This is my entry to Mixed Media Monday’s monthly challenge… A tiny altered canvas/shrine:


The canvas measures 7cm x 7cm – just under 3″ square!

I love texture… don’t you? I painted the canvas and then glued torn pieces of napkins to the edges. I’m too impatient to wait for that to dry so I started gathering “stuff” to fill the void meantime…

Not sure if you can see it, but there’s lace behind the image and more metal flowers under all those beads! The torso on the left hand side is a clay piece that I made a couple of years ago when I was experimenting with air-dried clay and rubber stamps/making beads, etc.

The image is a bottlecap “Round” from Ten Two Studios, on top of which I have stuck a glass pebble. There are buttons, a mini peg and a link from an old watch strap around the frame, and a grungey flower with a pearl centre. The whole thing was sponged gently with black and copper acrylic paint to give an aged and “mucky” effect, whilst still allowing the colour to show through! The easel was also painted to show the shrine to advantage.

I enjoyed making this and have another 7 mini-canvasses left. There might be a series coming – who knows?! 😉


Widen my vision…

What a strange phrase. Or is it? Sometimes I think we can all be incredibly short-sighted/narrow-minded, don’t you? People round here think we’re strange and exotic because we are multi-lingual and multi-cultural. Yes, we’ve lived and worked abroad, and if it weren’t for Nick’s health issues, we’d be off on more adventures again when DD has finished her GCSEs…

As it is, we’ll probably move again next year – where exactly is undecided as yet – exciting, isn’t it? Apart from the packing, etc. I enjoy moving. I like getting to know a new area, looking for new opportunities to get more out of life. I admit that I can’t comprehend living all your life in the same village and never venturing beyond your own borders… makes me shudder, I’m afraid!!

"Widen my vision."

Created for Mixed Media Monday Art” theme this week – open theme for all of us!

I used Stewart Gill orange paint and blue acrylic over a coat of pale peach emulsion (which dried quicker than my gesso – even with a heat gun!), in my altered book. I added the the collage elements and then used a 9B graphite stick to outline the text and smudged it around liberally. Lastly came the purple through punchinella and the MaVinci latin text stamp. All the other stamps are by Ria Vaneman. All the paint was applied with a palette knife and a sponge!

“I have been wanting to…”

That’s the brief for Mixed Media Monday this week… and I have been wanting to finish off this piece, and more importantly, paint an abstract, for ages. As it incorporates both red and blue, I shall also make it my Sunday Stampers entry, though this time, Hels says we don’t actually need to incorporate any stamping – she didn’t!!

I started this wooden panel last summer and lost my way with it. Not sure I found it again, to be honest! I don’t know whether I like this, whether it’s done or how I actually feel about it… One thing’s for sure: It’s a vast improvement on the fairly bland/blank panel it was earlier. There was a little bit of collage on a dull green background, so this is far more colourful.

The texture was there before… but you can never have enough texture, right?

No message, just the Birdie!

Favourite things!

Hels at Sunday Stampers has asked that we combine our favourite things to use in our artwork and I love paint and my own handcarved stamps, so I created some bright, scraped backgrounds and made these ATCs for the challenge. As the colours I have used are warm, this is also my entry for Mixed Media Monday, as Diane has asked us to “warm it up” this week!!

Birdie twins...

Emerson said...

And the image is from Diva Impressions, stamped on tissue paper.

Cooling it down…

… for Diane over at Mixed Media Monday, this week. I enjoyed the red challenge so much last week, I went straight back to my LTS journal and slapped the paint about again! I wanted birdies too, so I cut a couple of very basic stencils and included them on the pages. My DD objected to the use of pink (magenta, actually!) with the purples and blues. I am a creature of habit though, and tried to explain to her that I like contrast and bold… but she was having none of it! There were references to ‘Ken’ and ‘Barbie’ in there somewhere – not sure I follow that though!

Purple Rennie birds???

This isn’t finished yet, but because I think it would translate well to fabric, I am going to try and put it on Spoonflower and see what a swatch looks like… and then I may add sentiments to the spread. I am not sure yet, though. What do you think?

“Seeing red…”

Mixed Media Monday (theme chosen by Beth) and for Sunday Stampers #117 too. Normally seeing red would get me mad, but I found it oddly therapeautic making red roses on this spread – a la Rennie Mackintosh. The page was a mucky beige to start with, in my LTS journal, and I had red Tempra paint which I splodged on one page and then closed the book, squishing the pages together to produce round, textured blobs of fairly thick paint….

Be Beautiful!

The swirls and text are foam stamps from Papermania which I use frequently when I’m working BIG! The latin text is from MaVinci again – one of my faves… I used black paint for the text and blck ink for the swirls. While the red paint splodges were still wet, I also stamped into them with the latin text stamp, which is why you can see red texty bits too!

