For Haiku my Heart Friday with Rebecca & Co.

Pretty white daisy

petals spread to catch the sun

Quality in strength

The original photo of the daisy is courtesy of Kim Klassen – Skinny mini E-course. The words are mine. I am late, but still present! 😉

The Love eDition – {Texture Tuesday}

I am so enjoying my new childhood status – it’s so full of adventures! Last night I finished my 2nd digital painting from Shwe’s online class and today I’m participating in Texture Tuesday again! Wow! There’s so much to learn and explore in this digital landscape – I am well and truly hooked!

This photos is taken on our mobile phones, in the toilets at a big supermarket. My DD, Amber, and I had been out for the day in June, on a “Thelma & Louise” style road trip! By the time we got to the facilities, it felt like that, honestly!! We had a really good day and I think it’s absolutely perfect for the Love eDition this week at Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.

Today I wrote down what I did… 😉

Used Kim’s Fall_in texture twice – multiply at 78% opacity; soft light at 78% opacity

I did my usual drop shadow and emboss with a few tweaks for both sets of text, reducing the opacity for my signature to 28%, and for the byline to 85%. The hearts came from the shapes box, and I just added a little light and shade to them! It makes me happy… 🙂

If you want to learn more cool techniques and stuff, like me, then Kim has a Skinny mini e-course that’s free to join right now. Click HERE to go check it out!

[Bearing in  mind that this was a low-res phone pic to start with, I am really impressed with how soft Kim’s texture has made it. ]