I miss:

I miss…

The smile in your eyes

The laughter lines around them

The way you kiss me

The warmth of your hugs

Your closeness when I’m asleep

Silly things you say

That you are away

Half of me is there with you

Come back soon and stay…

I miss: YOU xoxoxo ♥

For my husband Nick, who is in France, taking part in the World Carp Classic 2011, as part of  Team Reels on Wheels. He and his team mates are busy making history as the first completely disabled team of anglers (and their runner) who are all registered disabled! Nick is a wheelchair user, suffering with osteo-arthritis and a crumbling spine; Jim Williams has organo-phosphate (chemical) poisoning – he has oxygen with him; and DaveyP suffers with cluster headaches which incapacitate him at the drop of a hat – a motley crew, indeed!!

So I am a bit distracted, to say the least… and missing him. Luckily, I am having fun with my daughter, Amber, who started blogging again recently and would like to “grow a following”. I find her posts enlightening in many ways!!

I don’t support Thor’s new addiction to creme caramel and her feeding it to him, however… 😉

For Haiku my Heart Friday this week! Please visit and see some wonderful haikus and photographs. Join in if you like to write haiku – it’s a friendly place! 🙂

NB: If anyone is unsure as to the format of a haiku or a senryu, I have just finished reading Leo’s excellent explanation, HERE.

Haiku my heart…

DD and I took a Road Trip yesterday, a la “Thelma & Louise”, as it turned out. We went to Newquay Zoo together, as Nick had left for Wales and the 4th annual Reels on Wheels Fishing Festival in Newport. As we have dogs a cat and a parrot, it isn’t always possible to all go together… so we made our own fun!

We had a couple of hours at the small, and beautifully kept, Newquay Zoo, went back to the car and phoned a friend who moved house last year, and whom we haven’t seen for ages. She only lived another 15 miles on from the zoo, so we thought, “Why not? We’ll go have lunch with them, as they’re at work…”

Redruth is a charming little town, nestled in the hills of mid-Cornwall. It’s neat, clean and pretty in a Victorian-architectural way… and my friend and her partner have bought a little gift shop in the middle of the main street, selling Celtic gifts, ethnic gifts and lovely (affordable) silver jewellery, made locally. They’ll also be selling my wearable art pins and pendants from next week!!

So, having started on the Haiku-my-heart-Fridays  journey last week, I wrote this one in preparation for this Friday (although I was too tired to put a post together yesterday!) and popped it into my “go-to” art journal:

If you can’t read my scrawl, it says:

So, haiku my heart

Beating its wings in my chest

The dove of my soul…

By the time we’d spent a happy lunch hour with our friends and returned home, we’d managed to travel 130 miles. This is the photo to accompany my Haiku…

My child and me… she’s the “dove of my soul” and thank everything that she’s growing up fierce. xoxo

I look forward to seeing everyone else’s haikus now as I head over to Rebecca’s blog – she’s our lovely hostess! 🙂

Oh Lord, please don’t let me be MISUNDERSTOOD!

Unsurprisingly, I created this spread in the spirit of playful… kind of. I am always amazed that people forget that being an artist (for a woman especially), is never ever all you are, or solely defines who you are. 99% of women artists that I know of, are either mothers or daughters, sisters or aunts, whether working full or part-time, and usually involved with other humans in some way.

This of course means that we have other interests and “constaints”, (or maybe I should say “demands”), on our time and forces which prevail, when really we’d rather be art-ing… For instance, I am a mother and a wife, but I’m also classified as my husband’s main carer and I am expected to accompany him to the Doctor’s or the dentist’s, etc. I am not allowed a full-time job or I lose my carer’s allowance and we couldn’t afford to replace “me” at the rate I actually get from the government, so I do part-time work when I can and also have my Etsy shop.

I don’t mean to sound as though I am moaning, because for the most part, I love my life. I’m lucky that I married my best friend and sextoy, who makes me laugh every day and also happens to be my soulmate. For that I am deeply grateful… However, apart from me, his other passion in life is (and has been for more than 50 years), fishing – coarse, sea and sometimes game fishing. So I fish too. Had no choice really –  when we met he asked me to go with him and his friends (no wheelchair in those days, over 22 years ago!), or risk being a “Fishing Widow” and not seeing much of him during the fishing season.

So, “please don’t let me be misunderstood” – when I go fishing and catch a biggun, I’ll share it! There’ll be a gorgeous carp here or something equally photo-worthy to show you. We don’t kill and eat the fish we catch – it’s simply “sport”… although I am rather partial to the odd trout or salmon. Nick very seldom eats fish, so it’s all mine!!!!

In honour of that, I created this spread for Penny’s fab blog “Songs in My Heart”:

All colour is watercolour paint – greens and a touch of yellow/ochre. The fish are dark paint brushed through an old brass stencil and the figures are from the envelope reminding me to renew my rod licence this year! By the way, I used to play guitar and sing  House of the Rising Sun by The Animals in my Hippie days (I was only 13 years old then…)

Inspirational people

This week’s theme at The Three Muses is to use people who inspire you in your artwork… and I couldn’t think of a more fitting subject:


The main man in these pics is my DH, my best friend and soulmate. You don’t have to tell me how lucky we are to have found each other – I already know! It’s hard work keeping up with him sometimes, but I do my best. After 20+ years together, we still giggle like schoolkids and get told to go to sleep by DD.

If money is how you measure success, we are spectacularly unsuccessful, but if your only troubles in life are cashflow-related, then we are incredibly successful! So, hunni, I find YOU inspirational! xoxoxo

PS – If you want to know why, see my “About” page, or click HERE.

Of the Guardian Angels of good men!

My DH, Nick, is away for the weekend and I cannot understand why this should mean I am busier than ever, but it’s a fact! He left last night for our 1st anniversary Reels on Wheels Fishing Festival in Cambridgeshire. It’s about 7 hours from where we live so he left at about 11pm last night. He is so lucky to have arrived in one piece – I am far from ready to be widowed – as he had a blowout on the motorway travelling at around 70 mph! (120-130kph)… and here’s the tyre that blew…

The wheel of misfortune

Well, I think he had a Guardian Angel last night, don’t you? Luckily, there were 2 police officers on the motorway who saw what happened and they kindly went to see if he was okay, which he was, but very shaken up. He called the RAC out and the policemen waited with him, chatting about fishing, took some flyers and wished him Bon Voyage! The spare tyre fitted to the Buddy Bus (our motorhome/RV), he travelled on to the venue and phoned me this morning with his news.

He’s been calling and emailing me photos all day to update the forum and his blog – all done! – and I’ve been doing HIS work on a site rebuild with DD’s help, while he makes nice with all the people who are attending the FishFest! However, I am very proud of the display – complete with Powerpoint presentation – which they’ve put up in the Marquee for everyone to see. Tomorrow I expect it will also hold the prizes, generously donated by many supoorters of Reels on Wheels UK Ltd. It warms my heart.


And here’s a pic of my man himself beside the Buff display in front of the RV – almost in the ‘buff’!! 😉 Sarah from the company Buff saw a photo of my DH in The Telegraph newspaper and noticed he’s a Buff-fan, so she kindly offered to manufacture a Buff for ROW for us to sell to raise funds. We were delighted and happily took a consignment of 50 (free) and have sold a good 25 of them! They are available to buy from Buff’s online store too and we get the profit as a donation! Grand, isn’t it?!

Nick - very Buff!

Awww, bless him! Drives me nuts, but I wouldn’t be without him! ❤ ❤ ❤ that man… 🙂