Sepia Suzi!

The Take  a Word theme this week is sepia, or sepia tones. Most people would think old/vintage photos, myself included, but last week, feeling fed up and stressed out with being downstairs and all the artsy stuff (well, most of it really), is upstairs, I just doodled and messed around with watercolours, making backgrounds. This is one of them:

Lots of sepia tones there, but it’s just a background… so I have been playing today, and tried my hand at drawing dreamy dolls’ eyes, in the style of Adriana Almanza. I think the eyelashes are so beautiful on her dolls and I have tried to capture that a little here, with Sepia Suzi!

The base is all watercolour with a little white acrylic swirled into the runs (drips); I used ordinary 2B and 4B pencils for the base drawing, charcoal and Inktense for the shading and Indian ink for the pen/inky bits. The white highlights are all Sharpie Poster paint pen work.

Incidentally, I found Adriana via Jane Davenport’s blog – such a wonderful illustration artist. I signed up for Jane’s Ladybug newsletter while I was there too. She draws the most gorgeous faces – all sorts of faces and I really must practise more! So Sepia Suzi has not one, but two sources of inspiration – cool, huh?!

Inchy by Inch #7

Inspiration (from Laura Ashley) is the theme set by Inchy by Inch this week. I don’t like Laura Ashley stuff, never have! It’s all too floral, and ‘little cottagey’ for me, so I thought I’d struggle with this one, but freebie papers to the rescue *blows trumpet* doo-do-do-do!! I did doodle in black and white on it though!

And these on the card, were made last night with inchies cut from watercolour backgrounds and Layers of Color stamps. They are very glossy and have accent beads on them because I had an accident with the glossy accents bottle! Does anyone else have the Ranger stuff that keeps blocking up and you have to stick a pin in it to unblock it? I’ve done that several times now and also cut a bit of the nozzle off, but it doesn’t make any difference – it’s still a b*gger to get out! Anyway, here’s the card…

The bottom inchy is the embossed swirl (tomato paste tube again!), cut from the tube and stuck to the background, which was too pretty to cover up! *grins*

I used to think that people who said they buy scrapbook papers and then stroke them instead of using them on Layouts were slightly mad, but now I find myself reluctant to cut up some of my background sheets because I like them so much!! I think this must be the 52nd State…. Morgan Freeman might just find it more disturbing than the 51st! (You have to have seen the film…)