Amazing giveaway…

You have to check it out if you love handcrafted jewellery/wearable art. Linda B has an irresistible cuff up for grabs – and I have both hands outstretched, ready to receive it!! Go see why I am so excited! HERE…

Inspirational people

This week’s theme at The Three Muses is to use people who inspire you in your artwork… and I couldn’t think of a more fitting subject:


The main man in these pics is my DH, my best friend and soulmate. You don’t have to tell me how lucky we are to have found each other – I already know! It’s hard work keeping up with him sometimes, but I do my best. After 20+ years together, we still giggle like schoolkids and get told to go to sleep by DD.

If money is how you measure success, we are spectacularly unsuccessful, but if your only troubles in life are cashflow-related, then we are incredibly successful! So, hunni, I find YOU inspirational! xoxoxo

PS – If you want to know why, see my “About” page, or click HERE.

You make my day award!!

Now this is so sweet! Donna – from Crafty Krafts, Auntys Forum and Tilda & Co., has sent me an award! Thanks hunni – happy to be of service! Supposedly I have to nominate up to 10 other people to send this to… am still thinking on that one, as there are so many lovely bloggers out there who make my day each time they leave me a comment, or inspire me with their work.

Maybe I’ll just award it to all the arty and crafty bloggers who share their work and help make the blogosphere a lovely place to surf! 😀


Thanks Donna! 😉