Sunday – again!

Where do the weeks go? I don’t work as many days now and I seem to to have less time then ever just for me! However, as I am continuing to “un-nest”, I am doing other stuff, so it’s no wonder. I have started to build my personal art showcase website (doesn’t that sound cool!!!) and it’s a slow process, filled with strange and mysterious codes and text, although I have completed the “image rotator” on the front page…

I’ve just finished my Row Houses for a swap on UKAS, and I’m sharing them here because this isn’t a “partner swap” as such, so anyone could end up with one of these as I shall with 5 different houses myself – cool!

I made these out of one long piece of greyboard, which I painted and collaged, and painted over. But, I did mark them up with a ballpoint pen so I knew where to cut them at the end! Here’s the “Row”:

The rules of engagement were pretty simple – colours = autumnal; measurements as specified; there had to be a face incorporated in each house. Here’s what they look like individually:


One of the faces from the Cherry Pie stamp I use for altered dominos and stampbord pins. I’ve had the flowers for ages – and I used 3 on each house, colouring them with alcohol inks and sticking them down with strong PVA glue.

Sailor boy

The stamped image is one of a pair of Paperartsy “minis” and the text is my MaVinci latin stamp…


This is the middle one of the three muses on the Cherry Pie stamp.

Mademoiselle "Smiley"!

The second of the two Paperartsy minis, complete with beret! I have no idea if she’s the right way round or not, because all my faces are stamped onto thick, flexible plastic so that they are transparent and none of the background detail is lost. I do that a lot, especially if I have taken time to build a background with lots of layers – I am such a texture junkie!! I use Stazon ink and leave it to dry after stamping – if I don’t walk away, the images smudge (she says from bitter experience!).


I wanted a tree somewhere in the houses’ design, but I don’t have any tree stamps, so I used a 3 x 1cm bit of rubber that was on my desk and carved this skeletal-ish tree. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, actually and I hope their recipients like them!

If you’ve wanted to join in with swaps and Row Houses in particular, I’d encourage you to go for it – it’s a little time-consuming, but very enjoyable. Don’t be put off by quantity either, because as you can see from this post, you can make them similar and build them up, layer by layer. My final task was to cut the “Row” into 5 separate houses and shape the roofs – for which I used a rotary cutter. I didn’t measure, just eyeballed them, which is why they’re all slightly different!

Now to package them up and post them to Annie! 🙂


White House

Dans ma maison, il y a… du blanc, which is white this week! I loved making this little fabric house – the image I used is from Crafty Individuals miniatures and the remainder is totally recycled fabric and flowers and buttons.


The big white flower was tinged with pale green at the edges and centre, so I stamped it with Olive green Stazon and heat set it. I machine-stitched the broderie anglaise pieces to the white base all round the edges, placed my little image and stitched that on, then I just sewed the buttons and tiny Baby’s breath flowers on with white embroidey thread from my old cross-stitching box.

I love when a piece turns out just as you visualise it and I’m thinking of making more similar to this and maybe putting them onto a large landscape…

In other news, it’s still freezing here, between -4 and -6 most nights but my cold/flu seems to be easing enough to let my muse breathe at least. And that can only be a good thing, right?!! I bought more Hot Lemon powders today for DH and me to take before bed, which might mean a less disturbed sleep… hopefully!

Meanwhile, we’re still searching for a bungalow to move to, so fingers crossed we find somewhere soon. I’m going through the house gently sorting, tidying, decluttering and cleaning in the hope that it won’t be too long before we can look forward to packing!! Positive thinking, eh?!

TGIF – “Cats”

TGIF this week’s theme is “Cats”. Here are 2 on one of my Row Houses… Fifi et Mimi! And then there’s the Tribal Cat by Anita’s stamps:

Mimi et Fifi!!

That reminds me – I received 11 Row Houses from Jeri in Texas this week from my Row House swap. Jeri did a fabulous job, organising over 30 swaps. I must say, for my first ever International swap, I was very impressed and the Houses I received back are gorgeous. I shall attempt to make time tomorrow to photograph them all, make a slideshow and post it so that you too can share in the wonderful artwork I received from some very talented creators.

