Roz Stendahl’s Strathmore Workshop

Like a lot of artists and/or bloggers, I have been “taking” Strathmore’s free Online Visual Workshops since the beginning of this year and to be fair, it’s probably one of the most useful things I’ve ever done. I learnt from the marvellous Pam Carriker about re-using my own art in my art journalling, and then about watercolours and other techniques, etc. from Linda Blinn in March and now…

Well, from the delightful Roz Stendahl, I am learning a more technical and very organised approach! Roz has some very strict habits and is awesome at cataloguing her own art journals. She’s the most professorial of all the teachers who’ve led the workshops so far, which appeals to me, as a mature student. I respect that and I have already learnt the “rule of thirds”!

I had no idea that such rules existed, which may explain why my “composition” either works or doesn’t! Maybe that’s why I’m so random and haphazard… or possibly not!

Reading Roz’s blog posts, I know very well that I’d love to take an in person workshop with her. She has so much to impart, but hey, I live too far away for now, so this online one is the next best thing!

The circles, diamonds and teardrops were all made by punching those shapes out of a regular playing card and then spraying ink or painting through them. The blue background page is Ultramarine acrylic paint scraped across and around the page with an old bank card and then black paint brayered around some masking tape.

The book pages were done at the same times, using leftover paint up in a random fashion and then messing around with masking tape and spray ink (which I made using rubbing alcohol and a fuschia pink Sharpie!!).

I also like the unexpected colour combinations that resulted here – another “happy accident”!!

Amor, Amor!

By Cacharel, from Cacharel, is my favourite (affordable) perfume. It’s a birthday or Christmas (or Mother’s Day) treat and I wear it when I’m going out – wherever I go! I don’t do “best” anymore – life’s too short, seriously…

So, in honour of TMTA – “Perfume” – this week, here’s my puffed hearts ATC:

It’s a tad misshapen, because I was busy poking wadding into it as I was stitching round it and one side’s a bit fatter than the other! No worries, it was fun!

It’s been a busy day, creatively speaking. I started and finished a 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas abstract; I watched the first of Roz Stendahl’s Workshop 3 videos – courtesy of those lovely people at Strathmore and then went up and laid down colour on 6 journal spread pages and created this ATC. I’m a bit tired but there are still quite a few ideas running round in my head – some already committed to paper post-its and clipped into my little “everything” journal.

The painting – originally called “Ebb and Flow” – is the product of one of my post-it ideas, so that worked out really well and has convinced me that I must continue to make notes and stick them in the EJ. It’s a bit busy for “ebb and flow” now, so I am considering running a “Name that painting” competition here on my blog… We’ll see! I’ll take some photos when the light’s better and blog it! 😉