Confession: I have a nasty streak!! I made a pin cushion which I sent to my BBF Barbara – “I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than darn socks!” on which I had used the lovely face stamped onto linen as I have here. This scrap of  fabric with the face has been in my stash for over a year I should think, and I have needed a new pincushion for a while now, so…

The lace sides were inspired by Take a Word this week, although I had thought of something else…

I converted, (or upcyled, or recycled) a linen dress into a summer top today, so I was in that sewing frame of mind anyway!

And I am still gravitating towards orange-coloured stuff! So although I can’t wear the colour, I can still enjoy it!

That scruffy strip along the bottom is some of the hand-dyed gauze bandage I made a couple of weeks ago. It’s still nice and bright and makes a cool embellishment. I’ve been reading Cath Kidston’s first book “in Print” which has given me loads of ideas – like I needed more!! Here’s a link to some of her more recent books.

Nick’s in Wales for a few days’ fishing and DD and I have stuff to do, so I expect it’ll continue to be a busy week ahead… Hope yours is peaceful!


AJED#4 with a twist!

So, onwards and upwards… Day 4 of Art Journalling Every Day and I am also blogging every day too! I have a non-art blog where things that I find funny, interesting, annoying, etc. go. WP issued all WP bloggers with a challenge this year – to post every day or to post every week. It’s very easy to start a blog and then later, find it can be difficult to keep blogging. The trick is not feel guilty about it, one way or the other…

Anyways, I digress. I am not a great goal-setter or resolution-maker. I always aim too big and get really fed up when I fail to make the (often unrealistic), goal I set myself! It’s human, isn’t it? I think I have enough auto-critical stuff going on in my art without setting myself up in every other area too, don’t you?! So, I found this lovely, sensible, arty lady called Sharon, who shares her wisdom on her blog – My Story Art.

Sharon is showing me a new way forward this year… and here’s one of the journal exercises I did yesterday: Step 1 – Take an Inventory…

All this... from 2010!

I took an old A4-sized French Kitty Diary (where I dabbled with a bit of journalling last year), and stuck down some plain paper to cover the print, and also the Questions I had copied into Word and printed out. I worked quite freely through the exercise, trying to focus on the positive and left space at the bottom for a little arti-phi-cation!

I am peeping out into 2011!

I have always loved that *eyes*stamp and I didn’t even think too hard about my choices, but they feel right and I really like how the page turned out! I adore the colour orange – ever since someone told me it’s the colour of creativity!! – so when I am not sure what colour I need, I invariably plump for the orange! In keeping with that I doodled a tiny orange flower at the end of each statement too!

Sharon’s process is sneakier than bare-faced Goal-Setting… and I suspect we shall end up doing just that eventually; we’ll simply arrive there at a slower pace, with less stress, knowing exactly how we came to those conclusions. Well, I think that’s the idea, anyway! 🙂

Pointy hats!

That’s the brief for Wednesday Stamper this week… and my geisha (Third Coast RS), has a red velvet pointy hat!! There’s also an old saying “red hat, no drawers” that appears on the right – a bit cheeky, but… (Oh my! A few double entendres here!)

... red hat, no drawers?

Spot the Birdie!

Not my own birdie, nor Gizmo, but this rather elegant birdie in a Top Hat (Third Coast Rubber Stamps), made for TMTA this week – “Spotted” being the chosen theme!

"Watch the birdy!"

I am covered in paint, gel medium and have bits of text pages stuck to my shirt!!! I have been working on the “celebration” spread in my altered board book – (Week 3 of Tam’s online course – whilst listening to her making the empathy monster. What a hoot!!

The last week’s videos are up now and I am so looking forward to seeing what I can create on wood – thing is, I had better go look out some wood first! 😉

Dem Bones…

Unaccustomed as I am to Halloween posting, I have to admit that Hels’s post on skellytons, etc. (Sunday Stampers), did inspire me to get out the collection of “H” stamps I have from Third Coast Rubber stamps. Here are some almost finished dominos:

A timely trio...

Currant, red pepper, wild plum and butterscotch alcohol inks were employed to cover the doms and then I used Ranger’s jet black archival ink for the skellies. I tend to colour the entire domino and stamp around the sides and back too!

Love the positions these skellies get into…


Now all I have to do is decide what to do with these 3… keyfobs, magnets, or??? Thanks for the challenge Hels! 🙂

Three Things!

“Three is a magic number…” Well I believe that anyway! Theme Thursday this week asks for 3 things, or 3 of something, so I have chosen to make 3 game tiles from the same background piece of glossy card, which I found earlier when I was tidying upstairs.

I used 3 game pieces from a set I bought last summer (or the one before even?) – they measure 3.5″ x 2″ and are like kids’ picture dominoes on the same density board as bookboard, for instance. The stamps are geishas by Third Coast Rubber stamps, among my favourites! They make stunning domino stamps too…


The colours are alcohol inks…

"g" for Geisha perhaps?

"j" for Japanese, maybe?

Witch Top Hat?

TMTA this week – “Top Hat” is the chosen theme… I made this ATC with scraps from my background box, a bit of fusible interfacing and a Third Coast Halloween stamp, originally. Then, of course, it dawned on me – this would be the Witchy version of a  top hat, wouldn’t it?

A witch's top hat?

By the way, there are some fab new Halloween designs and lots of new faeries over at Third Coast right now, according to Val’s newsletter. Just saying…. 😉

Spring, Eggs and Ink with water…

I just wanted to play at creating some simple ATCs this evening – nothing complicated or very demanding or precise. So I created 2 pairs of ATCs, coverin 3 of this week’s challenges. (That was the demanding part!):

Crazy Amigos – create a background using inks and water; and Wednesday Stamper – Eggs!

Eggbert reads the paper...

Meet Eggbert from Third Coast RS. He has a female counterpart too! 😉

Eggbert texts!!

I used the water and inks background for the image and the background too! Now here is a crazy-quilted pair of ATCs for Fun With ATCs “Spring” challenge:

That's a very fetching hat, dear!

The images are from Ten Two Studios – Little Yellow Things. I really enjoy stitching these cloth and paper sandwiches! The Dymo was inspired by my urge to mix in a little “urban”…

It's a bit wobbly up here...

Well, I’m working for the rest of the week – no time off till Easter Monday. I wish you all a Happy Easter. We can’t even decide which (if any) eggs to buy!!

Postage Stamps

I have a round wooden box full of used postage stamps, so when I saw that the Three Muses challenge this week is Mail art, postage stamps or altered envelopes, I knew I had all the required elements. I got a bit distracted though, because I have been working on new projects for the Gallery in Bude. I quite often have 2 or 3 WIPs on the go, but this evening I had too much clutter laying on my desk and my poor mojo fled!

I left the envelope drying out and went and made tea. When I went back upstairs, I finished off a very tatty image transfer on a double jigsaw piece (that’s been on my table for at least 3 months!); and then I turned to my sewing machine and made the ATC (see previous post). As I was soothed by my sewing machine, my mojo returned and I finished off my altered envelope.

Journey through the Past...

The stamped images are from Diva Impressions and Third Coast RS. Oh and the newspaper I have used in the background is from The Guardian – dated February 1983! I found it in the loft when I was clearing out some old boxes after we moved. It’s got that lovely brown aged colour and tears beautifully!!

Regal Ladies…

This Sunday’s Gothic Arch theme, set by Nancy. I had cut my arch from chipboard and used the off-cuts to decorate the arch!! The lady is from an old Majica Trading card and I cut a metal flower in half to make a crown for her…

I rather like her! Little face stamp from Third Coast RS. Thanks Nancy, for a fun challenge!!