch hour with our friends and returned home, we’d managed to travel 130 miles. This is the photo to accompany my Haiku…

My child and me… she’s the “dove of my soul” and thank everything that she’s growing up fierce. xoxo

I look forward to seeing everyone else’s haikus now as I head over to Rebecca’s blog – she’s our lovely hostess! 🙂