My mojo’s been put on the backburner and restrained this week as we have removed my daughter from school until some disgusting bullying is sorted out. I am fed up with all that’s been happening and feel terribly let down by the school she’s attending. In my view, they have abused our trust completely and if they were any more laidback about it, they’d be completely horizontal.  Needless to say, we are all somewhat stressed out and Monday there will no doubt be more of the same.

Thankfully for us, I have the most marvellous bunch of cyber-buds on Auntys Forum, who have shown us bucketloads of love and support, along with some excellent advice – regretfully gleaned from personal experience. What a wonderful thing the Internet Highway is!

I’m the easiest-going person I know till someone messes with my family… at the moment I am like a Jaguar-Mommy, with her prey firmly in sight, just scented on the wind… this Mama-Cat is taking no prisoners! *growls*

Dans ma maison…for Donna

In the Row Houses swap I took part in, Donna didn’t get her package, so like Hermine, I decided that was an awful thing to happen and I have made her another house. I hope she likes it! This is also my entry for this week’s challenge – “the colour green” – for Dans ma maison, il y a… la couleur verte. The top of the house is a scrap of fabric from my Textile Pack, bought at the Scrapstore a while back and the main image is from last year’s calendar.


The yellow ‘fossil’ in the bottom left hand corner is my swirl paper cast. It fit in perfectly with this house!

Transparently MMM!

Transparency is the theme at MMM and this week’s guest host is the incredibly talented Femmy – her artwork blows me away every time! I’m sharing a Row House today which has transparent lace on it, a mask from the ‘arrows’ stencil I made, and vellum sentiments. The background is a combination of book pages – one plain (okay, I doodled a bit…), and the dark page is from a book of churches – which I have waxed. I use these books a lot, especially if I’m not looking for a particular colour theme.

True Love

The cute image is from Crafty Individuals Miniatures; lace and stickers from stash. The transparent lace is part of a pack my friend Cat sent me… some are highly decorative, some are just gorgeous gauze, and shimmery. They are about 6″ in diameter and I’m having fun experimenting with them!

Well, I’m off to the Scrapstore this morning and it’s looking like another glorious day. Time to change from winter to summer wardrobe, so some time spent sorting that out and maybe even jet-washing the parrot cage in the garden later… Take care and have a lovely day! xoxoxo

Stripes, but not the film…

Wednesday Stamper is really one of my favourite challenge blogs to visit – so much variety to see and it’s fascinating to see everyone’s interpretations of the weekly themes. So, I just happened to have a house with stripes and stamping going on and the legend reads: “Arty Chick. Eat cake 5 x a day” It’s nothing personal, just the way it turned out… it’s neither an order, nor advice, nor my personal recommendation! It just makes me giggle and I think I was having a Marie Antoinette moment – probably because we’d run out of bread!! See – the ‘wicked’ sense of humour getting the better of me again!

Eat Cake 5 x a day!

The Eat Cake stamp is Anita’s, the swirls is my 2nd ever handcarved and the rest was pure fun and using scraps of stash from my shoebox of stickers, letters and eclectic junk! Looks good though, doesn’t it?!!

I had fun texting my DD at school yesterday – I know, bad Mummy! – but she wants to start a Saturday job for which she needs a work permit from school as she’s only 13… so I wanted to ensure she got that to speed up the process of interview, acceptance, start-date, etc. Then I also had to ask her if she’d remembered to buy me some rubber erasers to carve. (I can resist the urge to carve… NOT!) She came home with 10 staedtlers… each about 3cm x 1cm! Not really big enough for what I wanted, but hey, there are 2 new stamps in my collection today, so I guess they are all going to end up inked anyhow! 😉

Nearly forgot – the film STRIPES is one of my all-time faves. I had a huge crush on Bill Murray and almost had the parade sequence down pat! I still watch it every time it comes on telly!!

House and Home

That’s this week’s Created by Hand challenge and of course, I recently made 11 Row Houses for an international swap, which are on their way to Texas!! This is one that I made for the swap, but DH fell in love with it and I had to make another in its place!

Make each day one to remember

The background is glossy photo cs sprayed with my own blue mister; the stamp is one of my absolute faves from Third Coast RS, the hinges are rubons, the door is from a collage sheet that Adrienne (NGS) shared with us, the splatter mesh came from Artymiss and the daisies are by Anita’s – sticky ribbon. The sentiment stamp was another bargain bin buy, as was the dome sticker-tag!

I can’t wait to see the Houses I get back from my first swap….