‘Tis the season…

Another Photo Art Friday entry, this time featuring my favourite big reindeer! He’s really soft and cuddly and is one of a number of reindeer that I have collected over the years. I really adore toy reindeer – no idea why! I used to get  a new reindeer every year till I realised that we’d soon run out of space for them, so I haven’t bought a new one this year (yet!!).

He’s sitting on my printer at the moment, smiling benevolently at me as I type… Well, I like to think so anyway! I used intensify, vintage wine label and holey grunge, adjusting blending modes to keep him soft and fluffy-looking. The font is Ace Crikey and I wish all the PAF participants a very Happy Holiday Season, whatever their beliefs.

See you all again in January 2012!  🙂

Let’s celebrate! TT

Our photos are centred around the theme of celebration this week for Texture Tuesday, using at least one of Kim’s textures. I chose the latest one from her – “Look-up”.

I am celebrating how much I have learned from Kim, Nancy and Bonnie, about photos, photo art and textures – plus the joy of play in Photoshop. To anyone who doesn’t consider this an art form, have a go. You’ll be surprised just how easily you can lose yourself in a virtual palette of shades, tones, moods and atmosphere… I dare you!!

I took this photo with my mobile phone. The clematis sits on my front window sill behind a net curtain which is quite dense, to give us a little privacy! I tucked the curtain behind the plant to get a decent shot and when I started to process it, the magic of Kim’s linen-like texture was revealed.

I copied the image first and used screen @70% to make the flowers stand out. When I added ‘look-up’, it made the curtain fade away completely – wonderful! I copied this layer 3 more times and used overlay, colour burn and multiply all at 100%. I did use a mask on the final layer to ‘clean up’ the flowers a little.

To that I added a layer of Nancy’s texture with text – colour burn 100% – and erased it from the flower heads…

The font is “chiller”.

You can find lots of wonderfully textured photos over at TT – the Cafe.

TT- The Gratitude eDition returns…

For Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday:

Here are this week’s TT challenge details.

  • your image must contain at least one layer of any of my textures, and center around the theme of gratitude.
Another garden photo, taken close-up with my Samsung Monte.
Here’s the method, using  Kim’s ‘poetic’, my own meringue texture and Nancy’s architectural encaustic.
I love that I can ‘dodge’ and ‘burn’ so closely – it always makes me giggle!!
I am grateful for the layers in life, which I can peel back at will, to reveal what lies beneath…    😉

“Phoebe” – TT

Texture Tuesday – we are to use at least one layer of Kim’s new texture – Phoebe. It’s so soft…

I have used Phoebe and word for this vintage photo from my collection. This one reminds me of my mother when she was a young woman and I so wish she was around to share all the little triumphs and for reassurance when I get slightly overwhelmed by “life”…

Share the love at Kim Klassen’s TT blog today – a great place to soothe your eyes and lighten your soul… ♥

…Take coffee or tea and cookies – you may be a while!

Tintagel 2009

I “borrowed” one of Nick’s lanscapes for this week’s Texture Tuesday…

Here are this week’s TT challenge details.

  • the number 2. Put your twist on the number 2, and use at least one layer of any of my textures.
These are two hills that greet you on the way down to the historic village of Tintagel in Cornwall and here’s how I achieved the grungey look with Kim’s newest texture ‘Phoebe’ and one of my faves, ‘the_ladder’:
That doesn’t really show you much, but I used mainly soft light and colour burn for my blending modes… at 100%.
Join us or browse the great entries always to be found at Texture Tuesday! ♥

Dipping my toes…

“Oh to dip my toes

In such an inviting stream

would feel like heaven…

… descends an angel

surrounded by rays of light

bathing me in peace.”

This is for Haiku my heArt Friday, hosted by the amazing Rebecca at Recuerda mi corazon. See more haikus and photos over there

Image and fabulous tutorial courtesy of Photoshop star… which I followed as best I could to create the mystical scene in the second image. I am hugely enjoying the learning process in Photoshop, indeed “dipping my toes” figuratively into the infinite possibilities offered by the world of digital art. It’s just amazing… and there are so many talented and generous artists who share of their knowledge and expertise freely.

Textures from Shadowhouse Creations and Kim Klassen – thank you. 🙂

The Butterfly man…

I’m definitely going through a strange, busy and ultimately satisfying phase at the moment. The strange is that I am not blogging quite as often, not taking part in as many challenges; the busy is that I am taking 2 classes at the same time… Quinn MacDonald’s Raw Art Journalling  and Shwe Khit’s digital art class, Sweetened Simplicity. These 2 are pretty much polar opposites – Quinn’s being more physical, writing words, creating art in a more traditional way – and Shwe is both a traditional and a digital artist, from whom I am learning some of the finer points of Photoshop creativity. So – a complete journey of discovery!

The ultimately satisfying phase is what I am able to do when I combine those two… Here’s another image transfer and I struggled with him. The image was taken from a glossy Resort guide, which was very high quality and very difficult to work with. I only got him to show up because I am wily and persistent (and I hate waste!!). So here’s the “before” pic:

And, now, using the inspiration of the “story” guidelines to the left, and some of the tools I have discovered recently…

For Take a Word this week…

And now I must go do the “real-life”, mundane stuff of life!! 🙂

Chrysalis emerging…

For Sunday Postcard ArtThings with wings!

This is a hybrid postcard – my altered painted background (previously used in sepia tones); the face I finished painting this evening was sketched earlier this week; and lots of brushes and layers on Photoshop. I also found a great site where I learned how to draw basic wings… HERE.