The Stone Angels

That just happens to be the main feature of this digital piece and Dr.Who and the Tardis, after what Kimmie said of my previous stone angel. She said they were so creepy in the last series of the programme – and she was right! However, these stone angels are from online friends – Billie Jean and Patty – and the Doctor was googled…

I used quite a few layers to achieve the desired effect and then I was going to use lyrics from a Stone Roses song, but a little digging unearthed a track called “Making my way” by a band called The Stone Angels, who hail from Torbay! Oh yeah! Serendipitous, or what? 😉

Ugg-love texture by Kim Klassen.

For the Three Muses “wings” this week!

Circles and squares…

For the Three Muses “Circles and squares” this week, I had some fun creating a cat and a house. I managed to write out the formula for it too!!!

Of course, it could be house cat, but I thought Cathouse was more fun! It’s amazing where these prompts take us, isn’t it? To see all the creations for this week’s theme, just go HERE.

Background & texture – Shadowhouse Creations on Flickr

Be it ever so humble…

For The Three Muses, Home Sweet Home this week…

It took me the best part of today (Tuesday) to create this winter wonderland from scratch! I had to create a new girl, then a penguin, an igloo and a Christmas tree and carefully weave them all together. However, I wanted to start playing with Christmas scenes so I’ll have cards ready this year and it’s great practice!

Thanks to Shadow House Creations & Kim Klassen for some of the textures; the remainder are from my scrapbook papers collection.

See all the other participants here. ♥

Three Muses – Moon

I have written that I have been taking Raw Art Journalling  – working through Quinn MacDonald’s book – and also Shwe Khit’s Sweetened Simplicity digital art course. Up till now, I haven’t really shown any of my coursework from Shwe’s site. If you’ve clicked on her button in my sidebar, you’ll know how talented an artist Shwe is – both in traditional and mixed media and also she’s a phenomenal digital artist. She taught me to create this…

I am so proud of  this painting! It makes me happy to think that I learnt to create this in a few weeks, using just a computer, Photoshop and a mouse… If I can do it, anyone can!

I never really understood the fascination of digital artwork to its fullest extent, nor did I appreciate the pleasure of being able to continually tweak a face, or a shadow, until you are satisfied that it’s “just right”! But now I do and I take my hat off to digital artists – *bows*.

So, this is my entry to The Three Muses challenge this week – Moon.

Now I’m away to continue creating a Merqueen who is lurking in a folder, patiently awaiting me and my mouse!! 😉

Petr and his dreams…

Do you think polar bears dream? What do they dream about, I wonder… Could it be big, juicy salmon or the thrill of a chase? Or maybe they dream of finding a mate? Dreams are doorways into our subconscious, are they not?

The image is a transfer from a National Geographic magazine, into the dreaded Khadi-paper journal! I used 2 shades of Inktense pencils to colour the background, scrubbed with water and brush (or blended, if you prefer, though it was a lot quicker and less technical than that!!); I had to dry the page with my heat gun as I intended to write on it…

However, having taken a liking to hybrid art and being very protective of my transfers and backgrounds, I decided to scan it into Photoshop and play with Kim Klassen’s textures and layers, which I have just learnt to do!

I used Ugg love – changed the colour to blue to suit my palette – and the painted music texture from the Textures in Ten Class. Thank you so much Kim – you have opened my eyes and taught me to play again! ♥

For The Three Muses – Doorways – this week. And for Petr, and all the other polar bears out there, looking for love…


For more of Lesson 4 in Raw Art Journalling, I chose to write and frame a haiku. The words represent my feelings very succinctly – I surprised myself with this one! And the doodling is fun because it makes me practise something I am not good at!!

For the Three MusesAutumn – this week. 🙂

NB: I had decided previously that I wasn’t going to make haiku art as I already Haiku my Heart (almost) every Friday, but the words came, so I went with the flow… The other words for the one-word journalling were far “artier”, but I think they are equally valid and “of the moment”!

This is the first time I have taken a workshop and been unconcerned about keeping up, having a deadline or making “art”… With Quinn’s class, I am starting to understand that it’s more about “making meaning” – and what that signifies. I think I am growing. Cool, huh?! 😉

And in the beginning there was Baby!

For fun, another image transfer – I fell in love with the cute baby face and transferred it to my Khadi journal, over the top of some watercolour splash-work, which might have otherwise ended up as flowers. Slightly enhanced with watercolour paint around the image and a little fun with the azalea brush on Photoshop, the journalling reads:

“And in the beginning there was Baby! Innocent. Beauty spot or Birthmark? Cherub’s smile… xo ♥”

I realise Baby looks a bit tatty and grubby, but I really like the flowery headband and the imperfect transfer effect!! Liberating is imperfection!! 😉

For the Three Muses – Words – this week!

Enter the dragon!

I suppose this is a product of my restless spirit (at the moment!) and my warped sense of humour! I created the background over the previous weekend, whilst home alone (and we all know what can happen, don’t we?!!!) and I carved some “house stamps”, using cheapo erasers that I’d bought on my previous shopping trip (40p for 2 at Morrisons!!)

For this week’s Three Muses – Oriental – challenge: Dragon courtesy of Dover publications. All the rest is me! The text reads:

“And the people fled as the great Dragon, Hun-Gri Mun Chin

descended on the village to do his weekly shop…

just in case “Ribs” were on his list!”

That painted and stamped page is still bare in my art journal, looking a tad “Vincent” with the circles, so I might develop it more later, but it sure made for a fun background here!! What a joy digital/hybrid art is – especially when I have trouble getting up and downstairs for now! Never mind… I’m on the mend and grateful for all the get-well wishes – thank you all! 😀

The Caretaker Bird

The caretaker bird is a colourful character with a very responsible job. It is his job to sing the notes that help grow the steps to the Family Nest, right at the heart of the Tree of Life. He has to be in good voice and gargles daily with honey and mead, brought to him by the faithful Gatherbees.

This is a big illustration, as you can imagine, for the Tree of Life is tall, and the journey long and winding. (22″ x 16″) (58 x 42cm)

Inspired by the Three Muses this week… I think it will adapt well to customized posters/Family Trees. We shall see!

Graphite pencil, black (and white) pens (various), Derwent Inktense pencils and Caran d’Ache Neocolours were used.

The Granian…

The Granian is my favourite of the winged horses. Thestrals are much too bony to be comfortable and the Abraxans are so huge, suitable only for giants. Add to that the fact that they drink only single malt whisky and require forceful handling – no, they are out of my league! I did consider the Aethonon, because of its beautiful chestnut colour, but no, it has to be the Granian:

Aren’t they divine creatures? They posed obligingly here for The Three Muses – quirky, whimsical and humorous – after all, the Muses are divine creatures too, are they not? 😉

***I make no apologies for this quippity post – you wanted humorous and quirky, whimsical and so on… you got it!! Brushes are courtesy of Tartrix (winged horses); and GBG – Silvia; combined with my own artwork – manipulated greatly – in the background!  Many thanks xx