A little something inspired by Created by Hand this week. I receive the Quietfire Design newsletter – I love the calligraphy stamps and some of the lovely products too! The red+blue struck a chord with me because I use the colour purple quite a lot.

This is the first art journal (book), I ever made thanks to Julie Prichard!! The only thing wrong with it is the Khadi papers. Great texture, too absorbent for me though, but the edges are cool! I use red and blue a lot in this little journal!

The image is a transfer from a Boots the chemist free magazine. The woman was on one of the “agony aunt” pages, with the lead title of “We talked it out…”, etc. She’s a clean image so I decided to use her for a quickie transfer. I’m taking Quinn’s Workshop – Raw Art Journalling – and I have given myself permission to make RAW art – imperfect art, because I can get very hung up on perfection… No, really, really control-freakishly annoying to myself!!

You see how there are a few spots where I rubbed too much of the image away? Not perfect… I can live with that, because it sort of goes with how “smug” I find articles like that! The speech bubble says: “We talked it all out… we felt a lot better although nothing changed.”

I also enjoy writing around an image, just for fun, to see how the words flow, or not! I drew the little flowers with red and blue Inktense pencils and blended them with a waterbrush.  I also bought a very cheap pack of pens recently -2 black and 1 red – simple gel pens, for 99p, and surprisingly, they’ll write/sketch/doodle on almost any surface! They probably won’t last long because they are so handy!!!

Just one little tip for people who struggle to get rid of the white “fuzzies” of paper left over when you have rubbed to the image on your transfer: Using your finger, apply a very small amount of mineral, vegetable or baby oil to the image transfer and watch the image shine out. It’s “magic” and I must give credit to Bev Wauer and Lesley Riley of the Inkjet Transfers Yahoo Group. I’ve been a member for about 4 years and they are so helpful and friendly! 🙂

1001 Nights!

Bedtime Stories is this week’s theme at Mixed Media Monday, and the wonderful quilter Beth, has created the most gorgeous example to inspire us – “Babes in the Woods”.

I have been practising image transfers in my altered art journal and had chosen a pic from an article about the Mayans, where a man is laying down and a lady is tending him. It reminded me of 1001 Arabian Nights’ Tales – Scheherazade… and when I was little, it was my favourite book. My Mum used to read me the stories every night at bedtime – Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves, etc. I’d be hard pushed to name them now, but I did know them off by heart!!

Anyways, here’s how the page ended up!

Knowing how much I love to recycle, it’ll come as no surprise to you that I’ve become a contributor over at Going Green Crafters and Artists blog, where I posted the scrap fabric bookmarks I’ve been making as small gifts for Christmas…

And, I’ve got all my “Darker” altered cutlery, soldered pendants and Day of the Dead jewellery in my friend’s new ‘unit’ in The Strand Shopping Gallery in Bude! Yay! Lyn Soutar’s a very talented beader and jewellery designer. She makes OOAK lampwork beads and pendants and has sold her designs in Canada and the US too! I love what she does and we’re complete opposites: Lyn = perfectionist, neat and tidy… Rosie = messy, grunge-monkey and well outside the box!! Could be why we get on so well!

Remember these?!! Yeah, baby!!

Practice makes…

Me better than I was before!!! I love image transfers, I really do. I am not brilliant at them – yet, but I keep doing them because I get such a kick out of them. My friend Jan came to visit last year while she was holidaying near-ish to us. She brought me some weird and wonderful things like a painted egg, some basketware, wooden leaf shapes… the list goes on. My creative mates do that you know, they send me anything they bought and haven’t used because they really don’t remember why they got it in the first place and can’t think what to do with it!!

Anyway, in the hope of finding somewhere new to live (soon?), I am constantly sorting through my stash, reorganising and decluttering. I came across two clay tiles Jan gave me last year and this is how they turned out: The first one is like a “rhapsody in blue” – French text, blue images from Ten Two Studios Little Blue Things for Make It Mondays ‘Travel’ theme.


And the back…


Now this second one also uses images from the Little Things collage sheets – Children and Men! I love the look of shock/horror on this little girl’s face so I gave her wings – as if she’s suddenly realised she’s an angel? I know, wicked, aren’t I? She’s for Mixed Media Monday – again the background is French text (also available from Ten Two Studios)…


And the gent on the back with his flowers and pink fish is totally irresistible!! My DH has just such a sense of humour… and he’s an angler to boot!!


So having put matching wire loops on these two, I shall now have some very interesting  jewellery to wear to the Art Exhibition at the weekend!! 😉

Crows are my favourite bird (today!)

Well to be quite honest, when you live with a parrot that talks non-stop and then tells herself to shut up, wouldn’t a silent crow be your favourite bird?! Gizmo is a lot of fun until your favourite programme comes on TV and you just want to indulge in a bit of escapism and she starts… even when she is covered, she still calls, very plaintively, “Hello?”

This one’s for B, who left me comment on ‘It’s a loooong post’ saying that it never occurred to her to do an image transfer on a domino and it’s the theme at Created by Hand too:

I can assure you he doesn’t look half as shabby in RL! Another one of Lisa Vollrath’s domino images and some Liquitex gel medium, the patience to burnish thoroughly and leave it to dry, made this my most successful transfer so far. I simply added a coat of clear nail varnish to him and left him overnight. It looks great. I may have to drill a hole and wear him as a pendant! I also would like to carve a ‘barbed wire’ stamp to add to the bottom – I’ve been doing quite a bit of tattoo image artwork with Nick lately and I do like barbed wire… *grins*