SaWo – Corrugated cardboard

I had some fun layering and stitching this little collage together. No glue was used and it’s 99% machine-stitched! I relented and sewed the top centre button on by hand, but I even managed to get the needle through the little “Hand made with love” heart charm! Patient, I was!!

Most of this collage is recycled stuff and the stamped birds are from the Home Impressions Grunge Plate. I stamped them onto handmade paper from an old Thai or Indonesian handmade photo album.

This is my entry to SaWo’s Corrugated cardboard challenge. Thanks for the inspiration Sandy! =)

Scratched it!!

SaWo-angelI have been working on several projects that I can’t share here on my blog – some for submission and some for Guest Hosting! Plus, of course, there are presents to make for Christmas too! But this evening, I was intrigued by SaWo’s challenge to “scratch it”!! Basically, it’s about using crayon or oil pastels on your base, painting over that with acrylics and then scratching away the pain to reveal the colours underneath… There’s a link to a pretty good tutorial on the subject by Sandy’s Guest Host – you’ll get the idea when you see the pics.

Needless to say, things didn’t go smoothly for me at all! Firstly, I couldn’t find the box of metallic crayons which would’ve been ideal for this project and then the crayons I used laid down a pretty pathetic coat of wax, but I was left with a very interesting page for my altered book! This is on the back of a cereal packet and further enhanced with Neocolours and a white Posca pen!

Stamps used: Cherry Pie Artstamps ; paint – Golden Fluid Acrylics


SaWo – Altered Cutlery

That’s the challenge today at Saturday’s Workout – Altered Cutlery. Here are a couple of large spoons that I have in the Seventh Wave Gallery in Bude… I still have some Zombie spoons to finish for the Halloween window, but like everything else, it takes time!

I love altering cutlery and probably the most complex part for me, is finding the right size images and text to go with them. I spend ages poring over collage sheets and leafing through old books to find appropriate phrases or words to go with them. Sometimes that can be too distracting as I end up actually reading the pages of an old book!!!


I really liked this sailor boy image – from The Ten Two Studios Little Children sheet. Here’s a closer look:


All the cutlery is finished with an integrated hanger and sealed with a coat of acrylic medium to protect the images and colour. Here’s a little girl with a yacht – typical vintage posing…


Mind you, I suppose it could even be a little boy, with a pageboy bob? Here’s a closer view…


Even though I do most of my creating upstairs in my “space”, the coffee table is still full of small transparent tubs which hold beads, wire, broken jewellery, etc. which I use to finish these pieces off. The other thing I probably couldn’t live without are beanbag lap trays … they’re my best friend when it comes to the evenings – finishing off projects, etc. while I sit and watch my favourite programmes! (CSI, Warehouse 13, Blue Murder, Lie To Me, Fringe, Medium, Merlin, Strictly Come Dancing…  to name but a few!)


SaWo this week asked us to show Zentangles or the “Zen of doodling…” I have been doing these since last year and thoroughly enjoy it. I don’t really follow the ‘proper’ zentangles, but I get the monthly newsletter and find the new patterns fun to try. I have doodled aentangles all over this domino – so a mini-zentangle emerged!!





It’s pretty addictive! I look forward to seeing what everyone else has doodled… 🙂

Journal Pages

SaWo’s choice this week is Sandy’s fascination with art journalling… I haven’t journalled for quite some time, so this was the perfect prompt! I have spent the last 2 days in an altered cutlery frenzy, as the pieces I took to the Gallery have sold and I had a message waiting on Thursday evening when we got home, asking for more!! Lovely! However, the wire-wrapping and beading is the tricky part and demands concentration and focus, so a little light relief in the form of a journal page was exactly the therapy I needed:


All the stamps are from my collection of handcarved ones; the background is half a telephone book page and a piece of a gift bag. Coloured with Blue Jeans distress ink and Neocolours II crayons. I used a black roller pen and a Stabilo fineliner to write and outline with and a Gellyroll white pen for the highlights. The French Kitty is the Calendar/Planner DD gave me to “play” in!!

Fun all the way and very gratifying. Tomorrow I must:

Finish the other 4 pieces of cutlery and look for more!

Go to the local Car Boot (weather permitting, of course!)

Work in the afternoon/evening…

Now, I’m going to finish watching The Mummy Returns (for the 4th or 5th time!) Pure escapism… 😉

Purple texture…

It’s been a beautiful day here today and I have been nusy doing chores like 2 loads of washing; grooming the GSD (German Shepherd Dog); clipping the Yorkie; cooking and baking; and the dreaded housework… So, feeling pretty righteous, I decided to have a go at the “Texture Painting” challenge from Sandy at Saturday’s Workout.

Instead of gesso or paint, I made my texture layer with Polyfilla… and then applied paint! Fun and more fun!


Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! I have a couple of things I need to catch up on and some serious pruning to do tomorrow morning in the front garden jungle!

Distressed Perfect Pearls

Sandy showed us a video of Tim Holtz’s technique and asked us to use it in this week’s SaWo challenge artwork. I found out a lot trying this out… my cardstock base is a bit dark; choosing Rust doesn’t show through too well; the cardstock was too smooth and the spritzed water became a waterfall! Still, I like this tag and pocket despite all that!!! I’m having one of those weeks I think!


The stamps are from: Diva Impressions (crows); Third Coast RS (Budgie in a top hat) and MaVinci (latin text).

SaWo – spin/splatter

What fun! Splatter backgrounds (for Saturday’s Workout), are very appealing when I’ve got unused paint on my paper plate… here’s a quick ATC, using an image from Ten Two Studios Little Blue Things sheet, plus some random deictionary definitions to go with her pretty, wistful face!


Hope you’re all having a great weekend… I finally got my table up and my sewing machine unpacked – yay!!

Can’t wait for Monday either… I’m starting my Layer Love online class with the fabulous Julie Prichard from Land of Lost Luggage! 🙂

SaWo – bandage it!

Interestingly enough, the Saturday’s Workout challenge was to use bandages/muslin/cheesecloth to stamp/create backgrounds with… I think! Anyway, whilst clearing out one of the kitchen drawers and packing this afternoon, I came across a sticky bandage we have (for the dogs) and cut a piece off to make a background and use as a stamp.

I painted the top half of the page with gesso and tried stamping into it with the bandage – not terribly successful; I probably used too little gesso. Then I painted gesso onto the bandage and stamped with it – better! I used a couple of distress inks for colour and stamped my images with black Stazon.


I used Ria’s Funky Houses and Funny People stamps and doodled to complement them… This makes me think of DH, DD and me going from one house to the new one!! 🙂

Each day we get a little closer and more boxes packed!

Someone to watch over me…

As soon as I saw this magazine image, that melody popped into my head. So thanks Sandy (SaWo), for prompting yet another journey into my subconscious. I used DD’s stamp on the lower right-hand portion of the image – an obsession I’d say! I don’t even know where magazine background begins and art journal ends, never mind why they merge, but they do.


I used my Frankenstein/cityscape carved stamp, plus the barbwire, but you have to look closely to see them!! I have come to realise that when things are on my mind, I resort to cathartic doodling. The structure comes as I work – although that does sound like a contradiction in terms, I fear! For the curious, I have used TH distress inks in 3 colours only for the background and stamped images.

The white pen is the soggy Souffle Pen… goes on wet and dries white. I find this really annoying – I want my white highlights instantly, not half an hour later when I’ve moved on… grrrr! Is it just me or have you got better white pens than I have?