Musical Musings May 30th

Thanks so much to GLENDA for hosting this prompt!
The Prompt: Faith
The Song: Heaven help me by Gretchen Wilson
Product/Technique: Wings
I have rambled a bit and was trying a new technique to create this page – journalling in the journalled word… if that makes sense? It’s a “summer camp” thing! I’m trying to describe how I feel about Faith
I must explain that this is a handmade watercolour papers, art journal. I made the journal on the Supernova AJ Class with Julie Prichard in 2009. It has pages bound to tapes which are stitched into a fabric cover… I know, right? It is a really lovely AJ. However, I don’t like the papers much although they take media very well. They’re just hard to collage onto and write on.
When I took Kelly Kilmer’s Memories and Reflections class, a lot of emphasis was on page layout and composition for collage. I used Kelly’s templates with paint in this journal, instead of paper. The paints are a little bright/loud but the concept is good… So I have 5 or 6 layouts painted up in the journal, onto which I can collage, doodle, journal, etc.
The text-tape is something I picked up from Julie FFB recently!! Very quick and very cool – oh and really cheap! 😉

Chain Reaction…

is the song title I chose to depict for Sunday Postcard Art’s challenge this week. I like the catchy beat and lyrics and I liked bending and blending the lines of colour…

Chain Reaction...

Diana Ross has never been someone I am comfortable watching, but I do like her voice. Who makes you uncomfortable? 😉

Another shade of green.

I didn’t blog much last week: Too busy with destashing and sorting. I didn’t even get messy till today, and I missed it so much… This is a watercolour background that I didn’t like and had no idea what to do with. So I got out my fluid acrylic green paint, sprinkled some drops and squishes over it and went at it with my favourite MMT (mixed media tool): The Brayer.

Now I had a mucky, pretty green background to create with. I started clearing up my workspace and moving containers around and I started to spot green stuff – ribbons, fibres, a little scrap of fabric, some viney ribbon from Patty; some great drawings from a book of Churches that I bought because the drawings are so cool and the paper feels good (if you know what I mean?).

So I used gel medium to stick my collage elements down this time. I don’t always because it can make writing or colouring on them tricky sometimes, but I wanted to retain the detail in these drawings, so a little gel medium over the top was in order. I had the urge to stitch the textile elements to the page instead of sticking them down, so I got the sewing machine out. Here’s the page in its raw form…

Although I liked it, I wanted to add depth and shading, but I didn’t want to spoil this page or work directly onto it, so I compromised by copying it. Even though this is a colour copy, I was surprised initially by how ‘flat’ it looked. Here’s what a little pencil and pen added to it looks like…

Enhancing the copy!

So this is for Take a Word (Green) and I find it awesome that the curved arch means I can also submit it to Tammy’s NoFrills #16 – Curve. I shall go back and play some more with curves I expect, although this started with thinking about the distance between two points. It made sense at the time – what can I say?! 😉


Exactly. What shall I call this post? Or now, it has become, “I shall call this post What?” I have hamsters living in my head this week, really, I do! I am doing (or trying to do), so many different things all converging together, that I might just be losing the plot(s)…

I love spreading colour around on paper. I love overstamping that color and/or doodling on it. I love using the white pen to make highlights… I love creating a character and now that I am sketching aswell, I am drawing characters too! I know, right? Can you believe it? Me, drawing a Zetti-person (I say person, because I can’t decide if he/she is a boy or a girl…) – just sayin’!


So, whilst I was waiting in the Test Centre for Nick today, I drew this Zetti, now known as What?  It’s rather amazing to me and I also wrote alongside it, “It’s very surprising what you can draw when you give your imagination free rein + forget the rules…” You see, I sort of get the zetti, but I never fully embraced it before. Now I think I do get it, if only for this one single character, What?

This month’s theme for Sketchbook Challenge is “Highly Prized”. I can now address this issue because this spread represents all the arty things that I cherish:

I cherish all the wonderful people who have influenced and inspired me, read my blog and encouraged my artistic endeavours. I prize very highly all that I have learnt and continue to learn because I am an art blogger. You are all very special to me and when people ask me who my friends are, I think first of those of you who daily enrich my life – fellow-bloggers and artists – we have so much in common and aspire to inspire and nurture. That’s why I continue to blog and comment and join in with challenges, swaps, groups, etc. And that’s what I prize, very highly… that part of my life that is just for me! 😉

This entry is for Wednesday Stamper’s Dream Big; Take a Word’s Zetti; MaVinci’s Reliquary (latin text stamp).

Long, Tall, Skinny work…

That title describes my favourite journal to work in – which I learned to make in 2009 on JP’s Art Journal Supernova course. I can’t believe I have very nearly filled the book and will soon have to make another one! I think one of the seductive things about it is that all the pages are made from A4 sized cardstock, so I tend to think “A4” when I start to collage/paint a page. That gets me into a “framework” mode…

Anyways, I sat creating this spread on Friday, which was such a release as I have been knitting in my free time and sorting out images for the calendar too. Who knew that that would take up so much time – getting the right images for each month, etc.?

Angel, birds and flow...

I was playing with a few new things that I had ordered from Jacksons – namely some watersoluble pencils – in grey, indian ink and sepia tones – and a couple of new Neocolours to use in the Willowing coursework. I also tried mixing acrylics, watercolours and pencils, charcoal and pens – being very experimental.

