One of my faves…

Posting one of our favourite photos is pretty popular this time of the year, but I’m going to post one of my favourite subject: Millie-mou! She’s small and quite obliging in her own sleepy, lazy little way and she is quite simply adorable (if you can’t smell her breath… yuck!) for a Yorkie cross.

I used Friday as my texture – thanks Kim (Klassen)… Joining in with The Creative Exchange for this year – new beginnings! 🙂


“Seeking… Looking far

into the distance; to see

where Life may take me

Today… for Haiku my Heart {Fridays} over at Recuerda mi Corazon with Rebecca, where haiku fans from across the globe join every week to share photos and words. See more HERE.

So this is an image transfer in my Khadi-paper journal, of a boy standing on a rock, looking across a wind-blown lake. I used fineliner pens and Inktense pencils then lots of blended layers over the top. Textures courtesy of Jerry Jones @ Shadowhouse Creations. ♥

It felt like me, looking out, wondering what the next step is and how long I have to wait before I get to take it! Life is like that I find… We never move on until it’s “Time”. When all that we need to “do” is finally done where we are, then we move on. We go with the flow and often it takes us in a different direction to where we thought we were headed. But that’s okay too, because Life is a journey, not the destination, right?

I feel more restless lately, as if the time is drawing near, but I know that I must have patience, keep the Faith and trust in the Universe, because nothing ever happens until the Time is Right…


Gratitude haiku

This is one of the lessons from Kim Klassen’s Skinny Mini e-course – texturising an image she supplied, which I really like…

Daisies in a jar –

three is a magick number;

Faces seek the light…

For Rebecca at Haiku my Heart Friday, where like-minded souls join together every week, to create with words and photos, and haiku! 🙂 ♥

Purple texture…

It’s been a beautiful day here today and I have been nusy doing chores like 2 loads of washing; grooming the GSD (German Shepherd Dog); clipping the Yorkie; cooking and baking; and the dreaded housework… So, feeling pretty righteous, I decided to have a go at the “Texture Painting” challenge from Sandy at Saturday’s Workout.

Instead of gesso or paint, I made my texture layer with Polyfilla… and then applied paint! Fun and more fun!


Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! I have a couple of things I need to catch up on and some serious pruning to do tomorrow morning in the front garden jungle!

Textured Minis…

I started making another batch of textured cards again a couple of days ago. But this time, I experimented with different sizes. I made 3 4x4s, an A4 and a WIP is a frame with collage images at the corners… As usual, all the materials I used on these were scraps, recycled from all over the house (and a few from the floor of my workroom!). So I’m delighted to see Lisa – Step Outside Your Box Saturdays – has chosen ‘Recycle, Reuse’ as her theme this week.

Red and gold – Christmas (humbug) colours and could that be ‘S’ for Santa?!!!

Green/copper – I Do like this colour combo!

Now this one was made specifically for Susie’s Blog/Wedding Candy ‘Black n White’ challenge – see the details on her blog – she makes brilliant cards – very versatile is Susie!

I think this looks like snow or frosting. These were such fun to make – just as time-consuming as the bigguns, but if I keep the materials light, I expect they have all sorts of applications! 😉

Bling bling!

I belong to a couple of Art Groups on Yahoo – to learn, to lurk, to participate in swaps, chat, etc. On the UKArt group, one of our members created a fab tutorial on how she makes her textured cards. It’s a Word Doc. as she doesn’t have a blog (a crying shame!), but the photos made it really easy to follow.

DH thought I was mad when he saw 3 of these appear one evening:

The following day, he saw the ‘rubbish’ slowly disappear under a coat of acrylic paint, like this:

Yes I know it’s blurry, but I wanted to get to the next stage and didn’t bother to check that the pics were okay before starting on Phase 3!!! When he saw these, DH was rather impressed and has now offered to buy me some canvas boards and more acrylics – which has got to be a first. He knows how passionate I am about art, but he sort of tolerates the stash… especially now I have fabric too! So, I digress. Here are the fruits of my labours:

So, lovely aren’t they? The green is my favourite, although I love the blue and silver too. The best bit is that I can continue to add to these pieces with fibres, charms, etc until I’m completely happy. It’ll be interesting to see if I can part with them when they go up for sale!! I’m going to make some different-sized pieces too and see what happens when I incorporate an image… I have a canvas that’s ideal for the purpose.

So these 3 pieces are my entry into This Thursday, “Bling’s the thing”! Good luck to their new Design Team member – I hope it works out really well. Tracey and Susie seem to be having a little run of problems with the DT. That’s the trouble with “Real Life” – it has no consideration – LOL!

A quick post!

I’m off to work this evening and we’re short-staffed and mega-busy! So, I’ll probably be too tired to do anything except eat, drink tea and put my feet up later on! However, I have had such a productive day: Finished the commissioned Arty-Farty Birdie Bag (#8) my friend ordered for her best friend’s birthday – phew!! Just got the tag to make tomorrow – easy-peasy!

I tried and successfully managed to  do my first fabric image transfer with water, thanks to Annette’s fabulous cheapo photopaper which she sent me a few sheets of, all the way from Oz!! Thanks so much Annette! Now to source it over here!!

Obviously, I’ve stamped and decorated the panel to make the bag beautiful…. and it looks great! Then I managed to paint the second page of the Altered Board Book Project which we are doing on NGS and finally, I managed to finish off 3 gorgeous textured cards. I’m astounded by just how beautiful they are and if they go to the Craft Fair with me, I shall have a really hard time selling them!

I haven’t got time to show you pics today, but I promise to do so soon… I have to ask nicely if I can feature this superb tutorial on Inspirational as the artist who showed us her technique doesn’t have a blog I can direct you to, but it’s fabulous to create something lovely from scraps… yep, scraps!

Right, must dash – TTFN!! (Tata for now, to the non-Brits!!) xoxoxo