Sleeping with the enemy!

Does anyone else have pets who pretend to get along but beat other up when you’re out?! That’s the only explanation for Millie and Shadow… Shadow’s a complete swine and really ready with the “paws” – he’ll box anything his size, bigger or smaller. Millie’s an attack-dog in her head, but can be really cowardly too… Hmmm – so this is quite a rare capture!

I wonder what that cat’s thinking? 😉


Texture challenge from Nancy…

I really have fallen in love with textures, haven’t I? To the degree where I feel less guilt every day for not making any mixed media artwork. Ooops! That’s my secret out now, no more “guilty pleasure”…

So for her latest texture challenge, Nancy Donaldson gave us new grungey textures to play with – oh did I enjoy this one!

All I have done is use one of the garage textures, and duplicated it until I got the right blend mode, changing them up can gave such unexpected results.

Method: garage1 – (all at 100%, unless I say otherwise!) – multiply, colour burn, overlay @71%. Then a further 4 x colour burn, using the mask feature to erase some texture from the leaf and stem/s.

My Mahonia never looked this good before – although admittedly, that is just my opinion!! Obviously this pic has a couple of texture layers, and is much more “extreme” (hint!!), plus I used a gradient and curves too.

Edit: I used 3 layers of texture garage1 and the “drippy” one, with multiply, colour burn and exclusion @100%. I then added a gradient overlay which changed the colours to green/red and messed around with the curves, which seemed to shift the emphasis of the tones around. I played with a mask on that last layer to remove a little of the colour/texture from parts of the leaves and flowery bits! Forgive my lack of botanical knowledge – I can only say what I see! 😉

I’ll share my process later – but I really must go iron a shirt for work… *rolls eyes* 😉 Done!

Fun with fungi…

Magickal mushrooms;

fascinatingly freaky,

elegant brown caps…

Community of fungi,

nestled in the grass –

hidden in plain sight!

Photo taken with my Samsung Monte mobile phone… and then altered in Photoshop CS2, using blending modes and textures from Nancy Donaldson. Many thanks!

Join in the fun and read some great haikus, in fine company at Haiku my Heart Friday, hosted by the wonderful Rebecca of Recuerda mi Corazon.

The bat box…

That sounds like some kind of sporting cupboard, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. It’s a genuine bat-box, like a bird’s nesting-box, in the woods behind where we used to live, in Sutcombe, Devon. I found this photo when I was looking for something else – as you do – and thought it’d make a great subject for Haiku my Heart on Friday.

“Sunlight filters through

dense green leaves and dark branches,

brightening the copse…


Home to bats and birds –

see their nesting-boxes hung

on the friendly trees.


Hear the screech owls cry,

hauntingly on summer eves –

dramatising dusk.”

This brought back some lovely memories of a not-so-pleasant place. Nice to have a positive to remember, I think.

Thanks to Johanna for sharing a link to Nancy Donaldson’s yummy blog and textures, (which I can’t seem to get enough of lately), giving me the crackled effect. Yummy!

This haiku is dedicated to Mr. Spadoman – a fellow haiku-er – who came close to death recently. Thinking of you and wishing you better soon. ♥