I drew/painted on the round roses, the fat birdie and the angel; I used my own birdie stamp and the latin text from MaVinci, plus a small dragonfly stamp from Personal Impressions. The musical notes appeared because I have been trying to teach Nick’s parrot Gizmo  a Christmas Carol. She does a fair amount of random “singing” anyway, so I thought the “falalalala…lalalala” from Deck the Halls would be simple enough – considering she can sing “Food, glorious food!” from Oliver… She normally picks a new ‘thing’ up within a week or 10 days, depending on how interesting she finds it. Earlier this year I taught her to say “Yeah, baby!”, which she loves and she learnt that one within a few days, so…

***How odd: WordPress won’t let me “live-link” at the moment, so I can’t do much about that, sorry! I have been painting an angel today, as the final part of Tam’s free course which has ended now. It’s sad, but what a fabulous amount of people joined in and how we have all grown by doing this. The course isn’t closing, so if you’d like to try it yourself, then click on the badge in my lefthand side-bar to go see what it’s all about and watch the videos.

**I loved that song – Aliens want your underpants, or something like that… It made me giggle the way Tam set it to music and sings it while she’s painting!! What a lovely person she is! 🙂

Something blue and ravens…

I created a couple of ATCs earlier this afternoon with the above themes in mind. I was altering a summer smock top, also blue, and decided to “make hay while the sun shines”… Mixed Media Monday’s  Diane has finished the wedding sayings with “Something blue…” and TMTA have chosen “the Raven” for their ATC subject this week, so  here they are:

Leo's "blue" ladies

On a handpainted blue-toned background, stamped onto thick clear plastic, stitched onto the card and trimmed.

The singing raven...

Scraps stitched onto the same background as before and the raven stamped onto recycled sheet music paper.


A very welcome day of rest today. I am making the most of it as I usually work on Sunday afternoon/evening, so today is a treat to be enjoyed! The weather is lovely here too and the garden beckons, although my back is still protesting from last week’s excesses.

Sunday Postcard Art today is all about Spring(time) and it is my favourite season. Generally the weather is kinder, not too hot, buds and shoots, birds, flowers and babies abound (and I hope my old cat falls off the shed where he’s watching nests in nearby trees…)

Here’s my entry – “Love is…”, made from scraps of odd fabric stitched together and a lovely fabric transfer from my blogging buddy Annette in Oz. I have stamped a flower on it and “make every day one to remember” along the bottom. I’ve stamped and heat set the fabric and the clear plastic – yes, it didn’t melt, and you don’t find these things out unless you point the heat gun  at them, do you? *giggles*

If you click on the image you can see it in more detail. I think I am trying to see if you can achieve, by layering fabric and paper, a similar depth to a collage that is painted. I so enjoyed learning about layering paint, adding and taking away, covering elements and leaving others visible, that I find myself pushing the envelope with these fabric collages too.

Right, I am off to shower, have breakfast, do a little gardening and see about recycling/refashioning some clothes to increase my wardrobe for the summer ahead! Here’s the wrist cuff I have been labouring over – I think it’s finished, what do you think? 😉

Alice and the Tweedles…

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at the PC this week – updating a client’s site amongst other things, and am still dealing with gallery submissions and making sure I have lots of photos of pieces I submit, in case they fly off the shelf!!

Anyhow, I love Alice in Wonderland: Wednesday Stamper’s challenge this week – It’s a tale that has fascinated me since I was little – weird and whimsical, dark and brooding, full of very English eccentric characters and attitudes… Although I have shown this giant altered jigsaw piece before, this is what it looks like mounted and ready to hang:

Alice & the Tweedles!

Neat, huh? The stamp (for Wednesday Stamper), is one of my handcarved border stamps and the image is by Ten Two Studios, hand tinted by me!

In the meantime, I also had to write my own short bio for a new Reels on Wheels site – “Behind The Scenes”. To be honest, it’s a brilliant site, with lots of photos that have never made it onto the blog(s), or other sites and you can read all about the Committee members and Patrons, who help make ROW what it is. For the curious, if you click on Committee, you’ll see me there and you can have a giggle at ‘fishing pics’ of yours truly!

Note: If you’d like to see more of my gallery work, just click on my Flickr link in the sidebar!

Papering over the cracks…

Architecture is the theme at The Three Muses today, as suggested by my BGF Gayle Page-Robak. I have been so busy finishing projects for the Gallery, starting new ones and working, that I had lots of fun with this double spread in my Long Tall Skinny Journal.

The images are from old books – one about churches and another about everyday life in Rome… I ended up using a lot more layers of paint and gesso than I expected to, and I won’t tell you what I wrote, because one should never tell anyone else what to think or see.

Papering over the cracks...

Stamps are from Tandastamps (crackle) and MaVinci’s Reliquary. The flower/flourish is a miscellaneous foam stamp I acquired along the way…! Oh and the word ‘day’ is a Papermania foam stamp. The rounds are from DCS.

Quips and quotes…

My blogging pal Carol makes beautiful art. She uses wonderful quote stamps and I have always suffered from Carol-quote-envy!! (But she knows, so it’s fine!). I did manage to find a whole sheet of art quotes at MaVinci’s Reliquary ages ago. I love them to bits and have used a few here on this page for The Three Muses “Quips & Quotes” challenge this week.

I used a layered transfer technique as the main focus for this page. I’ve been watching random Milliande Art Journalling videos and was quite fascinated with this one, so I tried it out here… Now, being the heavy-handed klutz that I am, I ruined a couple of them – rubbed too hard – but, as it’s a layered technique, it didn’t really matter that much. But this cartoony couple remained, mostly intact and I was able to paint on, over and around them, etc.

The stamps which are not sayings, are my handcarved ones and I seem to be playing with lots of different colours at the moment. The actual quotes read: “Well done is better than well said”;  Without art, we are but monkeys with car keys. (no idea where that one’s from, but I love it!) and barely visible, “Art is not a thing, it is a way.” (Elbert Hubbard). My favourite place for quotes by Einstein, etc. is