Regrets? I have a few…

Just messing about with words and numbers really! For Take a Word this week – “Sepia”…

I’ve always thought this woman is pretty eerie! Thanks to Bonnie Zieman for the textures and to Photoshop Warrior for the tutorial which showed me how to create a ‘classic photo effect’!

The images are all from Elizabeth Golden (Last door down the hall) – thank you!

Please note: I shall be drawing the winning name for the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software tomorrow, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning, please go HERE and enter!

Joyfully, I can post!

It’s been ages since I have taken part in regular art blog challenges – all my reasons were self-inflicted so I am happy to be able to just blog and post a photo with no agenda other than following a theme.

For Take a Word this week – “JOY”!

Thanks to Nancy Donaldson for the great texture! These 3 are sitting on top of a DVD unit next to the Christmas tree. Frosty is one of those annoying battery-operated xmas toys that sings the song and I love it!! The other 2 are part of my reindeer collection…

I’ve been writing a lot lately and working more regularly away from home, so I get tired more easily these days. It’s lovely to have a couple of major projects out of the way now, so I feel I shall be able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the Holidays when they arrive. 🙂

Nearly time…

It’s nearly that time of year again, where kids get mesmerised by adverts on TV, parents get bombarded by “I want…” cries and I get all “Bah Humbug!” I can’t bear all the hype and commercialism, so when I saw that Take a Word’s challenge this week was to use “Time” in our artwork, I altered a vintage photo from my collection.

I may well use this as a Christmas card this year!! Enjoy all the entries HERE. ♥


This is a photo of a friend’s dog who roams the countryside all over the complex where we have fished in the past. She doesn’t normally have much to do with me but I guess back in January this year, we were both so cold, and there was so little happening, she decided to sit on my lap for a while… I give you Mooha:

Thanks to Kim Klassen’s mini e-course, I learnt how to convert photos to black and white, with some soft vintage tints about them…

For Take a Word – “black & white” – this week. See all the contributors HERE.  ♥

Take a Word #51 – Childhood

I developed my love of books and losing myself in other worlds when I was a child. I was one of those kids who’d be sleepy in the morning on the way to school because I’d been reading under the bedclothes by the light of a torch! So when I saw this quote by Marcel Proust, I created the artwork around it!

Thanks to Tangie Baxter for the cat. The vintage image is from my own collection of photos.

For Take a Word this week.  🙂


Blackbird, crow, rook or raven?

I’ve been altering images for Take a Word’s “Blackbird” this week. I have made two different pieces, but taken liberties with “black bird”…

It’s surprising how much work goes into these digital pieces, really, because there are 2 crows here. I cut one out in order to create a proper shadow!! The font is one I came across at Jerry Jones’s Shadow House Creations – (so cool!! It’s called “Ornatique”) – as is the big tree brush in the background. Many thanks to Jerry for being so generous.

This one is an American Crow. Both images were googled and found to be in the public domain.

Textures from Kim Klassen – a new one for this weekend – “and then some”; and autumn burst. Thank you Kim!

Another brick…

In the wall for Take a Word this week – the word being “wall”. I am going fishing with my boys today so I shall  be awol all day. To that effect I thought I’d get this posted tonight before we get caught up in the X-Factor excitement, and later, watching Strike Back:Project Dawn.

Wow! I just realised that I have used KK’s pink carnation (“pink”) as in Pink Floyd… and I loved doing  the “another” all over the place!! This is the original “pink” flower, from Kim’s Skinny Mini E-course. It’s such fun… and I keep learning new stuff all the time!

Isn’t that pretty?! I just cut out the flower to use in my wall picture…, using the blend modes for each flower I copied and resized, etc.!

See you next time! 🙂

The wagon lit…

Or sleeper car? Mix that with the rhythm of a train travelling through the night and you get a rocking, almost melodic sensation that lulls you to sleep… in theory at least! I found the image, transferred to watercolour washed khadi papers, in an old National Geographic advert for American transcontinental trains. I liked the gentle, caring pose suggesting excellent service, as the man turns down the covers. At this angle, with the staves in the background, he could almost be conducting music!

It’s a mere flight of fantasy, but… I like this way of creating. It’s very enjoyable to paint backgrounds, transfer a few images and then play with them in Photoshop. I am enjoying the “hybrid” experience, whilst I work on my classes, etc.

Lynn, of Celebrate Green and Green Halloween, has asked me to do a blog interview for them, as I still recycle most of the items I use in collages and recycle my own artwork to make collage sheets, etc., so I shall submit that later this week! Busy, busy!! 😉

Call me old-fashioned…

Well call me old-fashioned, but I have found a very practical use for the fat stuffed fabric fobs I’ve felt compelled to sew – pomanders! For those of you too young to remember wardrobes which bore coathangers with sewn covers (to protect your delicate clothes), and small scented sachets hanging on them to ward off moths… This is the definition from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

1: a mixture of aromatic substances enclosed in a perforated bag or box and used to scent clothes and linens or formerly carried as a guard against infection; also : a clove-studded orange or apple used for the same purposes
2: a box or hollow fruit-shaped ball for holding pomander
I used small samples from upholstery swatches to make them, embellished with my own fabric inchies and on the back I stitched  a quilted inchy. The paper roses are from a pen box I was tired of looking at!
There’s a red one too, a little blurry, but then I am using my phone for the pics…
The reverse has 3 recycled fabric leaves and a paper rose stitched to the back. These are my entry to Take a Word – “old fashioned” – this week. I do have more stuff waiting to be blogged, but my foot’s protesting too much so I’m off to elevate it for a while. 😉


Following my BBF Barbara’s advice, I spent some time cutting up collage sheets from Summer Camp yesterday (yes, resting the foot!), and on the doll sheet was a row of Babushkas. That of course reminded me of that iconic Kate Bush song, and the page was created for Take a Word.

I haven’t put a collage together with paper and glue, for a while, so I turned to my big art journal with the funky backgrounds in (yellow and pink food dyes – what was I thinking???) and decided to incorporate those shapes into the collage. It became a riotous explosion of colours and doodling, but I did also write the following:

“Babooshkas hide lots of secrets of ever-decreasing sizes, from big, dramatic, show-stopping, terrible, skeleton-in-the-closet ones, to small, silly ones. But they can also hold treasures.”

When I had pretty much finished doodling, I was struck by the fact that the babushkas only had one arm… so I wrote –

“All these babooshkas look like one-armed bandits…”

The cutting out of all the elements was therapeutic indeed, Barbara. Whether it’ll improve my drawing or not, I can’t be sure, but hope springs eternal! There are no rubber stamps at all on the page, it’s all slow, painstaking little doodles with black and white markers – plus the yummy orange and purple Sharpies.

Another interesting discovery I made is that although the food dyes disappear from fabric, they remained steadfast on the paper, despite the coloured markers (some of which are non-permanent), I used over them. I’ll have to try watercolours with them and see what happens – the water may dilute them, it may not. Watch this space!! 😉