Another brick…

In the wall for Take a Word this week – the word being “wall”. I am going fishing with my boys today so I shall  be awol all day. To that effect I thought I’d get this posted tonight before we get caught up in the X-Factor excitement, and later, watching Strike Back:Project Dawn.

Wow! I just realised that I have used KK’s pink carnation (“pink”) as in Pink Floyd… and I loved doing  the “another” all over the place!! This is the original “pink” flower, from Kim’s Skinny Mini E-course. It’s such fun… and I keep learning new stuff all the time!

Isn’t that pretty?! I just cut out the flower to use in my wall picture…, using the blend modes for each flower I copied and resized, etc.!

See you next time! 🙂

The Love eDition – {Texture Tuesday}

I am so enjoying my new childhood status – it’s so full of adventures! Last night I finished my 2nd digital painting from Shwe’s online class and today I’m participating in Texture Tuesday again! Wow! There’s so much to learn and explore in this digital landscape – I am well and truly hooked!

This photos is taken on our mobile phones, in the toilets at a big supermarket. My DD, Amber, and I had been out for the day in June, on a “Thelma & Louise” style road trip! By the time we got to the facilities, it felt like that, honestly!! We had a really good day and I think it’s absolutely perfect for the Love eDition this week at Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.

Today I wrote down what I did… 😉

Used Kim’s Fall_in texture twice – multiply at 78% opacity; soft light at 78% opacity

I did my usual drop shadow and emboss with a few tweaks for both sets of text, reducing the opacity for my signature to 28%, and for the byline to 85%. The hearts came from the shapes box, and I just added a little light and shade to them! It makes me happy… 🙂

If you want to learn more cool techniques and stuff, like me, then Kim has a Skinny mini e-course that’s free to join right now. Click HERE to go check it out!

[Bearing in  mind that this was a low-res phone pic to start with, I am really impressed with how soft Kim’s texture has made it. ]

And in the beginning there was Baby!

For fun, another image transfer – I fell in love with the cute baby face and transferred it to my Khadi journal, over the top of some watercolour splash-work, which might have otherwise ended up as flowers. Slightly enhanced with watercolour paint around the image and a little fun with the azalea brush on Photoshop, the journalling reads:

“And in the beginning there was Baby! Innocent. Beauty spot or Birthmark? Cherub’s smile… xo ♥”

I realise Baby looks a bit tatty and grubby, but I really like the flowery headband and the imperfect transfer effect!! Liberating is imperfection!! 😉

For the Three Muses – Words – this week!

Ride a Cock-horse…

Art Creations Friday gave us a super vintage image to use this week, courtesy of Rein. This old nursery rhyme popped into my head as soon as I saw it!! And the rhyme goes like this…

Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross, to see a fine lady upon a white horse

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes.

Supposedly, it’s attributed to Queen Elizabeth I, but there are alternatives – see HERE if you’re intrigued!

Ride a cock-horse...

Friendship needs no words…

Art Creations Friday provided us with the image of the little girl and the bird, while One Powerful Hour’s theme of Friendship gave me the inspiration to play, for one hour! I still have the cold from hell and have just been practising drawing faces – courtesy of Milliande’s videos. I’ll show you these later, when I am better!!

I got the idea of turning the image into a brush from Rian – Freubel. I didn’t do it her way, but close!!

Just messing!!

I had some fun with Art Creations Friday 53 image and a host of brushes and other effects in Photoshop this afternoon. I also needed a break as I’d been working on some very tricky projects, finally got finished and then realised I hadn’t checked the colours on the assignment and had to start all over again… grrrr! That’ll teach me, won’t it? *rolls eyes*

We have a fishing buddy of Nick’s staying with us for the weekend so we’ll be braving the cold tomorrow for a few hours. Maybe I’ll have the catch of the day to post tomorrow?!!

But is this really art???

It’s been a bit of a madhouse here today… I got a cuppa in bed in honour of my birthday, made us a birthday cake (orange and lemon drizzle, cos I only had 1 lemon!), cleaned the kitchen and had visitors this afternoon! Lots of laughter and some cool pressies too – awwww, I have loverly friends, even if we are a bit nuts!

I wanted to create this evening, but haven’t the energy for paper, paint, etc. so I played around in Photoshop with the image given to us by Art Creations Friday:


Here’s the first one I did… using a mask/stencil, manipulated to form a frame.


I think it’s rather funky! And with this one I was playing with the opacity and layers, cutting and blurring!!


It’s very challenging, seeing DH only has time for a quick glance now and then… but I am learning.

Meanwhile, I have been watching the first in a new series of one of my all-time favourite programmes: Criminal Minds. I am so glad it’s back on!