Healing spirit of pets…

I have always believed that we choose to live our lives with “pets” – in our case, dogs especially, because of the unconditional, non-judgemental love they give us. Our big old German Shepherd Dog, Thor, is a spirit healer. He has always known when a friend or visitor to our home is “hurting” or in need of some calm and kindness. We used to say he could sense the “damaged souls”…

I wish our friend Joe could meet Thor – I’m certain they’d have bonded. So here for Joe, (who needs to heal), is a visual message from Thor:

Deep, dark, soulful eyes;

Your compassionate nature

heals those who touch you…

Faithful, loving dog –

proud bearer of the Norse God’s

name – you are our Thor.

~~~ We named him Thor because he had such huge paws as a puppy! You could hear him thundering across the laminate wood flooring. Even then he was heavy and at 10 years of age, he weighs almost 40kgs! (about 88lbs.)

Thanks to: My DD, Amber, for the fabulous photo of Thor – xoxo; Kim Klassen for the textures.

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Circle of Love…

My online friend from Haiku my Heart Fridays, Mr. Spadoman, is ill and in need of some love and prayers. Will you join us in sending out some healing vibes for him? Over at Recuerda mi Corazon, Rebecca and co. have started the process…

Here’s my contribution – Be well, my friend… ♥

May you feel the warmth of the sun’s rays

Kiss your face in the mornings;

May sunbeams dance about your head,

Forming a spirit halo.

May the warmth of our love heal you;

Get well, dear Joe…

You are in our hearts and minds – now and always. 🙂


Round Circle is Joe’s uplifting blog, should you be curious to see why he touched us all.