From boy to man…

I’ve been trying to get things sorted and done, put away, etc. at home but I’m not really feeling it at the moment. Life is complicated, uncertain, mixed up and downright messy, isn’t it? So today, I have distracted myself with a bit of digital play (for Theme Thursday’s “men/masculine” challenge) using some original vintage photos/photo postcards from my collection.

Coffin and Beardsley are the gentlemen in the foreground – turn of the century, Edwardian Music Hall actors. The boy is a very soft and blurry vintage photo, and the crack is one of those new brushes – cool, huh?!!

I told my BBF Barbara that I am knitting a bag – in an effort to sit still and keep the bad foot elevated! – and that it’s cable (I like patterns and a challenge!)…

I don’t have anything remotely resembling the top, fluffy bit, so I guess I shall be improvising!! At the moment I am over halfway up the first side and I’ll post pics when it’s finished. I sent my friend Debs, who recently acquired a gift shop in Redruth, near Truro, a big box of handmade pendants, pins, cards etc. and she’s sold several domino pendants, an art pin and a couple of cards, so I had to pack another box up for her today! Nice!

And here’s a quick pic of a reworked watercolour sketch I did the other day in the garden, thanks to Jane Davenport!

Although she’s unfinished, I feel a lot happier with her now than I did before!


I’ve always tried to make this blog mainly about my artwork – what I show, what I’m working on, experiments, etc. – and to leave my ‘other’ life out of the mix. Lately, however, there’s been so much going on in my ‘other’ life, that it has almost completely swamped me. I haven’t as much time for frivolity, fun and the outpouring of my art soul as I used to have and I feel like I’m walking a marathon through sticky toffee…

This is what occupies me evenings, as I sit watching TV…

The tank...

Before you get any ideas and start envying me, I haven’t left my DH or my senses, (sadly!!), no! I am knitting Nick a “tank” or sleeveless jumper. It’s a lightweight aran wool, in oatmeal with nice dark flecks – sort of the opposite colourway to the model – and I am knitting 158 stitches on 4mm bamboo needles. I am not the world’s speediest knitter either – my Mum was amazing and that skill is obviously just not genetic!

Anyway, I am so happy to be nearly at the top of the armholes and tonight I shall be casting off the back and casting on the front – in theory at least! I had hoped to complete my Whimsy spread in the altered board book for Tam this afternoon, but I am simply not in the mood – my mojo said it’ll be back again tomorrow.

I had my little Micra-beast MOT’d and serviced this week and discovered how fabulous my own artwork looks printed out to A3 size… and as postcards! I found a fan in my new best friend Nathan, of Premier Digital Print (Holsworthy Industrial Estate). Look what the lad did for me:

Darkside - my personal favourite!

And this one I gave as a present to my fave mechanic, Steve – he loves it!!

Club 1830 Print!

This “beauty” is hanging in my hallway at home…

"be beautiful"

I want to get “be beautiful” printed out in different colours and I am keeping my fingers crossed, that Ian will be able to print me a T-shirt to wear at the Holsworthy Craft Fair next weekend, where I’m volunteering all day! 

Forrest of my imagination

Nathan has told me to pick my 12 favourite pieces of artwork from this year so we can print a calendar in 2 sizes – A4 (8.5″ x 11″) and A3 (twice that size!), so I shall have to choose wisely! It’s so exciting to find someone who “gets” me as much you guys do!

(Said tongue-in-cheek), I have undertaken to write a monthly column for a Carp Fishing magazine from a female angler’s perspective… aswell as building my own artist’s website where I can sell my art independently, take commissions, collaborate with other artists, write, video and post tutorials, etc. It’s going to be great when I finish, but I shall still blog here – you don’t get rid of me that easily!!!!

Mwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa….. 🙂