The mauves and blues are Neos and the white doodles are made using my Posca paint pen. This was so much fun to do, but I must go wash my hands and arms before I can leave the house!!!!! :0)

“Embellish it”

That’s what Diane wants us to do this week, at Mixed Media Monday. I haven’t shown this before on my blog but I have had this frame sitting in a drawer upstairs for at least 12 months. I had altered the thing slightly and it just needed an image adding to complete it, ready for the November Craft Fair. Lazy me, couldn’t be bothered, didn’t feel inspired, whatever the reason, it stayed where it was, unloved, stuffed in a drawer.

I have been trying to reorganise my creative space(s) recently and am making quite a good job of moving things around… not precisely decluttering, but trying to, without chucking anything out. *grins* 😉

I got out this resin frame, with the leaves and textures and decided the void would look cool filled with Polyfilla (spackle), stamped into and perhaps painted and highlighted. I’ve done similar things with canvas in the past and they looked good, so maybe it’d work here too. Besides, the stuff I use takes a mere 10-15 minutes to dry – always a bonus to somebody as impatient as me! Look what happened:

... my (blue) day...

For those of you who like this – it is so easy to do. Honest! I have used only acrylic paints – all by Reeves or Boldmere – Ultramarine blue, Violet, Lamp black and Silver. I mixed the blue and violet on the frame itself – it’s just how I paint stuff – and then rubbed the silver and black over where I wanted more accents, using my finger. I used a small watercolour brush to add a little silver to the words (PM foam stamps I got over a year ago).

** The void I filled by squeezing the paste from the tube, is about 2″ square, and the whole thing is approx. 6″ x 4″.

I suppose at some point during the winter, I might have a go at filming the process and sticking it up on Youtube, just so you can see how simple this is to do. Such a difference from the nasty resin frame I started out with and it now sits in plain view in our lounge!!

I got the music in me!

I blame Hels (Sunday Stamper) for that!! Or in fact, her SO, who chose “Music” as the theme for this week. This ties in with Mixed Media Monday – Memories – chosen by Diane, because… well, here’s the journal page, followed by a longish post.

There is no "must" in art...

This is an old French Kitty Diary I bought my DD back in 2007. I love the pics in it so much I couldn’t throw it out and it’s fun to paint in every now and then (like today!). Hels got me humming “I got the music in me…” and I started by tearing up some sheet music. Tore some other random papers lying on my worktable, a few rounds, a bumble bee (for Diana!) and a silhouette I had stamped. I added the window part torn from a junk mail envelope to cover the date and the 2 faces.

I slapped on some of my thick, oily gesso and then had the happy idea of colouring that with paint mixed into it. Hence the blue and purple. My memories usually have purples and blues in them… is that odd? Being impatient (and having work this afternoon), I dried the gesso with my heat gun, warping the envie window! I held that in place later with the letter “O”!!

I used some Cherry Pie Artstamps (which always make me happy) and my Art Quote from MaVinci. Thereafter came doodles and song titles and Neos…

Now, I don’t know of any other hobby or passion that allows one to have so much fun and get so messy using all sorts of stuff – mixed media is MAGIC! I remember when I first got back into arts and crafts a mere 5 or 6 years ago, I tried so hard to be pretty and neat and so on. I couldn’t do it very well and that was so disappointing at the time. Then I gradually discovered grunge and mixed media and altered art, which was so much more my style. What’s more, I found that it was okay to translate that stuff onto fabric or wood, metal and plastic and it was okay – there were no rules anymore!

So, you can see why I love that quote so much, can’t you? However, I do apologise to anyone who’s met me wearing some of my artwork, received my card and then found me doodling and painting but not showing any of the things they liked in the first place! Don’t worry, I shall get around to all that stuff at the end of the (short) summer season, when I build my own website. In the meantime, I’m more about expressing than manufacturing!

Past loves, old and new…

Collage play with paints, Neocolour IIs, my old altered book, collage images and some stamps – my own handcarved and the wonderful crow from Home Impressions. I wanted to see if my random collaging has changed since practising with Kelly’s templates, but apart from placing images first, I think it’s as random as ever. Maybe I have improved on a subconcious level!!

Hip and Hop wanted to grow as big as Sally...!!

Created for Sunday Stampers and Mixed Media Monday, with deep joy, because I haven’t had much time to paint and collage for a few months, and it’s something I really enjoy. Here’s to patience and outcomes, oh and a little luck with the prize draw over at The Artistic Stamper’s New Blog…!!

A few of my favourite things!

Diane at MMM has asked us to create art using “a few of our favourite things”. I have used a page from my current art journal as it contains images, writing, papers, doodles – all are some of my favourite things!

Growing old gracefully...

This is what I was talking about in my previous post – playing with collage templates, different shapes and colours – AND I am only using up stash I have had hanging around for ages!